The DivisionEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Beta Geoff, Jack, Michael, Ryan What the hell, Ubisoft? Callin' this game The Division. Did you ever stop to notice there's not any math going on here? Certainly no division. You've been hyping up fans for years to expect a full fleshed out video game version of Donald in Mathmagic Land. Now The Division Beta is out, and there is nothing left but disappointment. How do you expect Geoff, Jack, Michael, and Ryan to experience their favorite ill-tempered mallard in a fully-rendered three-dimensional cyberworld now? Amateurs. Don't be Division'd from your favorite AH boys N/A February 7, 2016 1

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2Edit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Geoff, Ray, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, Dan Geoff, Ray, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, and special guest Dan play some GRAW2 and mop up some of the hardest achievements in the game. N/A December 11, 2014 1
Let's Fail Geoff, Ryan, Ray, Michael, Gavin, and Dan decided it's time you all saw their failed first attempt at GRAW 2. Was it their fault or the game's? Does it really matter? January 1, 2015 2

Ghost Recon: Future SoldierEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Co-Op Geoff, Gavin, Ryan, Ray Geoff, Gavin, Ryan, and Ray dive for cover and blow up enemies in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. N/A May 7, 2014 1

Ghost Recon WildlandsEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Ghost Recon Wildlands Jack, Jeremy Join Jack and Jeremy with their exclusive first look at Ghost Recon Wildlands. Together, they explore the open landscape, play through missions, and of course try some crazy stunts.

ESRB Rating - Awaiting Rating

N/A February 3, 2017 1
Ghost Recon Wildlands Part 2 Jack and Jeremy are back in Ghost Recon Wildlands, but now their characters are leveled up and they've got harder missions to stealth through. There's also more weapon and equipment perks to experiment with, which of course means bigger and more ridiculous explosions. ESRB raiting: awaiting rating. February 24, 2017 2
Ghost Recon Wildlands BETA Ryan, Jack, Gavin, Bruce Ryan, Jack, Gavin, and special guest Bruce sit down for some good ol' Ghost Recon Wildlands BETA action. In this episode, they really get to test their stealth abilities...or lack of stealth. N/A March 9, 2017 3
Ghost Recon Wildlands: Multiplayer Ryan, Jack, Gavin, Michael Ryan, Jack, Gavin, and Michael head out on more missions in Ghost Recon Wildlands. The Achievement Hunters try their best to "Ghost" missions, but usually end up wild-ing all over the countryside. N/A March 12, 2017 4
Maximum Difficulty Challenge Gavin, Michael, Jeremy, Ryan Gavin, Michael, Jeremy, and Ryan have been challenged to play on the hardest difficulty, in the hardest area of the -map. We all know this isn't going to be textbook "ghosting."

Ryan: You know, textbooks have lots of negative examples too. Gavin: Sometimes they got graffiti from other people who used to use them too. Ryan: It's true. We're the graffiti in the textbook.

N/A March 30, 2017 5
One Bullet Challenge Jeremy, Jack, Ryan, Trevor So the guys think they are pretty good at this Ghost Recon Wildlands thing. I mean, they did successfully beat the last challenge they faced. But what about raiding one of the hardest compounds in the game with only one bullet each? This might be harder than they think... N/A April 13, 2017 6
Sunday Driving in Ghost Recon Wildlands Geoff, Ryan, Jeremy, Jack Geoff gets Ryan, Jeremy and Jack to join him on a leisurely, if not somewhat artillery-heavy, drive in Ghost Recon Wildlands. N/A May 11, 2017 7

