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Burnie Burns - Founder, Former CEO

Matt Hullum - Co-Founder, Current CEO

Geoff Ramsey - Co-Founder

Gus Sorola - Co-Founder

Joel Heyman - Co-Founder

Rooster Teeth
  • Yvonne Secretan - Vice President of Operations
  • Chris Martin - Sales & Marketing
  • Alan Abdine - Director of Business Development
  • Emily McBride - Online Store Manager
  • Sarah Deuel - Editor
  • Daniel Fabelo - Editor
  • Megan Castro - Office Cordinator
  • Jon Risinger - Graphic Designer
Administration Production


Achievement Hunter The Know Funhaus Animation


  • Paul Marino
  • Jeff Williams
  • Tom Lusardi
  • Patrick Salazar
  • Eddy Rivas
  • Roman Lopez
  • Dirk (see Let's Play - GTA V - The Cargo Tank)