Rooster Teeth: Entertainment System (also abbreviated as RT-ES, RTES or #RTES) was a live action FIRST Member exclusive sketch comedy TV Web series on The Rooster Teeth Website hosted by Lazer Team co-star and Rooster Teeth recurring guest star Colton Dunn. The show ran for six episodes before being put on hiatus, and then unofficially cancelled in early November 2015.

History Edit

On September 16, 2015, Rooster Teeth dropped and released the trailer for the new show titled "Rooster Teeth Entertainment System". Rooster Teeth (RT) had just released a sneak peak of its newest upcoming series. The Austin-based and Fullscreen-owned creative production studio dropped the trailer for the show Rooster Teeth Entertainment System (RT-ES), which debuts on September 27, 2015, and is hosted by actor Colton Dunn.

The trailer for RT-ES claims the show will be about “comedy, music, games, life,” because “this is Colton Dunn.” Not much else is revealed about the new series other than how it will be exclusively available to the company’s “sponsors,” a class of fans who pay a monthly fee to gain access to premium content, early releases, and more. RT-ES is only one of the most recent sponsors-only pieces of content Rooster Teeth has produced, in addition to the Let’s Play Live documentary.

Dunn is a fitting host for RT-ES, as he’s no stranger to the RT community. The Parks & Rec actor and Key & Peele writer stars in Rooster Teeth’s first feature film, Lazer Team, set to premiere on September 24. Also, as the RT-ES trailer points out, Dunn has made guest appearances in various other productions from the company, like RT Shorts and A Million Dollars But… series. Dunn has also participated in several Let’s Plays with RT’s gaming branch Achievement Hunter.

Sponsors logged into Rooster Teeth’s site or the production company’s new mobile app can watch the Dunn-hosted RT-ES starting September 27 for no additional cost to their monthly subscription fee. If you’re not already an RT sponsor, you can click here to get a 30-day free trial. On September 27, 2015, a sketch comedy show RT-ES, or Rooster Teeth Entertainment System, premiered for Rooster Teeth First members on[1] The show ran for six episodes.

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The show featured comedy sketches, music and games along with a host of special guests from Rooster Teeth and online personalities and more from the "hilarious mind" of Colton Dunn. The show is produced in Los Angeles, California and is hosted and created by Colton Dunn. The show consists of Dunn giving interviews, talking about relevant topics, and showing many sketches throughout: it centers around comedy, music, and games.

Hiatus and cancellation Edit

In a Sponsor-Only video, Burnie Burns stated that RT-ES would be put on hiatus. Burns began by saying "occasionally we make some missteps," referring to RT-ES. He elaborated by saying Rooster Teeth would be looking at all the audience feedback and apply it to the show in the future. However, on November 6, 2015, Colton made a deleted tweet stating "Bummerz. No more #RTES.". In response, Rooster Teeth tweeted that RT-ES would be put on hiatus.[2] However, it got cancelled according to Colton's deleted tweet.[3][4][5] The main reason for its cancellation is said to have come from negative reviews and poor feedback from the audience.

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Season 1 Edit

Episode Number original Air Date Duration Title Description Starring
1 September 29, 2015 (09/29/2015) 56:11 #RTES: Featuring Matt Hullum and Burnie Burns - Episode 1 Rooster Teeth Entertainment System premiered September 27 exclusively for Rooster Teeth Sponsors. Comedy, music, games and more from the hilarious mind of Colton Dunn! Get your 30-Day FREE Sponsorship Trial at so you don't miss out!

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