I am sorry. I was attempting to respond. It appears that my voice was so loud that I temporarily deafened you and destroyed your transport device.
— Surrender Bot[1]

The Surrender Bot is a character appearing in Supreme Surrender and was the machine authorized to surrender, despite its apparent difficulty in doing so.

The Surrender Bot effectively destroyed both bases of those it was trying to surrender to; he first attempted to send an email, then attempted to render assistance in putting out the subsequent fires. It then started to send an email to the other base, but, due to the occupants of that base surrendering to it, overheated: the Surrender Bot then ejected a cooling rod, resulting in the complete destruction of the second base.[2]

As a result, both negotiating parties abandoned negotiations and fled; subsequent interaction between the Surrender Bot and the Ambassatron suggested that this was not the first time something like this had happened.[3]


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