Hello and thank you for expressing your interest in the project. The project is led by insertleadersnamehere. Our team is dedicated to expanding the staff member pages on this wiki.


  1. All information must be accurate
  2. Do not put in personal opinions on staff members
  3. In the category box, put RT Staff Expansion in to show that the article is part of the Team's jurisdiction
  4. Be respectful of non-team member edits


  1. User:SUNOMI64
  2. Alexae


Currently, the staff pages lack consistency in layout. Please use the following templates when reworking and editing the staff pages:

If you have any questions relating to these templates, or suggestions to improving them, please post in the designated forum thread here.

High Priority

Put new staff and severely incomplete articles here

Medium Priority

Staff whose articles are nearing completion or new information has been revealed about them goes here

  • Joe the Cat: His page has been updated to the new layout, and now has an infobox. Please confirm and add his appearances in the podcasts (under the Appearances section), as well as any other Trivia to his page.
  • J.J. Castillo: His page has been updated with the RT Staff template, however, more information could be added about his time at Rooster Teeth as well as any more images or Trivia.

Low Priority

  • Blaine Gibson: Blaine's page is as complete as can be. Future edits may consider adding links to his Tumblr/LinkedIn pages or updating existing references, or if new information is released.
  • Joel Heyman: Joel's page is as complete as information allows. Possible consideration of adding further images of him to the gallery, or updating the existing information with either references, or updating as new information is released.
  • Nathan Zellner: His article is complete as can be. Possible consideration of listing his appearances in RT videos on the page and/or adding images of him to the gallery.

Article is as complete as it can be at that point. Do not work on these articles until the High Priority ones are complete

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