100ft Robot GolfEdit

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Let's Play Geoff, Ryan, Michael, Jack The guys are back with an all new golf adventure! Geoff, Ryan, Michael, and Jack jump into 100 ft Robot Golf, and they learn very quickly that irritating your opponent is clearly the best way to enjoy this game. Geoffrey becomes a skeleton, Michael and Jack destroy things, and Ryan, sinister as always, becomes the ball-blocking, ball-busting ball master. Game 1


Game 2 Ryan

November 29, 2016 1

Euro FishingEdit

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Euro Fishing Geoff, Michael, Jeremy Pack your gear and hook a worm

Fill that cooler full of beer Grab a rod and hold it firm 'Cause now's the perfect time of year

To mothafuckin' fish right in that mothafuckin' water And muthafuckin' catch um on your muthafuckin' hook Or just pull out the dynamite and muthafuckin' slaughter Tons of fishy muthafuckas so now we gonna fuckin' book

Three sweet first class fuckin tickets down to muthafuckin' Europe 'Cause today we're Euro fishing without a muthafuckin' care Michael, Geoff, and Little J are gonna muthafuckin' stir up All these muthafuckin' waters so you best not fuckin' dare

Try to fight back, bite back, or tail whack you sad sack Muthafuckin fishes because now's the fuckin' time For us to sit back, fish track, wisecrack and attack All your muthafuckin asses and just hot damn it feels sublime

Jeremy July 28, 2016 1
The Angriest Fishermen Geoff, Jack, Jeremy Geoff, Jack, and Jeremy travel across Europe to do some fishing. Jeremy gets some fish, while Jack and Geoff get angry. Game 1


Game 2 Jeremy

Game 3 Jeremy

August 2, 2017 2

Everybody's GolfEdit

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Fore Honor - Everybody's Golf (#1) Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Jeremy The hot new golf party game for the Play Station 4 bring lots of joy and rage to Achievement. Jack November 18, 2017 1


Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
FIFA 14 Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ray, Ryan It's Lads vs. Gents in a soccer (or football) match full of lag, running around, and confusion. Tie April 23, 2014 1
FIFA 16 - The Rooster Teeth Podcast Crew Gavin, Gus, Jordan, Geoff Time for the most heated rivalry in all of (video game) sports, the epic footie duel between Gavin and Gus. A friendly toss of footie so epic we had to call in the biggest names in video-game-related-color-commentating we know, Geoff and Jordan. Balls will be kicked, dreams will be crushed, and penalties will be given on this non-stop hear-pounding episode of the Podcast Let's Play. Gus October 4, 2015 2

The Golf Club 2Edit

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Let's Play Geoff, Jack, Jeremy Join FIRST for exclusive Let’s Play content Jeremy August 10, 2017 1

Golf It!Edit

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Part 1 Trevor, Jeremy, Jack, Ryan Achievement Hunter doesn't wind down from a long day of work by golfing. They turn that golfing into the work! They're reading to get golfing in Golf It! - the golf game where your swing is determined by how violently you move the mouse. Be warned though. This is golf planet, where we sort of just make up the physics as we go along. Game 1


Game 2 Jeremy

May 20, 2017 1
The Custom Maps Jack, Jeremy, Geoff, Ryan, Lindsay The Achievement Hunter crew's getting their hard woods ready for some intense strokin' in another Golf-It! golf outing. It's like Tiger Woods times five. Just with less DUIs. Game 1


Game 2 Jack

June 10, 2017 2
With Bruce Greene Jack, Jeremy, Trevor, Lindsay, Bruce Tweet tweet! Ca-CAW! ALBATROOOOOSS! Achievement Hunter takes their buddy Bruce out to the green to play some mini golf and teach him about the art of bird noise scoring. They also learn a lot about Bruce's dad. Game 1


Game 2 Jack

June 17, 2017 3
Back in the Hole Jeremy, Trevor, Jack, Ryan Achievement Hunter is back on the green for some Golf It! minigolf goodness because they just loves shoving their balls into huge, gaping holes. Game 1


