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Team Nice Dynamite symbol

Team Nice Dynamite is a team created by Michael Jones and Gavin Free in Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 29 - The Walls. It combines Gavin's "nice" attitude compared to Michael's rather "explosive" personality. Michael is the one who came up with it.

Michael and Gavin also made a Let's Build in Minecraft where they made a Team Nice Dynamite Secret Room. They made a part one and part two.

In various Let's Plays, whenever the two are paired together they tend to go by their team name.

Both team members, as well as their larger 'Team Nice Kerry' teammate Kerry Shawcross, voice members of Team SSSN in RWBY. Michael is Sun, Gavin is Scarlet, and Kerry is Neptune.

Ryan Haywood was temporarily a member of Team Nice Dynamite during EXTREME, as he was playing on Michael's account. Like both primary members Ryan voices a character in RWBY - Beacon instructor Peter Port.


Gavin and Michael modeling the TND shirts

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