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Let's Play

The Let's Play series is the long running and most successful series from the Achievement Hunter team. In the beginning, it was solely Geoff who with another Achievement Hunter member, would do on a running commentary of a select game. After the long success of Let's Play Minecraft, the series was ultimately expanded, reformatted and given its own YouTube channel.

The types of systems played have ranged from the Xbox 360, Wii U to the PC with the types of games ever growing with each week that passes.

Along with the reformat of the series Let's Play Minecraft continued to be released on Fridays with other Let's Plays being released on Mondays and Wednesdays. A special Let's Play will sometimes appear on a Saturday/Sunday, but it does not include the regular Achievement Hunter team. As of August 2013, a bonus Let's Play is released on Thursdays with either the regular Achievement Hunter team or other Rooster Teeth members such as Joel and Adam.


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