Twits and Crits premiered on July 30th on the Rooster Teeth site and August 1st on You Tube. The series follows adventurers Dirik, Myriadus, Racsan, Decker, Shattercock, Chansey and his sidekick Grimo on a quest to find the Moondog Brothers. The cast includes:

James as Dirik Benslorde, a 'human' barbarian. Loves bones, head scratches, and talking to chansey

Elyse as Grimo Rudefellow, a lightfoot halfling rogue/boy band depository

Bruce as Shattercock, a bikiniling tiefling sorcerer

Adam as Racsan Bartooth, a 2 headed human fighter

Matt as Myriadus O'Probbels, a mountain dwarf paladin who loves orc poon

Lawrence as Decker Rootkit, a human orgy wizard

With Dan as the DM/Sweaty God

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