Game 2 Jeremy

July 1, 2017 4
Fore Honor - Golf It! - Rainbow Cannonballs! (#10) Michael, Jack, Jeremy, Ryan, Lindsay, Geoff The AH crew hits Golf It! with a broadside of multicolored balls. Watch out! One of the crew members be planning to mutiny against their fellow crewmates. Who could it possib- it's Ryan. Ryan betrays everyone. Who else would it be? Jack April 21, 2018 5
Fore Honor - Golf It! - The Symbiote Edition (#11) Lindsay, Michael, Ryan, Jack, Gavin, Matt, Jeremy The AH crew continues to hone their skills in Golf It! How many times will Ryan try to bip his fellow co-workers this time? Michael May 5, 2018 6
Ryan's Big Bipper! - Fore Honor - Golf It! Ryan, Jack, Geoff, Jeremy, Michael, Lindsay, Alfredo Achievement Hunter hit their brightly colored balls into many different holes in Golf It! Ryan is out for blood, and it just so happens that Alfredo is the perfect target. Michael May 19, 2018 7
Meet the New Geoff - Fore Honor - Golf It! Ryan, Jeremy, Michael, Lindsay, Alfredo Achievement Hunter is longing to have a wet dream as they hit the links in another round of Fore Honor in Golf It! Jeremy June 2, 2018 8
Same as the Old Geoff - Fore Honor - Golf It! (#14) Ryan, Michael, Alfredo, Lindsay, Geoff, Jack, Jeremy It's another rage inducing round of mini golf. We got bips, we got gots, we have everything you want and Fore! Game 1


Game 2 Geoff

June 16, 2018 9

Golf With Your FriendsEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Starring Funhaus Adam, Lawrence, James, Bruce, Elyse, Matt I'd suggest that one of you fans out there make a swearing supercut of this video but it would probably only shave off about 40 seconds or so, Lawrence August 27, 2016 1
Part 1 Geoff, Ryan, Matt, Gavin, Jack Achievement Hunter returns to miniature golf with this absolutely simple yet fantastically fun game in the Steam store. Game 1


Game 2 Ryan

Game 3 Jack

January 20, 2017 2
Part 2 Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, Jeremy The last Golf With Your Friends video was so much fun, we had to get Gavin and Michael in on it. Now it's a race to see who can get in the hole first! Game 1


Game 2 Ryan

January 30, 2017 3
Golf With Your Friends: AH Live Stream - Part 1 Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, Trevor, Gavin Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, Trevor, and Gavin are grabbing their argyle sweater vests and teeing up in some Golf With Your Friends. They're ready to see who be the Tiger Woods of bullshit mini golf. Probably whoever gets the cone-shaped ball the least. Game 1


Game 2 Trevor

Game 3 Gavin

February 15, 2017 4
Golf With Your Friends: AH Live Stream - Part 2 The Mar-a-lago golf course has been booked solid for the next four years, so we're going back to Golf With Your Friends to get our minigolf jollies on. This is Part 2 of our AH Livestream, featuring Ryan Haywood, Jeremy Dooley, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, and Trevor Collins! February 22, 2017 5
Part 3 Jeremy, Trevor, Gavin, Lindsay, Ryan, Jack The golf balls return! Achievement Hunter plays Golf With Your Friends on the Candyland and Haunted House maps. Game 1


Game 2 Trevor

April 27, 2017 6
Part 4 Jeremy, Trevor, Michael, Lindsay, Ryan, Jack Achievement Hunter tries out classic mode on the new Ancient map in this fourth installment of Golf With Your Friends. Trevor May 27, 2017 7
Golf With Your Friends and NoahJ Michael, Jeremy, Geoff, Ryan, NoahJ NoahJ456 is in the Achievement Hunter office, but instead of playing anything with zombies, they play Golf With Your Friends. Seems Geoff pulled the old bait and switch. Game 1


Game 2 Michael

June 3, 2017 8
Fore Honor - Golf With Your Friends - Pirate Cove (#5) Gavin, Jeremy, Ryan, Lindsay, Michael, Geoff Achievement Hunter plays a couple rounds on the new Pirate Cove map in this fifth installment of Golf With Your Friends. Game 1


Game 2 Jeremy

February 3, 2018 9

Infinite MinigolfEdit

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Giant Home Geoff, Jack, Jeremy, Gavin, Ryan, Michael Achievement Hunter LOVES mini golf. They also love legally distinct versions of Andy's room from Toy Story. To Infinite Minigolf...and beyond! Game 1


Game 2 Gavin

August 19, 2017 1
Return of the Giant Home (#2) Geoff, Jack, Jeremy, Gavin, Ryan, Michael The gang share a lot of hilarious moments in the second part of the Infinite Minigolf series. Game 1


