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Trials Achievement PIG is similar to Achievement HORSE, but is strictly limited to Best out of 5, and is played in Trials Evolution rather than Halo. This is due to some maps being much more frustratingly difficult than others.


Name Wins Losses W/L Percentage
Geoff Ramsey 6 25 19.35%
Jack Pattillo 39 6 86.67%
Michael Jones 5 11 31.25%
Gavin Free 15 10 60%
Ray Narvaez Jr 14 18 43.75%
Ryan Haywood 0 3 0%
Kara Eberle 0 1 0%
Kerry Shawcross 0 1 0%
Gus Sorola 0 1 0%
Lindsay Jones 0 1 0%



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