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Lindsay Tuggey
Biographical information

September 6th, 1989 (Age 24)

Productions information

Audio editor
Voice Actress for Ruby Rose
Achievement Huntress



Additional information


Notable Facts

Engaged to Michael Jones


Lindsay Alise Tuggey is a Rooster Teeth employee. Her primary job is to edit the Rooster Teeth Podcast and Achievement Hunter videos, but she has other audio-related duties as well. Her Youtube channel is thetugglife Aside from working at Rooster Teeth she also is a member of the Internet Box Podcast, which she does with other RT staff members and community members.

She is happily engaged to Michael Jones. Jones is known on Rooster Teeth for his famous Rage Quit series on the Achievement Hunter Youtube Page .

She has appeared on the podcast several times, and hosts the RT Recap on occasion. She is perhaps most well known for a podcast story where Michael explains how he would react to someone hitting on her at a bar that was turned into an Animated Adventure. She participated in the second HORSE Tournament but lost to Gus in the first round.

Lindsay has also appeared in various Let's Plays, though mainly as an overseer of sorts. The idea for Let's Play Minecraft Episode 55, Creeper Soccer, was hers, and she helped Geoff and Gavin with its construction; during the Let's Play itself, she acted as a camera from above, though she was hassled by Michael and Gavin frequently. She has also helped Geoff and Gavin construct The Pit and the Actual Petting Zoo. Lindsay's own Minecraft world was used for Episode 71, Maze in Buckingham Palace, where she acted as an MC. She has also appeared in a Grand Theft Auto V Let's Play, albeit using Gavin's gamertag and character due to his absence. As of Versus Episode 49 she has joined the rotation.

In the Rooster Teeth series RWBY, she voices Ruby Rose.
Left: Michael Jones. Right: Lindsay Tuggey. This picture was taken at RTX 2012 in the Jeff Williams portion of the concert event.
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