The seventh season of Rooster Teeth Shorts debuted on February 20, 2016 and currently consists of thirty seven live action short films (action comedy short films), as well as live action sketch comedies and live action commercials

Number Short Date Summary Link
1 "Tinder Trouble" February 20, 2016 Josh is forced to call tech support after noticing a strange glitch in his dating app. 1
2 "Dog Killer" February 28, 2016 After being assigned to a new position, Jon must unravel a deadly mystery. 2
3 "D'Angelo Parody" March 6, 2016 Zach Anner delivers on his Buff Buddies promise and makes the sexiest, sweatiest, hairiest D'Angelo parody video you've ever not seen. Just try to not stare at his perfect nipples. We dare you. 3
4 "What Your Shirt Says" March 14, 2016 Can't decide what to wear? Worried you're flashing too much nipple? See what your shirt says about you with this handy Rooster Teeth style guide. 4
5 Bloopers and Outtakes March 20, 2016 Sometimes, when we're filming dramatic art pieces about dog murder, nude guys in wheelchairs, or Tinder mishaps, we forget a line or two. We might even laugh. It only shows that we're human. Deeply disturbed, twisted humans. 5
6 The Henchman March 27, 2016 While Batman and Superman duke it out, we look into the life of a Gotham City henchman. 6
7 How not to look stupid in a VR Headset March 29, 2016 With all radical advances in technology, early adopters are doomed to look like complete fucking idiots until the rest of the world gets accustomed to seeing people in that context. For VR headsets, that day is a long way away. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of ways you can trick people into thinking you look cool. 7
8 Failed Product Ideas April 3, 2016 Burnie confronts Chris about his "brilliant" merchandise ideas, but is it too late? 8
9 Hardcore Henry Meets Rooster Teeth April 10, 2016 Rooster Teeth teams with Sharlto Copley and the crew of Hardcore Henry to put an end to talking and texting in movie theaters. 9
10 Bat Bloopers and Waxy Teeth April 17, 2016 Burnie tries to convince Aaron to wear a cock sock, Chris eats wax, and other flubs! 10
11 Orcs Must Live April 20, 2016

This video is sponsored by Robot Entertainment. Join the Center for Orc Tolerance and Understanding by visiting ! And, remember—Orcs are people, too.

*Orcs are not actually people.

12 Behind The Scenes: Orcs Must Live April 24, 2016 Check out the behind-the-scenes from our latest RT Short: Orcs Must Live, sponsored by Robot Entertainment. Visit to learn more. 12
13 Cop Tickets Self-Driving Car May 8, 2016 When a cop pulls over a self driving car, things go horribly wrong. 13
14 Tinder: The Superhero Movie May 30, 2016 As an army of bots descends upon the earth, Tinder fights to save humanity from extinction, one swipe at a time. 14
15 TWENTY-SOMETHING NINJA TURTLES! June 5, 2016 It's hard fighting crime when it pays nothing and you've got student loans. And don't get me started on rent prices. $1500 for a one bedroom?! How am I supposed to move out of Splinter's basement? This is the baby boomer turtles' fault. 15
16 The 22 WORST PLACES to Play Pokemon Go July 17, 2016 Thieves using lures to rob people. People finding dead bodies in fields. This shit just got real. 16
17 How to Write a Eulogy August 28, 2016 A team of writers prepare for a funeral after hearing some horrible news. 17
18 What your Hat says about you September 4, 2016 Can't decide which hat to wear? Or maybe you're worried you're balding? See what your hat says about you with this handy Rooster Teeth style guide. 18
19 Kidnapped: A 360 Experience September 8, 2016 After a tactical operation gone awry, you (Agent X) have been kidnapped by three of the world's most ruthless murderers...Thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this video. 19
20 Virtual Reality Check September 18, 2016 Burnie smells trouble as Blaine tries to pitch a new line of Virtual Reality devices. Special thanks to our Lazer Team Indie Go-go backers for appearing in this short! 20
21 Double Standards September 26, 2016 What's the difference between living in a trailer and living on a boat?
22 What your fashion Says about You October 3, 2016 Barbara helps you pick out your fall fashion.
23 Adventures of Larry: Larry in Love October 3, 2016 Larry's got himself a crush and Berkman is there to help with his expert dating advice.
24 Adventures of Larry: When Conner Met Larry October 3, 2016 Connor's long search for the perfect assistant may finally be over.
25 Local News for the Modern Audience October 10, 2016 What if news wasn't so outdated?
26 Miles is a Gentleman October 24, 2016 Is chivalry dead?
27 Stranger Things Ahead for Rooster Teeth October 31, 2016
28 What your Facial Hair Says about You November 7, 2016
29 Kangaroo Attack! November 21, 2016
30 Rooster Bells 2016 Holiday Music Video November 25, 2016
31 Is This Show a Soup Opera? December 5, 2016
32 Amazon Go: Just Steal Stuff December 12, 2016
32 Can You Watch My Stuff? December 19, 2016
33 Burnie's Dirty Little Secret January 2, 2017
34 Merch madness March 4, 2017
35 If Fast & Furious Used Uber April 13, 2017
36 Gus' Photoshoot May 26, 2017
37 Rooster Teeth's Holiday Horror November 20, 2017