Team Nice Dynamite symbol

Team Nice Dynamite is a team created by Michael Jones and Gavin Free in Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 29 - The Walls. It combines Gavin's "nice" attitude compared to Michael's rather "explosive" angry personality. Michael is the one who came up with it. When it comes to completing tasks in both Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth projects Gavin is usually the cool headed idiot messing around while Michael is very uptight and competitive, often sarcastically but amicably berating, insulting and condemning Gavin for his foolishness jerking off with foul mouthed but good natured jabs, although when the crucial moment comes, they realize their friendship and teamwork is more important and choose what's right over their selfishness and bickering.

Michael and Gavin also made a Let's Build in Minecraft where they made a Team Nice Dynamite Secret Room. They made a part one and part two.

In various Let's Plays, whenever the two are paired together they tend to go by their team name.

Both Michael and Gavin voice characters in RWBY and RWBY Chibi. Michael voices Sun Wukong, a Faunus stowaway who recurring secondary character since Volume 1. Sun ironically has a love affair with Blake Belladonna (voice of Arryn Zech) rather than Ruby Rose (voice of his wife Lindsay Jones). Gavin voices Scarlet David, a guest character who appears since Volume 3.

Both team members, as well as their larger 'Team Nice Kerry' teammate Kerry Shawcross, voice members of Team SSSN in RWBY. Michael is Sun (the team's namesake leader, much like his wife Lindsay with the R of the titular team), Gavin is Scarlet, and Kerry is Neptune.

Michael and Gavin have also collaborated very frequently in other Rooster Teeth projects outside of Achievement Hunter's projects (Play Pals, Lets Watch, Rage Quit, The Off Topic Podcast, Shenanigans, VS, GO! and AHWU). These include (but not limited to) Live action productions (Short comedy films, Sketch comedy skits, commercials, behind the scenes, murder-mystery, sci-if and more) such as Rooster Teeth Shorts, Immersion, Million Dollars, But... Lazer Team and Lazer Team 2, Ten Little Roosters, The Eleven Little Roosters, RT Life, RT Docs (Lets Play Live: The Documentary) in addition to animated cartoons such as RWBY, Red vs. Blue, and X-Ray and Vav, as well as podcasts such as The RT Podcast. This bromance them the nickname "Mavin".

Ryan Haywood was temporarily a member of Team Nice Dynamite during EXTREME, as he was playing on Michael's account. Like Michael. Ryan also voices a recurring secondary character in RWBY and RWBY Chibi: Beacon instructor Professor Peter Port.


Gavin and Michael modeling the TND shirts

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