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Joel Rubin was the Channel Director of Programming at SourceFed and SourceFed Nerd. He is a former employee of Rooster Teeth Productions who worked as a member of the Funhaus team in the same role.

Joel married his partner, Dana, on June 18, 2016.[1]

Early Life Edit

Joel grew up primarily in Louisiana. During his childhood, he grew up playing video games, playing the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

For his education, Joel attended and studied at the University of Pennsylvania and studied for four years starting in 1999 and graduating in 2003 with a bachelors (BA) in Fine and Studio Arts and Anthropology. While studying there, his activities and societies include being a member of Mask & Wig, Delta Upsilon Fraternity, and Half Shekel Campaign.

Career Edit

Pre-Rooster Teeth and Funhaus Edit

Before Rooster Teeth and Funhaus, he worked in TV (various sitcoms that never made it to air, plus a 3-year stint on G4TV’s X-Play), at Machinima (founding MachinimaRealm and working on the Machinima, Inside Gaming, and ETC channels and brands).

Joel first started his first job as a Production Assistant at NBCUniversal, Inc for 7 months from April 2005 until October 2005. He worked in the office management and as one of the herding writers.

Next, Joel worked as an Associate Producer at G4 Media for 2 years and 1 month from January 2007 until February 2009. There, he wrote, produced, and supervised the editing of 2-4 minute content packages for the show, including comedy sketches, video game reviews, interviews, and event coverage. He also pitched content ideas for the show, which were developed into theme episodes, running comedy pieces, and other segments as well as researched breaking video game news and developments, which could be turned into content for the show.

After leaving G4Media, he worked as the Director of Programming at Machinima for 4 years and 6 months from August 2010 until January 2015. There, he managed a team of 9 producers and editors to create two daily news shows and scripted entertainment videos, created and executed overarching programming strategy for new media platforms, managed Machinima’s flagship YouTube channel (11MM subscribers, 75MM views/month), oversaw development and production of video content from internal and 3rd party creators, formulated and executed creative ad sales integrations and campaigns across content, managed programming and marketing budgets up to $500K, created and launched Machinima’s community gaming channel for YouTube, Machinima Realm, recruited and produced shows with content creators from around the world, including scripted animation, game shows, and tutorials and developed Realm’s channel from launch to 1MM+ subscribers and 27MM avg, views/month.

At Rooster Teeth and Funhaus Edit

He acted as the Senior Director of Channel Programming and Strategy for Rooster Teeth's Funhaus in the Greater Los Angeles area during his time there. As the Director of Programming, his job is to schedule all of their shows across all of the platforms, fill holes in that schedule via creative development, and discover how and why videos perform the way they do. 

Joel made appearances on various Achievement Hunter shows, including Let's Play as well as appearing on multiple episodes of RT Life.

Post-Rooster Teeth and Funhaus Edit

Joel officially announced his departure from Funhaus (and subsequently Rooster Teeth) on April 5, 2016 through a reddit post and a journal entry on his Rooster Teeth profile and officially left the company on Friday April 8, 2016. Despite leaving Funhaus and Rooster Teeth for another job, Rubin has stated that he will continue to reside in Los Angeles, attend RTX and try to pop up in Rooster Teeth and Funhaus videos every now and then. [2]

On April 19, 2016, eleven days after his departure, the former Funhaus member and ex Rooster Teeth employee officially announced through a tweet on his official Twitter page that he would be working as a host on SourceFed and as the Director of Programming at SourceFed Nerd and said he was excited into joining the SourceFed family.[2][3][4]

When asked what he was hoping to bring to SourceFed, he said that his main goal is making the channels grow. Rubin was also excited to get into some of the news coverage beyond just gaming and geek. Besides working on SourceFed and SourceFed Nerd, he will also be working on People Be Like, and maybe creatively on some Nuclear Family. When asked what he thinks was the biggest adjustment of moving from Funhaus to SourceFed, Joel responded,

"There are a lot more people and channels here than just Funhaus, which means a lot more shows, ideas, and different types of content. That's a huge change, but one I'm really excited about. It's nice to have variety!! And, there's working with all new people. There's only one person in this office that I've worked with before. It's going to be a challenge to get to know everyone, find out their interests and strengths, and work with them on what they want to do."

However, when Joel was asked on Reddit if he world still attend RTX 2016, he said,

"Highly doubtful and unlikely because I have to attend my family's wedding on the same day. I will try to attend RTX 2016 for at least one day, but no promises though. I will still definitely all the other conventions later in 2016/early in 2017 and still attend RTX 2017."

And when he was asked on Reddit if he would still reappear as a recurring guest host in Rooster Teeth and Funhaus videos from time to time, Rubin answered,

"That all depends on the Rooster Teeth and Funhaus guys and their decisions on whether to accept me or not every now and then and my free time from my days off from SourceFed. That's not to say I never would, though. I would absolutely be willing to guest star in Rooster Teeth and Funhaus videos from time to time if they ever allow me to temporarily return on my days off. I'm not leaving the RT society or anything".

It is not known what he plans to do next ever since SourceFed has ceased making videos.

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