Twits and Crits premiered on July 30 on the Rooster Teeth site and August 1 on You Tube. The series follows adventurers Dirik, Myriadus, Racsan, Decker, Shattercock, Chansey and his sidekick Grimo on a quest to find the Moondog Brothers. The cast includes:

James as Dirik Benslorde, a 'human' barbarian. Loves bones, head scratches, and talking to chansey

Elyse as Grimo Rudefellow, a lightfoot halfling rogue/boy band depository

Bruce as Shattercock, a bikiniling tiefling sorcerer

Adam as Racsan Bartooth, a 2 headed human fighter

Matt as Myriadus O'Probbels, a mountain dwarf paladin who loves orc poon

Lawrence as Decker Rootkit, a human orgy wizard

With Dan as the DM/Sweaty God