2014 SuperBowl Prediction

Every year for the last 3 years achievement hunter have had annual games to predict the results of the years Super Bowl, for the last two they have got it right.

The TeamsEdit

Team Lads vs. Team Gents has been the set up with 3 vs 3 games, however in 2014 Madden removed the 3 vs. 3 player online mode meaning a 2 vs 2 took place with Ray (lads) and Geoff (gents) as the coaches, which lead to the gents first ever win.

  • 2012 - Baltimore Ravens (Lads) vs San Francisco 49ers (Gents)
  • 2013 - Denver Broncos (gents) vs Seattle Seahawks (Lads)
  • 2014 - New England Patriots (lads) - Coach Ray vs Seattle Seahawks (Gents) - Coach Geoff


  • Team lads was unbeaten until this year, due to the fact they had Gavin as Quaterback for most the game.
  • Ray created 2 Touchdowns in 14 Seconds for the Lads.
  • Ryan wanted to see Rays team win after back to back touchdowns - even though he was on the opposite team.