Kerry "Dragonface" Shawcross is a member of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter and has appeared in multiple videos so far. He is a writer and director of RWBY, worked as a director on Red vs. Blue and is part of the writing team of Camp Camp. His Rooster Teeth profile is Kerry.

A Simple Walk Into Mordor Edit

Kerry Shawcross and Chris Demarais set out on an adventure through New Zealand to go from where the filming of the Shire took place to the filming of the famous Mount Doom scene in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Let's Play Appearances Edit

During the RWBY off-season, Kerry works on Achievement Hunter, editing and appearing in Let's Plays.

In Achievement HORSE Episode 35, he defeated Jack PIG-P.  Kerry also took second in the Achievement HORSE first office tournament, he lost to Michael.  Kerry also placed second in the next Achievement HORSE tournament, he was beaten by Burnie.  He has participated in some Let's Plays such as Hawken and Trouble in Terrorist Town. Recently Kerry has been in GTA Online Let's Plays episode 1 and 2 and the GTA Online Top Fun. Kerry also made a guest appearance in Let's Play Minecraft Episode 74. Kerry served as Mad King Ryan's servant in Minecraft Episodes 89 and 90. In episode Minecraft episode 90 Kerry served as the 1st ever final boss of a King Let's Play by portraying Edgar in a massive underground Maze deep under Ryan's house. Kerry managed to survive for over 5 minutes before finally being brought down by Gavin.

Recently Kerry has appeared in two more GTA V Let's Plays: Almost Street Legal and Enter the Dragonface, the latter being entirely focused on the Lads and Gents "inducting" him into the Fake AH Crew. This "induction" involved multiple tasks: dealing with muggers (a task that spilled over into others), an impromptu drive with a 5-star Wanted level, a game of Frogger (a previous Things to Do), escaping from a prison, and finally the "celebration", which was actually most members of the team calling airstrikes on Kerry. The Let's Play ended with Gavin running Kerry over in a fire truck, proclaiming that he was now "clean".

Internet Box Edit

Kerry is also the eighth and final member of the Internet Box podcast


  • His favourite anime is Gurren Lagann.
  • He dropped out of college after getting a job at Rooster Teeth, he said at the RT Animation panel at RTX 2017.
  • Kerry was targeted by muggers throughout Enter the Dragonface, the only known time muggers regularly targeted someone other than Gavin.

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