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Kdin Jenzen, is the creator and host of Coming Soon, a show currently airing at the beginning of every month describing upcoming video game releases and DLC within the month.

As the official ninth member of Achievement Hunter, while producing Coming Soon, Kdin has taken over the responsibilities of editing the weekly Let's Builds, along with the Wednesday Let's Plays, Countdown, Play Pals, and more recently Let's Play Minecraft, as well as any extra content asked for such as the occasional Versus, GO!, etc.

As one of the original Community Hunters, Kdin began producing Coming Soon in March of 2013 under a temporary contract. He then moved from San José, CA to Austin, TX in October of 2013. As of November 2013, Kdin began full-time employment at Rooster Teeth and celebrated the one-year anniversary of Coming Soon.

Frequently an extra in the RT Recaps produced by J.J., Kdin plays a plethora of extras including: Joey the Giraffe, The Taichi Master: The Chronicles of the New Achievement Hunter Editor, and many more to come.

Kdin is frequently confused as Michael Jones's brother, but he is not.

He used to drive an electric-powered scooter called the Achievement Mobile 1.0 to work. On the RT Podcast #258 (1:34:25), Burnie describes his love for Kdin's scooter.

At RTX2015 Kdin proposed to his partner Val.


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