• Tynikaaa

    More about me =)

    April 9, 2013 by Tynikaaa


    My name is Tynika (You should know this already)

    I'm like literally the weirdest person you will ever meet! I love one direction (Yes, I'm that kind of girl)

    and I love a different varieties on music.

    I wish I was born in Endland but sadly I was born into a family down in the bayou (New Orleans Babyyyyyy) 

    I am a twin (Fraternal) and I love watching minecraft videos by achievement hunters. \

    My FAVOURITE minecraft vidoe was the pac man one. I absolutely love Gavin, Ray, Micheal, and Ryan. (AND GUS) 

    I'm horibble in math, and I'm getting better in english. :) Yay!

    ummmmm! I was rushed to write this! I had 5 minutes to write it, but now I'm back,(Thanks to computer class.) I'm so socially awkward that it isn't even funn…

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