69 Ways to Kill a ZombieEdit

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69 Ways to Kill a Zombie Michael, Ryan, Gavin, Jeremy On this week's VR the Champions, join Michael, Ryan, Gavin, and Jeremy on a quest to slay zombies. However, these are not your ordinary zombies. They are extremely pixelated and incredibly unrealistic zombies. That won't stop the gang from having a good time though! Who would have thought running in place to move would cause so much entertainment N/A November 26, 2016 1


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Accounting Jack, Michael, Jeremy, Ryan Join Jack as he dives into the world of Accounting. Get ready for a world that could only be described as, "unique, "different," and, "totally fucked up." It's a world that could truly only be created by the minds behind The Stanley Parable and Rick and Morty. Get ready for this trip... N/A November 12, 2016 1

Arizona SunshineEdit

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Arizona Sunshine Michael, Ryan, Gavin On this week's episode of VR the Champions, Michael and Ryan get up close and personal with the state of Arizona. The vast desert plains, broken down cars, abandoned building. Oh, and did I mention zombies? Lots and lots of zombies. Don't worry though, the guys are great at murdering little zombies, and they have proven that time and time again. So grab your favorite soda pop and some lightly salted popcorn because this is one hell of a ride. N/A January 7, 2017 1
Arizona Sunshine Part 2 Ryan, Jeremy Look. In Arizona, there's a four-step process to dealing with zombies.

Step one: put on your virtual reality virtual VR goggles you VR champion, you! Step two: shoot their legs off. Step three: pop them right in the face. Step four: glitch-walk your way over to the corpse and try your best to perform an A+ tea-bag.

Steps one through three should be pretty easy. With that last one, just try your best. I understand you don't have full control of your body, but this is a very important Arizona custom! If you want to fully soak in this Arizona Sunshine, it's important you glitchbag those zombies!

April 15, 2017 2

Black Hat CooperativeEdit

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Black Hat Cooperative Ryan, Jeremy, Gavin This week in VR the Champions: Ryan, Jeremy and Gavin get to put on "Secret Agent Caps" and experience Black Hat Cooperative. I mean, what could go wrong? It's not like the guys have a hard time listening to each other or following directions or anything. They got this! N/A December 3, 2016 1

The Brookhaven ExperimentEdit

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The Brookhaven Experiment Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, Etika, Lannan, Gavin Join the AH Crew with special guests Etika and Lannan "LazarBeam" Eacott as they battle off hoards of zombies in The Brookhaven Experiment. N/A September 3, 2016 1

Budget CutsEdit

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Budget Cuts Ryan, Michael, Geoff, Jack Tonight in VR the Champions: Michael dives into his secret spy roots and attempts to eliminate robots while searching for a super top secret job application to approve. You just need to watch to understand... N/A June 9, 2016 1

Catlateral DamageEdit

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Catlateral Damage Ryan, Michael, Lindsay, Jeremy, Jack Tonight in VR the Champions: The Achievement Hunter crew gets to act like cats! Who will cause the most destruction, Lindsay or Michael? Michael June 3, 2016 1

Dead HungryEdit

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Dead Hungry Jeremy, Ryan, Jack Kent got sick and didn't come in to work today, so there's no written description for VR the Champions. So here comes the clueless description writer to come save the day. It's VR time, baby! Jeremy, Ryan, and Jack are ready to feed some burgers to some zombies. Maybe some pizza? I don't know. That's what I was able to gather from the first few minuites. Whoa! Why isn't Jeremy licensed to sell these food products? That's highly irresponsible. Come on, Jeremy. Why does that guy get double lettuce? N/A January 14, 2017 1

Diner DuoEdit

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Diner Duo Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, Jack On this week's VR the Champions, join Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, and Jack as they Play Diner Duo. The art of cookery is harder to master than you think. The skill of slicing a cucumber or grilling a burger can lead to more frustration than you would realize. Good thing there's pie though. Gotta keep all those customers happy, and throwing pie at them is by far the best way to do it. Who doesn't like pie? N/A December 31, 2016 1

