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Welcome to the Rooster Teeth Wiki!!

Rtsmall Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC. is a production studio located in Austin, Texas. It began on April 1st, 2003, with the launch of the debut episode of the widely recognised web series, 'Red vs. Blue', and specialises in the creation of live action films, animation and Machinima (films created using the game engines from computers and video games).



The Rooster Teeth Wiki is a fan-run encyclopedia dedicated to the Rooster Teeth community. This wikia, created by CharThom in March 2009 and running strong since that date.

Creator's Note

Hello People, If any help is needed please message myself: CharThom, Kamikaze839, Bobbycat1, or LazarouDave. Many thanks for all the help with this Wiki, it's been seven years for myself and we've become a pretty darn successful wikia in that time. You're all the best. Charthom

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What's new on The Rooster Teeth Wiki

June 20th 2016

The next in the RT Docs series was announced - "The World's Greatest Head Massage: An ASMR Journey", the doc was be in two parts following Gavin and Burnie in Pushkar, India in their search for Baba, The Cosmic Barber.

June 19th, 2016

After almost 4 years of waiting, Day 5 finally arrived for all users on the Rooster Teeth website and YouTube, with all subsequent episodes being Sponsor exclusive on

April 16th 2016

The second Rooster Teeth Document, "Connected", was released, following Barbara and Blaine as they go for a week without using any of the modern-day technology they are used to, and they can only use technology from the year they were born.

April 1st, 2016

Rooster Teeth celebrated its thirteenth year of content production, along with announcing two new shows, RWBY Chibi and Camp Camp and one new season of Red vs. Blue. The shows were eventually released on May 7th (RWBY Chibi), May 8th (RvB14) and June 10th (Camp Camp).

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