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"Welcome to The Know, a Rooster Teeth channel! The Know brings you all the details on what's happening in the worlds of gaming, entertainment, technology, and science. Want to know what's happening? Want to know why it matters? We've got everything you need to stay in the know."

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- Official YouTube channel
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The Know is Rooster Teeth's official multimedia news channel on YouTube. The Know was created to provide subscribers with up-to-date information regarding the entertainment and technology industries. It is the news division of Rooster Teeth that discusses current events in movies, TV shows, gaming, and media. It is hosted by Ashley Jenkins, formerly co-hosted by Meg Turney and a large selection of other Rooster Teeth staff from each division within the company, with regular appearances from Jon Risinger, Ryan Haywood, Gus Sorola and the Funhaus Team (primarily Adam Kovic and Bruce Greene).

The Know originated from Rooster Teeth's RT News show on their main channel before switching to its current channel. It joined YouTube on March 5, 2014, debuted on June 1, 2014. Joey Aranda left Rooster Teeth on September 22, 2014 but The Know still continues without him. Funhaus joined The Know on February 10, 2015. Kdin Jenzen joined The Know on Marc h 21, 2016. On June 27, 2016, Meg departed from Rooster teeth, but The Patch and The Know still continues without her.

Series Edit

The Know is currently home to multiple news and podcast shows including:

  • The Patch: Rooster Teeth's gaming podcast
    • Game Club: a podcast on the discussion of a different game each week
  • (formerly) Screen Play: their film and TV podcast
  • (formerly) Coming Soon: a monthly series on the upcoming games for the month
  • (formerly) Leaderboard: the latest news in Esports
  • (formerly) The Know It All: a weekly recap, posted on to the main Rooster Teeth channel, on all the posted events on The Know channel.

Staff Edit

Current anchors Edit

Former anchors Edit

  • Joey Aranda (formerly, left Rooster Teeth and The Know as of September 22, 2014)
  • Meg Turney (formerly, left Rooster Teeth and The Know as of June 27, 2016)

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