Drunk or DeadEdit

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Drunk or Dead Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, Geoff, Jack Hey kids! It's VR the Champions in another fucking zombie shooter. But this isn't just any fucking zombie shooter. This one has drinking! Down some shots (in the game) and have fun seeing double! Since this is Achievement Hunter, the drinking started happening outside of the game too. Now Michael and Jeremy are super drunk. In the game, they're probably seeing quadruple. Get it? Ha ha! Description's got jokes! Jeremy January 21, 2017 1

Drunkn Bar FightEdit

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Drunkn Bar Fight Ryan, Michael, Gavin In this week's episode of VR the Champions, it's time for the guys to get their inner drunk on (which should be pretty easy for Achievement Hunter). Ryan, Gavin, and Michael play Drunkn Bar Fight and learn that sometimes the key to fighting success is just tons of alcohol. N/A December 11, 2016 1

Duck SeasonEdit

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Duck Season Ryan, Michael, Gavin Geoff attacks a dog and a bunch of ducks in this surreal throwback to the 80's NES classic, Duck Hunt. N/A October 11, 2017 1

Escape the Space StationEdit

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Escape the Space Station Ryan, Jack, Jeremy Jack and Jeremy assist Ryan as he enters a virtual escape room… IN SPAAAAAAACE!!! N/A October 1, 2016 1

Escape VR: The BasementEdit

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Escape VR: The Basement Jack, Ryan, Jeremy, Geoff This week in VR the Champions, Jack gets to play Escape VR: The Basement. In this righties-are-righty virtual world, the ability to not use your left hand can make things tricky...especially since Jack is left handed. Escape may not be likely - the roomba has been stuck there forever... N/A December 24, 2016 1

Emily Wants to PlayEdit

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Emily Wants to Play Michael, Ryan, Gavin, Jeremy, Jack With October coming to a close, it was only right for Achievement Hunter to get in as many last-minute scares as possible. Outlast may be spooky, but nothing has made Achievement Hunter poop their pants in terror quite like Emily Wants to Play in VR. It even made poor editor Kent editor jump out of his seat! Join Michael, Ryan and Gavin for this terrifying experience. N/A October 29, 2016 1

Felt Tip CircusEdit

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Felt Tip Circus Ryan, Gavin, Jeremy The champions are back with some more VR (HTC Vive) gameplay in Felt Tip Circus! In this one: Gavin drops a ball, Jeremy has a cup, and Ryan holds a chair! Ryan April 23, 2016 1

Fruit NinjaEdit

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Fruit Ninja Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, Jack, Mica Tonight in VR the Champions: The Achievement Hunter crew gets to slice and dice in a new VR Fruit Ninja experience. Who will conquer? You’ll have to watch to find out! Jeremy May 20, 2016 1


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Gorn Ryan, Jeremy, Gavin, Jack Ryan is pumped to play Gorn, a physics based VR gladiator brawler. This strange virtual world is full of wobbly swords, laughing floating heads, and angry naked warriors trying to beat you to a pulp. N/A November 5, 2016 1
Gorn 2 Ryan, Gavin, Jack, Jeremy Ryan steps into the VR arena to slash, chop, beat, and rip his opponents limb from limb in Gorn 2. N/A September 7, 2017 2
Gorn 2 Part 2 It's Jeremy's turn to step into the arena of Gorn 2 VR. Watch as he slices, dices, and fist fights his opponents into a fine, bloody paste. September 21, 2017 3

Henry the Hamster HandlerEdit

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Henry the Hamster Handler Ryan, Jeremy, Etika, Shofu This week on VR the Champions, it's time to become one with the hamster. Your furry little buddies are not very bright and certainly not death proof. Sure, you're supposed to save them, but you can also set them on fire or dunk them in pools of acid. The choice is yours, you hook-handed little devil. N/A March 18, 2017 1

Horde ZEdit

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Horde Z with Jack and Jeremy Jack, Jeremy, Ryan Total slaughter goes back and forth between Jack and Jeremy and the horde. The Achievement Hunters bring you their first VR the Champions episode featuring Horde Z on the Vive headset! N/A June 24, 2016 1

Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Hand GrenadesEdit

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Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Ryan, Jack, Gavin, Jeremy This time on VR the Champions. Gavin shows his lack of skills with grenades, and Ryan becomes a secret agent of doom against the fierce blue figured cardboard cutouts and evil death robots. Jeremy August 6, 2016 1

Hover JunkersEdit

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Hover Junkers Multiplayer Ryan, Michael Michael and Ryan strap on their HTC Vives and enter the VR world of Hover Junkers multiplayer mode! This gameplay gets intense, I mean, Ryan takes a gun up the bum. N/A April 30, 2016 1

I Expect You To DieEdit

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I Expect You To Die Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, Noah J In today's episode of VR the Champions, Ryan gets a chance to become the newest secret agent of the universe. He uses his super secret set of skills to debunk mysteries and solve puzzles. Honestly, Ryan probably just became a secret agent to impress our special guest, NoahJ456. N/A February 11, 2017 1

Job SimulatorEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Job Simulator Ryan, Gavin, Jeremy Ryan, Gavin, and Jeremy, the VR Champions, accept a new task in the horrible place... of a cubicle. Can they simulate a real job and then come out alive?! N/A April 12, 2016 1
Garage Ryan, Gavin, Jeremy, Michael Tonight, in VR the Champions: Gavin drinks a fluid, Ryan wears a hat, and Michael pulls a thing. Achievement Hunter straps on their HTC Vive, enters virtual reality, and fulfills their dreams of running a chop shop and destroying people's cars! May 14, 2016 2
Store Clerk Gavin, Jeremy, Michael, Geoff Gavin, Michael and Jeremy fool around with hotdogs and roman candles in the latest playthrough of Job Simulator. June 18, 2016 3
Chef Gavin, Michael, Ryan, Jeremy This week on VR the Champions. Join the AH gang as they practice their culinary skills in Job Simulator: Chef. August 13, 2016 4

King KaijuEdit

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King Kaiju Jeremy, Ryan, Michael, Chad Jeremy, Ryan, Michael, and special guest Chad from ScrewAttack get to practice their inner monster and go smashy smash on some buildings and people. It's like VR King Kong...except a little more cartoon like... N/A March 11, 2017 1

Maximum VREdit

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Maximum VR Ryan, Gavin, Jeremy Tonight in VR the Champions: The Achievement Hunter crew gets to go monster monster in Maximum VR. Well isn't this just a smashing good time! Ryan May 27, 2016 1

Paddle UpEdit

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Paddle Up Ryan, Michael, Jack, Mica, Jeremy Get ready for an epic show down of the most thrilling game to ever become available for VR, table tennis.......

Join Ryan, Michael, Jack, and Mica as they compete in a thrilling table tennis tournament. Jeremy also makes an appearance! Too bad his table tennis skills fall "short".... *ba dum tis*

Game 1


Game 2 Mica

Game 3 Ryan

Game 4 Michael

September 10, 2016 1


Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Rescuties Ryan, Jeremy, Jack, Michael Being a hero. It's not easy for everyone, but when it comes to Ryan Haywood and Jeremy Dooley, they make it look easy. Their mission - rescue all the cute things. And if they accept it, they will go down in history as the worlds greatest rescuties.

This is VR. VR the Champions...the cute addition.

