"Open Haus takes time every week to answer questions from the Funhaus fans. Ranging from gaming and YouTube questions to waaaaay off-topic queries, Open Haus combines the Q&A format with a highly edited, comedic format"

- Official website

Open Haus (pronounced as "open house"), is a weekly Q&A series show by the Funhaus crew in which several various Funhaus staff (along with other Rooster Teeth staff occasionally) congregate each and every week in the Funahus/Rooster Teeth office in Los Angeles to participate in the Funhaus fans' Q&As session. They answer some their fans' miscellaneous questions , usually in a laid back on non serious style..[1] Questions are asked on Funhaus's reddit community on the Q&A thread as well as the comments section of the Funhaus website and YouTube channel . The title of this particular series was changed from The Interrogation to Open Haus, as both the crew and fans took a liking to /u/JoneSoda's suggestion.[2] The series Open Haus combines the staff members' Q&A format along with a highly comedic, entertaining format effect, all whilst the staff takes the time every week to answer questions from the Funhaus fans.


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