Patrick W. Matthews is an employee of Rooster Teeth Productions working as Production Coordinator for the Live Action department.

Patrick attended Austin Community College from 2011-2013 where he earned an Associate's in Radio-Television-Film. He then when on to earn his Bachelor's in Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas at Austin, attending from 2013-2015.

Career Edit

Patrick began working as Production Coordinator for Rooster Teeth in June of 2015.

Patrick has hosted panels involving LGBT at RTX as well as SXSW, speaking on his experiences as a gay man and the LGBT online community.

He has made appearances on several live action productions throughout Rooster Teeth including, Always Open, RT Extra Life, and On The Spot.

Trivia Edit

  • Patrick knows limited Spanish.
  • He used to play baseball in high school, though he only played for one year.
  • Patrick owns two cats and two dogs.

External Links Edit

RT Profile

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