N/A November 19, 2016 1

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-AlityEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Part 1 Ryan, Jeremy, Jack, Trevor Alright Morty. Here's what we're gonna do, Morty. First, I'm going to duplicate every last Morty molecule in your body and make a Morty, clone, Morty. Then I'm going to teleport its consciousness half way across the galaxy. Now you see, Morty, there's going to be a stupid, empty clone of you sitting right here. Now I'm going to rent out the use of this vacant Morty body to these morons called "Achievement Hunter." They're really into us - you and me, Morty. They like us so much, they, they want to be us, Morty. In their reality, Morty, they think they're just playing some stupid virtual reality game. "Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality" they call it. But in our real, not virtual-reality reality, Morty, they're actually really here in the garage with us. You get all that, Morty? No, of course you didn't. You're about as dumb as they come, Morty. Just - just watch the video, Morty. Hopefully it'll all make sense. N/A April 22, 2017 1
Part 2 Ooooooooohweeeee. Hey guys. It's me! Descrippy Joe. I'm the guy you call when you need a Rick and Morty-based description because boy howdy, I'll sure write you one right here right now right away. I know there's Rick. He's the scientist guy. And then there's Morty. He, he's that little nervous guy, right? I don't know. I didn't have a chance to watch the video. You wouldn't believe how many calls I've been getting to write descriptions since this Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality game came out. I can barely keep up with my workload. I guess I could work late into the night, watching every single moment of virtual reality shenanigans that every Rick and every Morty in every video get up to. But Descrippy Joe has standards, and I believe in a healthy work/life balance. So here it is - my video description of this here Achievement Hunter Rick and Morty VR play time. Oooooohweeeeee. It's, it's, it's a video. April 26, 2017 2
Part 3 Hey hey hotdogs, kids. It's me, your best pal Goopy Gleb. Descrippy Joe's wife just left him, and he's on pretty hard times right now. I thought I'd take a crack at this whole description writing thing. Right now right here. Flying on an airplane. Writing descriptions. Saying, "Hey hey hotdogs," to any kids walking by. That's, that's kind of my thing. You know, your pal Rick has a bunch of cool catchphrases too. But he, he definitely doesn't say "Hey hey hotdogs," when kids pass by. That's just not his thing, man. It's mine. Hey hey now. Speaking of Rick, you wanna see more of him and Morty and clone Morty Ryan get into some virtual reality fun? Because hey hey hotdogs, that's exactly what you're about to get. Again, didn't watch the video. I'm not on a plane anymore, by the way. Just helping Descrippy Joe out. Send him your love by telling him it'll be okay. Send him your love by telling him his descriptions are great. And hey hey hotdogs, watch this video 5, 10, a billion times. That'll make Descrippy Joe really happy. We'll kids, it's been fun. But ol Goopy Gleb's gotta run. April 29, 2017 3

Star Wars: Trials on TatoonieEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Star Wars: Trials on Tatoonie Gavin, Ryan, Jack, Jeremy Join Gavin, Ryan, Jack and Jeremy as they get to experience the world of Star Wars VR in the all new Trials on Tatooine. N/A July 30, 2016 1


Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Superhot Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, Frank Kim On today's episode of VR the Champions, the boys get to enter the world of the matrix. Well not really, but slow-mo bullets flying by your head is totally a thing in Superhot. Join Ryan, Jeremy, Michael, and special guest Frank the Dungeon Master as they dip, dive, dodge, duck, and dodge bullets, knives, and shurikens in this VR epicness. N/A February 4, 2017 1

Surgeon SimulatorEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Surgeon Simulator: Meet the Medic Michael, Gavin Michael and Gavin strap back in to their classic game, Surgeon Simulator. This time with the help of the HTC Vive, and VR in general, the boys might actually be able to save a patient! N/A April 16, 2016 1

Universe Sandbox 2Edit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Universe Sandbox 2 Gavin, Jeremy, Jack The boys step into VR and become gods of our universe in Universe Sandbox 2! N/A July 1, 2016 1


Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Valiant Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, Gavin, Jack Achievement Hunter straps into some VR Valiant multiplayer to test their Medieval skills against other HTC Vive players online! Game 1 Ryan

Game 2 Jeremy

Game 3 Jack

Game 4 Jack

May 7, 2016 1

VR InvadersEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
VR Invaders Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, Etika On this episode of VR the Champions, join Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, and special guest Etika as they delve into the world of hacking. Watch them bip all sorts of bad shit in virtual reality worlds and rescue users who are trapped by the glitch. What is the glitch you ask? Really bad shit... N/A February 25, 2017 1


  • The series title is most likely a play on the Queen song "We Are The Champions".
  • It may also reference the "VR the Champions" set of challenges in the game Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Gavin was the one to come up with the name and Michael called it stupid