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    February 28, 2013 by AchievementHunt

    A week before I finally made an account, I created the "Ray's wins in video games" list, I came up with the idea after seeing the list of Gavin's fails. I also added a three new pictures, such as the Let's Play Minecraft title picture, And the title picture for the Rooster Teeth Productions page, and the Let's Play title page. I'm thinking about adding a few new pictures in the future, as well adding a few new Rooster Teeth employee wikis.

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  • AchievementHunt

    I first discovered the Rooster Teeth wiki in August. The first edit I made was the Achievement Hunter page. I'm really glad I made the decision of signing on to the page wiki page. I have been a big fan of Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter for a year now. Videos like Red vs. Blue, fails of the weak, achievement horse, and Rage Quit are what got my attention. So far I added a few new pictures and I befriended kamikaze839. Will, I guess I'm on my way to becoming a top editor like Kamikaze839 and Don Jimbo.

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