Rainbow Six: SiegeEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Gus Plays Rainbow Six Siege Live at RTX Gus This video is brought to you by Ubisoft. Register to play in the Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta starting on 9.24.15 N/A August 27, 2015 1
Rainbow Six Siege Beta Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Gavin, Michael Thanks to Ubisoft for sponsoring this video! Rainbow Six Siege launches on December 1st and the ESRB rating (M). N/A October 2, 2015 2
Rainbow Six Siege BETA - Terrorist Hunt Geoff and his "Elite" crew gear up to take on Terrorist Hunt in Rainbow Six Siege! I'll let you in on a little secret, "Elite" is in quotes for a very good reason. November 3, 2015 3
Rainbow Six Siege BETA - Terrorist Hunt (Attempt 2) Alright, last time didn't work out too well, so the AH crew regrouped and strategized! It probably won't help them much, though. November 12, 2015 4
Terrorist Hunt Ryan, Michael, Gavin, Jeremy Jack and Geoff are out, time for Ryan to lead the younger boys on a murdering spree! N/A December 15, 2015 5
Terrorist Hunt Part 2 Try 2! Different map! More skills! Less talent! December 30, 2015 6
Terrorist Hunt Part 3 Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, Geoff, Jack Ryan, Michael, and Jeremy ditch Gavin and grab Jack and Geoff to potentially make some progress! Can Jack's tactics and Geoff's...Geoff-ness...carry them to success? Let's begin the operation! N/A January 13, 2016 7
Black Ice Jack, Geoff, Michael, Jeremy, Ryan Jack, Geoff, Michael, Jeremy, and Ryan infiltrate an icy ship base again and again and again in Rainbow 6 Siege's Black Ice DLC! They have to keep playing because they want to beat it. They want to beat it without anyone dying. They want to beat it without Ryan teamkilling anyone. They want to beat it with a sniper rifle and four shields. They want to beat it using only melee. They want to beat it with flashbangs and no pants. They want to beat it with two toothpicks and a garden hose. They want to beat it with passive aggressive internet comments. They want to beat it with dead horses. They want to beat it with a broken lawn chair. They want to beat with the fractured pieces of a broken "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" DVD. They want to beat it with a ten gallon barrel of water-based lubricant. They want to beat it while also getting mai-pedis. They want to beat it with love and respect. And they're not going to give up until they've done it, gosh darnit! N/A April 21, 2016 8
More Terrorist Hunt Jack, Geoff, Matt, Jeremy, Ryan These men are dangerous. And we're sending our five worst to get killed by them. N/A June 7, 2016 9
Extraction Jack, Geoff, Matt, Jeremy In the Hostage Extraction Program the people are abused by two separate, yet equally important groups. The terrorists who capture them and the Swat Teams who shoot them on accident. These are their stories. N/A June 16, 2016 10
Dustline DLC Jack, Gavin, Jeremy, Michael, Geoff The one where Gavin doesn't kill any teammates. Music Credit: Audio Network - "Emerging Terror" N/A July 19, 2016 11
(YT Primetime) Jack, Trevor, Geoff, Jeremy, Gavin Knowing their history of friendly fire, the Achievement Hunter boys have set up a special rule. You pay $1.00 each time you kill one of your teammates. And boy oh boy is the money flowing! Join Geoff, Gavin, Jack, Trevor, and Jeremy as they attempt to clear a location and without going into financial debt. N/A November 16, 2016 12
Rainbow Six: Siege with Gus Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Gavin, Gus Gus joins Geoff, Ryan, Jack and Gavin in a friendly game of Rainbow Six: Siege. Together, they prove that the best of friends can still be very dangerous teammates. N/A January 3, 2017 13
Operation Red Crow Ryan, Jack, Gavin, Michael, Jeremy Cocked and loaded! - heh heh cocked - The boys are taking down terries again on the new skyscraper map in Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Red Crow DLC! Man, that was a mouthful - heh heh mouthful. N/A January 12, 2017 14
Let's Play - Rainbow Six Siege: AH Live Stream Ryan, Jack, Jeremy, Michael, Geoff Get ready to join Ryan, Jack, Jeremy, Michael, and Geoff in another death filled game of Rainbow Six. Their tactics have improved (a little bit), and they're ready for more defensive challenges. N/A January 18, 2017 15
Extraction & Distraction Jack, Jeremy, Ryan, Gavin, Geoff The boys do their darndest to save some hostages, while distracting themselves into hunting terrorists. N/A February 8, 2017 16
Snow More Terrorists Jack, Jeremy, Ryan, Gavin, Geoff The boys are back, frolicking in the snow, getting prepared... for terries. N/A February 14, 2017 17
Podcast Let's Play Blaine, Burnie, Chris, Gus, Jon Blaine, Burnie, Chris, Gus and Jon test their mettle against strict NAT types and terrorists. They can defeat only one....which will it be? N/A April 28, 2017 18
Velvet Shell Michael, Jeremy, Jack, Lindsay, Lannan Lannan joins the Achievement Hunter gang as they hunt terrorists in the new Velvet Shell DLC. As it turns out, Austrailians are no better at hunting terrorists than Americans are. N/A May 3, 2017 19
With Alfredo Ryan, Jack, Jeremy, Matt, Alfredo Forget realistic, these enemies are real players! Alfredo, aka AlfredoPlays on Twitch, shows our boys the ropes in multiplayer Rainbow Six Siege. Game 1

Online Players

Game 2 Online Players

June 8, 2017 20
Multiplayer Ryan, Geoff, Jeremy, Michael, Gavin Sometimes Rainbow 6 is more than about winning. Sometimes it's about losing. Today is a fine example of that. Multiplayer is hard. Game 1

Online Players

Game 2 Online Players

June 14, 2017 21
Git Gud - Practice Round Geoff, Gavin, Michael, Jeremy, Jack Before the guys started their Rainbow 6 live stream, they did a pre-stream set of matches to get warmed up. They weren't sure if it would see the light of day, but here it is! Sunshine and all. Game 1

