Past Cast was a series "documenting" the lives of historical figures portrayed in the style of modern day video blogs.

Figure Episode Airdate Starring
Captain John Smith John Smith and Pocahontas Thanksgiving Video Blog 22nd November 2011 Matt Hullum, Gustavo Sorola, Vanadia Badillo
Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler's Final Video Blog 1st December 2011 Joel Heyman, Nathan Zellner
Freddie Fleet Last Video Blog on the Titanic 9th December 2011 Marshall Rimmer, Chris Demarais
Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln's Youtube Shoutout 15th December 2011 John Erler
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar for President 30th December 2011 Chris Demarais, Marshall Rimmer, Miles Luna
Che Guevara Gus Guevara 6th January 2012 Gustavo Sorola, Brandon Farmahini
N/A Bloopers and Outtakes 27th January 2012 Matt Hullum, Gustavo Sorola, Vanadia Badillo, Joel Heyman, Marshall Rimmer, Chris Demarais, John Erler, Miles Luna, Brandon Farmahini

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