For an in-depth profile on Walter Henderson, see his character page on the RvB Wiki

Private Walter Henderson was a Red Team Simulation Trooper assigned to Outpost 17-B, "Valhalla", and the only known survivor of the original teams stationed there.

Role in PlotEdit

Walter was interrogated by the Counselor at Freelancer Command where he reveals that the ship's crash landing started a series of events in which both the Blue Team and Red Team were obliterated. He explains that the Blues destroyed their own communication tower before turning on each other. Afterwards, the Reds became "infected" as well, before they were wiped out by the Meta, leaving only Walter alive. He was found hiding in a cave nearby and brought to the Freelancer Command to give a report. Henderson's fate is currently unknown.

Although making appearance for a very short time, Walter Henderson appears to be a loyal soldier to the Valhalla Red Team. It is unknown, however, if Omega ever infected Pvt. Henderson. It is also unknown how Walter managed to survive Meta's attack.

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