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Welcome to the Rooster Teeth Wiki!
Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC. is a production studio located in Austin, Texas. It began on April 1st, 2003, with the launch of the debut episode of the widely recognised web series, 'Red vs. Blue', and specialises in the creation of live action films, animation and Machinima (films created using the game engines from computers and video games).

Creator's Note

The Rooster Teeth Wiki is a fan-run encyclopedia dedicated to the Rooster Teeth community. This wiki was created in March 2009 and has been running strong since then. Many thanks for all the help with this wiki, it's been many years for myself and we've become a pretty darn successful wiki in that time. You're all the best. -CharThom (Founder)

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August 2, 2018

RTX Austin is back for another exciting year of fun, gaming, and community love! Follow the RTXEvent account or #RTXAustin hashtag on Twitter to receive updates for all your con needs! For those that are attending, be sure to download the RTX App (Android and iOS) to be in the know about any last minute changes.

The schedule is available for viewing so don't miss out on your favs and their panels! Livestreams are to be aired on WatchMixer this year, be patient for any mishaps that may occur.

Let's have a fun and safe weekend folks!

Updates to the wiki will vary during this time in regards to new information from August 3-5.

April 1, 2018

Happy Anniversary Rooster Teeth!!

Celebrating 15 years of comedy, gaming, and more. Starting from humble beginnings going from inside Burnie's old bedroom to being a widely recognized media company with over 370+ employees and affiliates.

This achievement couldn't have been done without the millions of fans supporting, watching, and interacting for these past 15 years. Let's aim for another 15 more and beyond!

March 30, 2018

Heading into the future! Rooster Teeth's official website has undergone a transformation that should hopefully make fans very happy. A new updated look that should make navigation and watching of videos a lot easier for viewers. The site will be in various stages of completion at this time as more updates occur and as we all adjust to the new changes.

Be sure to check staff journal posts for more information.

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