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Matt Hullum
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September 29, 1974 (40)

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Voice Actor

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Co-Founder and CEO of Rooster Teeth


Matt Hullum is an independent filmmaker in Austin, Texas. Along with Burnie Burns, he is a co-founder and CEO of Rooster Teeth Productions, a company that specializes in machinima, the art of using engines from computer and video games to create films. According to news posts and forum discussion on the Rooster Teeth website, he appears to handle most (if not all) of the animation in The Strangerhood. Also, according to Burnie Burns, "He is the closest we get to actual voice acting." Most of the other voice actors only use their ordinary voice, whereas Matt uses his ordinary voice in addition to other strange accents. As a result, he is responsible for a large amount of the voice acting in the various machinima projects at Rooster Teeth.[1] He appears to be a big conspiracy theorist. His official twitter handle is @MattHullum.

He is one of the directors for RWBY[2].


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