Miles Antony Luna is the Head Writer of Animation at Rooster Teeth working on writing, editing, voice acting and graphic designing.  

Miles' Rooster Teeth profile is Miles.

He and Kerry also own and stream on the Twitch channel Streamyweenies.

Role in the Company Edit

Miles is one of the head directors at Rooster Teeth, known for leading seasons 11 and onward of Red vs. Blue. Alongside Kerry Shawcross, Miles is one of the main writing staff for the anime RWBY.  

He is the voice actor for Jaune Arc from RWBY, Felix from Red vs. Blue, and David from Camp Camp.

He has appeared on the RT Podcast and On The Spot. He also appears weekly on the First member exclusive Fan Service anime podcast.

Miles and Barbara both worked the sound booth at RTX11

Personal Life Edit

He was born in Plano, Texas. He was raised in San Antonio, Texas. Miles attended the University of Texas at Austin and worked for the Texas Student TV[1] while he was there. At Texas he met Brandon Farmahini and made his first four episodes of Machinima[2].

He previously dated Arryn Zech, who voices Blake Belladonna from RWBY and Emily Grey in Red vs. Blue.

He has a younger brother. His father is Mexican and his mom is a ginger.

Trivia Edit

  • Miles is a fan of the popular anime Kill la Kill.
  • His favorite character from Red vs. Blue is Butch Flowers.
  • He has ADHD.
  • He enjoys collecting amiibos.
  • Miles is a fan of the Let's Play/Improv comedy channel Game Grumps, and guest starred in a Grumpcade series playing Spelunky.
  • Miles nearly participated in a foursome, backing out in the last minute.

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