Game 2 Jack

September 16, 2017 2
Santa's Rough Ride (#3) Geoff, Jack, Jeremy, Gavin, Ryan, Michael The boys act both naughty and nice as they putt around Santa's Factory in our third installment of Infinite Minigolf. Game 1


Game 2 Michael

September 30, 2017 3
Matt's Crazy Customs (#4) Matt, Ryan, Gavin, Michael, Geoff Trevor told Matt Bragg to create the most challenging Infinite Minigolf custom maps that he could. So he did. Matt October 14, 2017 4
Fore Honor - Infinite Minigolf - Halloween Mansion (#5) Matt, Geoff, Jeremy, Alfredo, Trevor, Jack, Ryan What what, in the putt? Infinite Minigolf returns with the super spooky Halloween Mansion map. Game 1


Game 2 Jack

October 28, 2017 5
Fore Honor - Infinite Minigolf - More Matt Maps (#6) Jeremy, Matt, Jack, Geoff, Gavin, Ryan The insanity returns with a holly jolly spirit! Ryan October 28, 2017 6
Fore Honor - Infinite Minigolf - Hangar 37 (#7) Jack, Geoff, Michael, Lindsay, Gavin, Jeremy, Ryan The gang golf in space and no matter what they say, you can definitely hear them scream. Game 1


Game 2 Jack

February 24, 2018 7
Fore Honor - Infinite Minigolf - Matt's Ghoulish Golf Geoff, Gavin, Michael, Lindsay, Ryan, Jeremy, Matt Matt gives the gang nightmares with his latest horrifying custom maps. Trevor March 17, 2018 8
Fore Honor: Matt's Pirate Peril #9 Geoff, Matt, Jack, Michael, Ryan, Alfredo, Jeremy, Lindsay Nine holes, eight players, chaos, madness, depression and one Geoff Cam. This pirate minigolf course is one emotional roller coaster. Jack March 31, 2018 9
Driven to the Edge - Fore Honor - Infinite Minigolf (#10) Geoff, Matt, Michael, Lindsay, Gavin, Jeremy Achievement Hunter will never be the same after Gavin quits the game to take drastic measures to make sure everyone knows that Matt's maps are an affront to mankind. Jeremy June 30, 2018 10


Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Madden 2013 Geoff, Gavin, Ray, Ryan It is a sad, sad day for Football (or American Awesome Ball for you of the non-United States persuasion), but a great day for you! Ray, Ryan December 17, 2012 1
Madden 2013: Super Bowl Special Geoff, Jack, Gavin, Michael, Ray, Ryan Can't wait for the Super Bowl? Now you can just skip it because AH brings you a special 6-player Let's Play version of AH Predicts! Gavin, Michael, Ray January 30, 2013 2
Madden NFL 25: Super Bowl Special It's Team Lads vs Team Gents as they predict who will win the Super Bowl. Gavin, Michael, Ray January 29, 2014 3
Madden NFL 25: 2014 FIFA World Cup Prediction Geoff, Ryan, Michael, Ray Geoff, Ryan, Michael, and Ray predict the 2014 FIFA World Cup FInals. Geoff, Ray July 11, 2014 4
Madden NFL 15: Super Bowl Special Geoff, Jack, Gavin, Michael, Ray, Ryan Coach Ramsey faces off against coach Narvaez Jr. in the hardest hitting Super Bowl Special yet! Geoff, Jack, Ryan January 28, 2015 5
Madden 2016 Geoff, Jack, Gavin, Michael, Ryan Achievement Hunter plays their yearly sports. Home run, or something I guess. Geoff, Jack, Ryan September 24, 2015 6
Madden 16 with Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Dan Campbell The AH Crew team up with Dan Campbell (their new bff) from the band The Wonder Years! Geoff, Dan Campbell November 18, 2015 7
Madden NFL 16: Super Bowl 50 Special Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Jeremy Achievement Hunter sets out to predict Super Bowl 50! It's the Denver Broncos versus the Carolina Panthers in what one might consider the most accurate sports game simulation of all time. Geoff, Jack January 29, 2016 8
Madden 17 with Lazar Beam Geoff, Michael, Gavin, Lannan Geoff and Michael team up against Gavin and Lannan "Lazar Beam" Eacott in Madden 17. While Geoff and Michael are mildly savvy in the way of NFL tactics, Lannan will have to carry the team as Gavin "just figured out downs." Check out the video to see a very unconventional NFL game. Geoff, Michael November 20, 2016 9
Madden 18 with Lazar Beam Geoff, Michael, Jack, Lannan The boys play a bit of Madden with their special friend, Lannan. It's the Cowboys vs the Patriots in this friendly game of football. Also, please forgive the Australian. Lazar Beam comes from an island of convicts. He doesn't fully understand that the Patriots are the bad guys. Michael, Lannan September 30, 2017 10
Madden 18: Super Bowl LII Special Geoff, Jack, Jeremy, Michael, Ryan Achievement Hunter sets out to predict the outcome of Super Bowl LII by playing Madden 18. Using precise calculations, the outcome is guaranteed to be true. Geoff, Jack February 3, 2018 11


Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
MLB 2k12 Geoff, Gavin Geoff teaches Gavin the rules of baseball in MLB 2K12. Things seemed to be going smoothly until Geoff shit his pants while recording this commentary. Geoff March 10, 2012 1
MLB: The Show 17 - Let's Play League - Team Achievement Hunter Geoff, Gavin, Michael, Jack, Jeremy, Ryan, Matt, Gus, Trevor Geoff's roped in 8 unsuspecting boys and Gus into the Let's Play League. Presenting MLB's finest: Team Achievement Hunter! N/A June 17, 2017 2


Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
NBA2K15 Geoff, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, Ray Geoff, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, and Ray put their basketball skills to the test against some of the greatest teams in the NBA... except not really. N/A November 27, 2014 1


Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
NHL 15 Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, The "Team OG" Ducks face off against the "Crazy Mad" Devils in the very first Achievement Hunter NHL Let's Play! Ryan, Michael May 27, 2015 1
NHL 15 Part 2 Geoff and Jack demanded a rematch! Ryan and Michael must defend their NHL Championship title! Ryan, Michael June 3, 2015 2
NHL 18 Threes - End That Cat (#1) Geoff, Ryan, Jeremy Geoff, Ryan, and Jeremy go up against the Edmonton Oilers in NHL 18. Can the Fridge Raiders defeat their opponents and their legendary mascot, Hunter? N/A November 18, 2017 3
NHL 18 Threes - Sabotage! (#2) Ryan, Geoff, and Jeremy are back in NHL 18. All was going great until one of their own ruined everything. November 25, 2017 4
The Money Puck Returns (#3) Ryan, Geoff, and Jeremy face their toughest opponents yet. Oh, and the money puck is back. December 2, 2017 5

Powerstar GolfEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Part 1 Geoff, Michael, Ray, Ryan Geoff, Michael, Ray, and Ryan begin their golfing journey in Let's Play - Powerstar Golf. N/A May 8, 2014 1
Part 2 Geoff, Michael, Ray, and Ryan continue their golfing adventure. May 29, 2014 2

Rugby 15Edit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Rugby 15 Geoff, Jack, Michael, Ryan Geoff and Jack are a bit salty from their NHL losses, will that anger fuel them to victory against Ryan and Michael in Rugby or will Team OG destroy themselves from the inside out? Ryan, Michael July 8, 2015 1


Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Steep Jack, Jeremy, Ryan, Michael Jack, Jeremy, Ryan and Michael test out their extreme sports skills in the open world of Steep. Watch as they get massive air as well as massive brain injuries. N/A December 2, 2016 1


Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
UFC Geoff, Jack, Michael, Ray, Ryan, Matt, Jeremy, Lindsay The AH crew try something new and have a tournament in UFC to see who's the best at punching, also hugging. Round 1 Ryan

Round 2 Ray

Round 3 Jeremy

Round 4 Michael

Round 5 Ray

Round 6 Michael

Round 7 Michael

Overall Winner Michael

September 9, 2014 1


Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
WWE'13 Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ray, Ryan The lads host an elimination battle royal in WWE '13.

Round 1 Geoff

Round 2 Geoff

Round 3 Michael

February 4, 2013 1
WWE2K14 The lads return to the ring in WWE 2K14.

Round 1 Michael

Round 2 Michael

October 30, 2013 2
WWE 2K16 Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, Jeremy Geoff VS Jack VS Ryan VS Michael VS Gavin VS Jeremy. Ladder match!!! Jeremy November 10, 2015 3