List of Administrators

Administrator Notability Message Admin Since Away Status
CharThom Founder of the Wiki Questions? Click Here Wiki Founder Inactive
Kamikaze839 Secondary contact for assistance Leave me a mesaage December 26, 2012 Inactive
Bobbycat1 Primary contact for assistance Questions or Requests? Click Here March 19, 2016 Active
LazarouDave Primary contact for assistance Got a query? Just ask May 2, 2016 Active

Administrator Responsibilities

  • Rename pages
  • Block unruly users
  • Answer questions
  • Enforce and edit the Policies
  • Assist in the editing process

Becoming an Administrator


To become an admin, you must:

  • Contribute to the Wiki regularly
  • Have at least 500 legitimate edits (not editing the same page over and over)
  • Have not been warned of any policy violation within 2 months prior to applying.
  • Have not been blocked for ANY reason at ANY time on the wiki

Applications for Administration

To apply to be an admin, put your name below with a short statement as to why you believe you should become an admin on the wiki. The admins will vote on your application and your activity on the wiki.

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