Trevor Collins (born December 19, 1990 in Indianapolis, IN) is an Internet and YouTube personality best known for his work with the Machinima-affiliated production company Rooster Teeth. He serves as the Supervising Producer of the popular YouTube channel Achievement Hunter as well as the channel manager of LetsPlay Community channel. He was hired in October 2014 and officially started working full time on November 17, 2014[1] after making community content for three years. His personal YouTube channel is Zed Direction. He occasionally streams on Rooster Teeth's twitch.

He formerly served as the Head Editor of Achievement Hunter from October 2014 until February 24, 2017. He presently serves as the Supervising Producer/Supervising manager of Achievement Hunter, taking over Lindsay Jones's role as she stepped down.[2]

As of Valentine's Day 2018, he entered a relationship with Barbara Dunkelman[3].

Personal life Edit

  • Trevor was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University.
  • He can play guitar, bass, basic drums, a bit of piano, and started it back in middle school with trumpet."
  • He's colorblind.
  • He's played GMod Murder with Jeremy several times before Murder Part 3 (where his webcam died), hence why he knows Jeremy to be the only person to play "the long game".
    • Most of these games were for Jeremy's Twitch channel 'Dooley Noted Gaming'