Alright, so in the Let's Play Minecraft Episode Pages, there is a quote at the top of the page. Now I'm letting you vote on the quote. So pick a quote, put it here, and the community will vote for it.

Episode 9

"If you take the six gold I had in my inventory, I'm gonna murder you in real-life..."   ~ Geoff (expletives removed)


Episode 10

"This is how you ascend to Heaven: you ride this waterfall."   ~ Michael

Episode 11

Jack's Death

"That's not even a trap" ~ Gavin

Abusing the Cameraman

"It's cameraman abuse in this one" ~ Gavin

Episode 12

"The beds are gone!"  ~ Michael

"You measure it in Celsius"  ~ Jack

"You guys wanna have a pillow fight?"  ~ Ray

Episode 13

"I broke the Kung-Fu picture" ~ Ray

Episode 14

"Surprise Mother Fucker!" ~ Jack

Episode 15

"I just want to kill Gavin so bad..." ~ Michael

Episiode 16

Episode 17

" I got trapped on his door!" ~ Gavin

Episode 18

"The wolf killed Gavin" ~ Jack

Episode 19

"Were we meant to be waiting?" ~ Michael

Episode 20

"Later Bitches!" ~ Ray

Episode 21


Episode 22

"Wow...So I walk over...AND I DIDN'T FUCKING SET MY SPAWN YET!" ~ Michael

Episode 23

"Can we not break the fucking rules while we're reading them?" ~ Michael

Episode 24

"Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh!" ~ Ray

"Gavin, get out of the way! I'm trying to watch him jerk off!" ~ Michael

Episode 25

"East? I thought you said weast!" ~ Ray

Episode 26

"Ray just pulled a Tower of Pimps out of his anus!" ~ Gavin

Episode 27

"Why is your head still doing that?!?" ~ Ray

Episode 28

"Everybody just hang out by the fire....Make some S'mores." ~ Geoff

Episode 29

"Oh no, sheep get out of the fucking way....Oh you white fuck!" ~ Ray

"GAVIN! RUUUUUN!" ~ Michael

Episode 30

"Dude, they all look like Squidward!" ~ Geoff

"Don't fall off the roof!" ~ Gavin

Episode 31

"Whaa! Whaaaaa! So many colours!" ~ Michael

Episode 32

"You've got 7 ink sacks?!" ~ Gavin

"Diggin' for victory....not for me but for Geoff." ~ Michael

"Geoff already won....he won a few minutes ago." ~ Geoff

Episode 44

'So through that circle there?' ~ Jack

"Thats a Square, Jack" - Ray

(*Jack jumps in the lava*)

Episode 46


"I've been deceived! I activated your trap card!" ~Ray

Episode 61

"You don't understand. Edgar is the one in the hole." ~ Ryan

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