Welcome to the central hub for all of the Wiki's projects! Here you can find various teams dedicated to expanding and improving the Wiki. You can join as many projects as you want, as long as you are able to follow the requirements listed below and the unique rules of each project.


  • You can put unique wiki boxes onto your profile
  • Your edits cannot be undone by non-project members, only other project members and admins (unless the edit violates our policies).
  • You'll be making your favorite pages, and the wiki, a much better place
  • Stronger standing for P & S committee faster


  1. You follow all policies
  2. Contribute regularly
  3. Good communication

Project Leader

  1. Be recognized by your teammates as a helpful user
  2. Be voted into the position (Note: this means you can also be voted OUT of the position)
  3. Project leaders will be appointed to the P & S committee faster


  • Grammar Team - Dedicated to maintaining proper grammar on all pages, this team works on finding articles with improper grammar and fixing them
  • RWBY Expansion Team - With an upcoming show, this team needs a lot of help, as details are being released on the show, this team will be there to add them to the proper pages.
  • Image Team - A wiki with pictures on pages is a happy wiki. Let's make the wiki happy.

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