Kyle William[2] Taylor is one of the lead machinimators of Red vs. Blue, along with Joshua Ornelas. He also does a First Member-Exclusive Let's Play Series with his long-time friend Miles Luna called Backwardz Compatible.

His Rooster Teeth profile is Kyle.

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Kyle Taylor was born March 22nd, 1989. His parents also had another kid - his brother - Ethan.

Kyle attended the University of Texas at Austin where he earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Radio-Television-Film with a focus in Film Production. He, along with several other future-RT employees (such as Miles Luna and Brandon Farmahini) worked at the Texas Student Television Station (TSTV) while in college.

Soon afterwards, Miles gets his internship with Rooster Teeth and hooks Kyle up with being a Guardian at the first ever RTX. It's after this that he gets hired as an intern for the company - largely thanks to his connection with Brandon.

Miles got him the Guardianship. Brandon got him the Internship. However, it's Kyle's own skills and experience that landed him the job. Namely, his past work with American Idol.

Today, Kyle is the Lead Machinimator of Red vs. Blue, along with Joshua Ornelas. He also does a gaming show with Miles called Backwardz Compatible (Previously known as "Sponsor Cut") and helps with RT Extra Life every year.

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  1. * On his 21st Birthday, Kyle got HORRENDOUSLY drunk. When Miles, his roommate at the time, goes to see if he's okay, Kyle drunkenly exclaims "Of course I'm okay... I'M WOLVERI-" aaaand throws up mid-sentence! This would later go on to become the RTAA, "Kyle Becomes Wolverine".
  2. * As per episode 5 of the Backwardz Compatible play-through of Devil May Cry 3, Kyle's middle-name seems to be 'William'.

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