Marvel Avengers AcademyEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
The Rooster Teeth Podcast Crew Gus, Jon Thanks to Marvel and TinyCo for sponsoring this video! Avengers...assemble...for selfie time! Gus and Jon take a look at the Avengers in their college years, talk about how goofy comics are, and fend off Hydra Bullies. Also, that Hawkeye chap sounds an awful lot like Gus. Achievement Hunters...ASSEMBLE! N/A February 11, 2016 1
Part 2 – The Rooster Teeth Podcast Crew Gus, Jordan Hawkeye Gus is back for another exciting trip to the Avengers Academy. Rather than having Bucky Risinger by his side, he has a new strapping young lad in the form of Jordan. It would have been great to take Jordan's name and mix it together with the name of Hawkeye's sidekick, but at least from what can be gathered from a quick Wikipedia search, Hawkeye never had a sidekick. We could always steal one of Captain America's sidekicks. That dude had like...five sidekicks. And of those sidekicks, Demolition Man is by far the coolest-sounding name.

Hawkeye Gus is here with Demolition Cwierz for another exciting trip to the Avengers Academy. No, seriously! Hawkeye Gus. Gus is Hawkeye in this game. Suck it, Jeremy Renner.

February 25, 2016 2

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2Edit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Let's Play - Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Geoff, Michael, Jack, Ryan The Incredible Geoff, Iron Jack, Captain Michael, and Ryan: God of Thundurr fumble their way through Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, meanwhile The Spectacular Kdin drops some Marvel knowledge and sassy one-liners. N/A April 29, 2015 1

Marvel VS Capcom 3Edit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Tournament Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michal, Gavin, Lindsay, Matt, Jeremy In celebration of Avengers Week, Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, Lindsay, Matt, and Jeremy set out to determine who is the best Achievement Hunter when it comes to Marvel VS Capcom 3. The only condition? Marvel characters only. Round 1


Round 2 Ryan

Round 3 Jack

Round 4 Michael

Round 5 Geoff

Round 6 Jack

Round 7 Jack

Overall Jack

April 30, 2015 1

X-Men ArcadeEdit

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Part 1 Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ray, Ryan

The AH guys grab a bag of quarters and play through X-Men Arcade on the Xbox 360

Geoff: Wolverine

Jack: Colossus

Ray: Dazzler

Michael: Cyclops

Gavin: Storm

Ryan: Nightcrawler

N/A March 25, 2013 1

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