Online Players

Game 2 Online Players

Game 3 Achievement Hunter

July 19, 2017 22
Git Gud 2 - Gitting Gud-er Geoff, Gavin, Jack, Michael, Jeremy The Achievement Hunter boys are diving back into Rainbow 6 Siege multiplayer in hopes of gitting just a little bit gud-er. Game 1

Online Players

Game 2 Online Players

Game 3 Achievement Hunter

August 3, 2017 23
Git Gud 3 - Even Better Gud-er Jeremy, Geoff, Ryan, Michael, Jack Achievement Hunter may have lost a Gavin and gained a Ryan, but their mission is the same: continue gitting better at gitting gud-er. Game 1

Online Players

Game 2 Online Players

Game 3 Achievement Hunter

August 9, 2017 24
Git Gud 4 - More Betterer Gud Ryan, Geoff, Jeremy, Michael, Alfredo, Jack Achievement Hunter continue their quest to be the Bestest, Gud-est boys in Rainbow 6: Siege. But does it really count as gitting gud-er if they hire a ringer? Game 1

Achievement Hunter

Game 2 Online Players

Game 3 Online Players

August 17, 2017 25

Rainbow Six: VegasEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Part 1 Geoff, Michael, Gavin, Ray Geoff, Michael, Gavin, and Ray hunt down terrorists in this prequel to their Rainbow Six Vegas 2 playthroughs. How did they get to where they are now? The hard way. N/A March 5, 2015 1
Part 2 Geoff, Michael, Gavin, and Ray continue to hunt down terrorists in Rainbow Six Vegas. The thing about friendly fire... is that there's nothing friendly about it. March 12, 2015 2
Part 3 Geoff, Michael, Gavin, and Ray realize that terrorists aren't the biggest danger to them. It's actually doors March 19, 2015 3
Part 4 Geoff, Michael, Gavin, and Ray are on shaky ground after their last terrorist hunt. Will they learn to trust doors as well as each other again? March 26, 2015 4
Part 5 Will Geoff, Michael, Gavin, and Ray complete their final terrorist hunt map? Will the achievement be achieved?! STAY TUNED!!! April 2, 2015 5
Co-Op Part 1 Geoff, Michael, Gavin, and Ray begin their campaign playthrough. What happens on the helicopter, stays on the helicopter. April 9, 2015 6
Co-Op Part 2 Geoff, Michael, Gavin, and Ray continue through the Rainbow Six Campaign. How far can they get before friendly fire gets the best of them? April 16, 2015 7

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2Edit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Part 1 Geoff, Jack, Gavin, Ray Geoff, Jack, Gavin, and Ray join a Rainbow team and battle international terrorists in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. N/A October 2, 2013 1
Part 2 Geoff, Ryan, Gavin, Ray Geoff, Ryan, Gavin, and Ray return with the second installment of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. October 17, 2013 2
Part 3 Geoff, Jack, Gavin, Ryan Geoff, Jack, Gavin, and Ryan continue to shoot down bad guys in Part 3 of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. November 20, 2013 3
Part 4 Geoff, Ray, Gavin, Ryan Geoff, Ray, Gavin, and Ryan are back with the fourth and final installment of Let's Play - Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. April 9, 2014 4

Splinter Cell: Double AgentEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Let's Play Geoff, Gavin, Ryan Geoff, Gavin and Ryan show off their awesome spy abilities. N/A April 15, 2013 1

Splinter Cell: BlacklistEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Spies VS Mercs Geoff, Ryan, Gavin, Ray Geoff, Ryan, Gavin, and Ray compete in 2 vs. 2 matches in Splinter Cell: Blacklist - Spies VS Mercs Round 1

Ryan and Ray

Round 2
Ray and Gavin

Round 3
Geoff and Ray

August 30, 2013 1
Part 1 Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ray, Ryan The lads play some Splinter Cell: Blacklist to keep themselves busy. Round 1

Gavin, Michael, Ray

Round 2
Gavin, Michael, Ray

Round 3
Gavin, Michael, Ray

September 25, 2013 2
Co-Op Part 1 Geoff, Gavin Geoff and Gavin take some time to play the Co-Op mode in Splinter Cell: Blacklist. N/A October 3, 2013 3
Co-Op Part 2 Geoff and Gavin continue to work together in Splinter Cell: Blacklist Co-Op. October 12, 2013 4
Co-Op Part 3 October 19, 2013 5
Co-Op Part 4 Geoff and Gavin return with the fourth installment of Splinter Cell: Blacklist Co-Op. October 25, 2013 6

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