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  • Bobbycat1


    March 5, 2017 by Bobbycat1

    I felt this necessary to make in regards to the representation in the RT Community for LGBTQIA+ individuals and the current ongoing discussion in reference to certain pages on this wiki.

    Now, I feel like it's more common knowledge, but for those that are unaware, within the past year Kdin came out and officially announced she identified as transgender [1][2][3][4]. Since this announcement, we've had several minor continuous back-to-back edits every so often and discussions made for the correct pronouns used for Kdin's wiki page. This is a heated subject and I'm going to provide my own perspective along with Kdin's own comments about this reoccurring 'issue.' There is a TL;DR at the bottom.

    Now, Kdin has been asked multiple times before and aft…

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  • Bobbycat1

    RTX 2016

    July 3, 2016 by Bobbycat1

    With the RTX 2016 season coming to a close, there has been loads of new information regarding shows, employees, and changes all around. With over 133 panels and events (lordy) and not being able to physically be at the convention center nor watch every livestream, these new updates could be slow during this time. This is just in order to gather as much of the new information received so it can be added all in.

    If you have new info, go ahead and work that wiki editing magic. However, there may be some fact checking if anything sounds too suspect.

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  • Bobbycat1

    Over Categorization

    May 24, 2016 by Bobbycat1

    The amount of categories used on this wiki is astounding, especially when a bunch of them are useless. There are numerous duplicates (Pets-Pet-Animals-Edgar-Dogs or Voice Actor-Voice Cast) and then just random one page categories as well. There's going to be a lot of change into what these categories should be, cause this is ridiculous.

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  • Bobbycat1

    Admin Position

    March 6, 2016 by Bobbycat1

    As a fairly active user on this wiki, I really hope to be able to expand this into an informative site that people, that may or may not be fans of the company, be able to learn more and become interested in what's here.

    I know that there are already two current admins on here and I also realize this is slightly different than the way that was suggested on how to approach becoming an admin. But I'd like to hear any feedback from whether that be the current admins, or any other contributor to this wiki. I take no offense for any answers and would like to hear thoughts about the future of this wiki and if I'm even deserving of the administrative or bureaucratic rights.

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  • Bobbycat1

    Too Personal

    August 1, 2014 by Bobbycat1

    The Achievement Hunter fandom is divulging into a new level of creepiness as of recently. After the massive manhunt for photographs of Ryan, personal and private information has been leaked and repeatedly posted online. It is in no way any of our business to dig through another person's life and, even worse, publicizing it. We should not encourage these actions. Let's just please stop reposting, reblogging, etc. information that was not meant to be known by millions of strangers on the internet.

    And let us remember...

    Fan: An enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc.

    Stalker: A person who harasses another person, as a former lover, a famous person, etc.

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