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A.K.A the “Talk shit, get featured” show, Presented With Comment was a semiweekly Achievement Hunter game show which was primarily hosted by Lil J in which and where staff members and hosts of the Achievement Hunter (AH) staff along with occasional special guests and stars participate, who would be given a comment and they would have to guess where the comment came from. In short, the Achievement Hunter staff members and special guest stars would take turns guessing the origin of comments posted on their videos for the week.

The show was primarily hosted by and was starring Jeremy Dooley and occasionally Geoff Ramsey, along with with various other AH members and contenders. It was a good concept and a fun show while it lasted, but it also inspired people to leave mean comments on AH videos just to try and get on the show, which ended up being the reason that they cancelled it.

The show was confirmed cancelled on May 2, 2016 by Jeremy. He wrote a journal entry explaining the cancellation of the show and had explained why Presented With Comment got the can, as he had stated his dislike of the highlighting and rewarding of the negativity found in the comments section. Basically, the show had people make super harsh, toxic, savage and negative, hateful comments on purpose just to try to get in the show and tarnish Achievement Hunter's reputation. The show basically promoted hate and they didn't want that series running anymore.[1]

Overview Edit

Each comment is worth one point and, if guessed correctly, an additional point can be earned by correctly guessing which website the comment can be found. If the person is wrong, the competitor to their left has an opportunity to steal one point if they answer right.

Comments are taken from the Achievement Hunter and Let's Play YouTube channels, AH subreddit, and Achievement Hunter website

Episodes Edit

Episode # Competitors Winner Release Date Link
1 Jack, Ryan, Gavin Gavin August 1, 2015 1
2 Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Lindsay, Michael Jack August 17, 2015 2
3 Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Gavin, Michael Ryan August 27, 2015 3
4 Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Gavin Ryan September 4, 2015 4
5 Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Gavin, Michael Michael 1 September 14, 2015 5
6 Gavin, Ryan, Bruce, Lawrence, Joel R. Gavin September 19, 2015 6
7 Geoff, Lindsay, Jack, Gavin, Michael Gavin September 26, 2015 7
8 Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Gavin, Michael Ryan 2 October 6, 2015 8
9 Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Gavin, Michael, Matt Ryan October 19, 2015 9
10 Geoff, Ryan, Matt, Lindsay, Matt Michael November 16, 2015 10
11 Geoff, Matt, Jack, Gavin, Michael Matt December 15, 2015 11
12 Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Gavin, Michael Geoff January 7, 2016 12
  • 1 Michael tied with Geoff but flipped a coin to decide the winner.
  • 2 Ryan tied with Michael but flipped a coin to decide the winner.

Statistics Edit

Player Number of Wins
Geoff Ramsey 1
Jack Pattillo 1
Michael Jones 2
Gavin Free 3
Ryan Haywood 4
Lindsay Jones 0
Matt Bragg 1
Joel Rubin 0
Bruce Greene 0
Lawrence Sonntag 0


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