Team Killing is a known problem in team games played by Achievement Hunter, primarily Rainbow Six. Of the hunters to commit team killing, Gavin is the most notorious.

Geoff Edit

  • Killed Gavin, during Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Part 1, by strafing his aim too far right.
  • Killed Ray, during Rainbow Six Vegas Part 1, with a grenade.
  • Killed everyone after Gavin immediately team killed Ray.
  • Killed Gavin at the end of an argument between them.
  • Shot Gavin after someone said to watch behind him.
  • Couldn't move, then shot Jack from behind.
  • A bomber mishap saw Geoff kill Gavin.
  • Shot Trevor from behind in the head. (Trevor would later team kill Geoff in return)
  • Mistakenly whacked Michael during the Prison Job.

Ray Edit

  • Killed Geoff with a grenade mishap.
  • Shot Gavin, blaming it on the helicopter crashing. (Rainbow 6 Vegas Campaign Part 1)
  • Killed Ryan to prevent the reverse. (Ryan's Heist; Ryan had been attempting the same thing he did in Geoff's Heist but Ray was faster)

Gavin Edit

  • Dropped a grenade during Rainbow Six Vegas Part 2, killing everyone.
  • Shot Ray in the back with a shotgun in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 ("WHAT ENEMY LOOKS LIKE M. BISON?!?!?!")
  • Shot Ray twice immediately into a map. One was justified as Geoff forgot they had completed that map previously.
  • Killed Ray with a breach charge. Ray and Michael both threatened to kill Gavin for it, but Gavin finished the map to live another day. (Rainbow 6 Vegas Part 3)
  • Michael walked in front of Gavin.
  • Threw a grenade that killed Geoff.
  • Shot Geoff in the back after a terrorist dropped in front of Geoff.
  • Killed Ryan in a grenade launcher-induced explosion.
  • Killed Ryan via grenade after Jack's mishap.
  • Shot Michael in the face as he ran from an enemy.
  • Shot Geoff in a mishap.
  • Shot Ryan in a mishap during Splinter Cell Blacklist.
  • Notoriously kills his AI teammates in Halo, to the point GO! Episode 20 is based on it. (Gavin wins)
  • Bipped Jeremy in an attempt at testing Jeremy's guy's shield. (Rainbow 6 Siege Dustline DLC)
  • Killed Geoff as he tried killing a terrorist and Geoff walked in front of him. (Same as above, later in same match)
  • Shot a fleeing Michael. (different match, same video as previous two)
  • Shot Jeremy in a panic.
  • Tried shooting a terrorist and Jack walked in front of him.
  • Shot a downed Ryan as Michael got stuck trying to save Jeremy.
  • Immediately shot Michael as he said something.
  • Blew up himself and Ray during his heist.

Ryan Edit

  • Killed Geoff, removing him from a match. Gavin would subsequently fall down a hole, killing himself. (Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 Part 2)
  • Shot Gavin in a bomber mishap.
  • Didn't see Gavin or know he was there until too late.
  • Shot a downed Jack.
  • Killed Gus.
  • Killed Gus a second time.
  • Shot Gavin and Jack, and killed Jeremy with a grenade. (The grenade was meant for Gavin)
  • Killed Geoff, saying there doesn't have to be two of them left. (His attempt at doing it to Ray in his own heist isn't successful when a shotgun-wielding Puerto Rican turns faster.)
  • Whacked Geoff by accident while trying to open the armored truck his heist targeted. (happens before the failed Geoff's Heist Team Kill Attempt #2)

Jack Edit

  • Killed Gavin with a grenade he threw before Gavin knew about it. (Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 Part 1; the second time Chaxle's AHHR R6V2 video goes slo-mo on Gavin dying via AH-thrown grenade, Gavin himself having thrown the first on the previous map)
  • Killed Gavin and Ryan with an accidental grenade.
  • Shot Gavin to get rid of the notorious team killer, though down Michael and Geoff by then via Gavin.
  • A breach charge mishap killed Gavin. (Rainbow 6 Siege; Would've been payback for Rainbow 6 Vegas Part 3 had it been Ray's breach charge)
  • Saw a bad guy, then mistakenly killed Michael.
  • Shot Ryan in shooting a terrorist.
  • Accidentally killed Michael with his Lazer during his heist. (Michael walked into the exhaust; Ryan subsequently died leaving only Jack, who didn't do any robbing, alive)

Michael Edit

  • Threw a grenade by accident, causing a triple team kill.
  • Shot Ray as he entered a door by accident.
  • Shot Geoff, who couldn't move, then killed Ryan on Geoff's restart order.
  • Initiated Jeremy into Rainbow Six, then shot Ryan.
  • Killed Jack by accident in Geoff's Heist.
  • Killed Geoff and Kerry, who were supposed to die during Michael's Heist. (Lindsay tagged the wrong boat)

Jeremy Edit

  • Shot Ryan and Michael as Glaz, both accidental when they walked in front of him. (Rainbow 6 Siege, both in the same attempt)
  • Panicked on seeing a terrorist and shot Jack.
  • Shot Jack before Michael could.
  • Unfriended Gavin, then shot him. (7 Days to Die)

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