Happy Hour is a live action show by Rooster Teeth Productions starring Gavin Free, Geoff RamseyGriffon Ramsey and occasionally some friends as they embark on a drunken journey that spans the better part of a decade.

The series is based on the many videos filmed among the three over the years.

Episodes hold to an irregular schedule with no set release date. New episodes are uploaded on the Rooster Teeth website and are then released a day after for the public.


Episode Description Air Date Link
1. Roomba Death Match Gav, Geoff and Griffon embark on a drunken journey that spans the better part of a decade. Tune in every few weeks to watch them dare and drink their way across the world and time. In this week’s episode, they turn their fleet of Roombas into driving death machines. Who will kill first? July 26, 2014 1
2. Minty Fresh Gavin, Geoff, and Griffon make the most out of being stuck in a hotel room in London. When your only source of entertainment is a convenience store, you do what you can. Tune in next time for the great Tampon stuffoff! August 9, 2014 2
3. Jump Rope Training Gavin challenges Geoff and Griffon to do something so physically demanding, most Olympians couldn’t handle it. Will it end in success, or a trip to the Hospital? August 23, 2014 3
4. Geoff’s Colonoscopy In this week’s gripping Happy Hour, Griffon gets and in-depth interview with Geoff moments after he gets a camera in the depths of his anus. September 6, 2014 4
5. The Crimper Things are heating up in this week's Happy Hour, as Griffon attempts to give Gavin and Geoff a hair makeover. September 20, 2014 5
6. A Hairy Situation In the sixth episode of Happy Hour, Geoff, Griffon, and Gavin get the grossest haircut of all time. October 4, 2014 6
7. Ramsey-Free Spit Off Geoff, Griffon, and Gavin find themselves in Portland with nothing to do, but to compete in a spit off. October 18, 2014 7
8. Doctors of the Peggle Arts The three G's (Gavin, Geoff, and Griffon) complete the ultimate challenge, fulfilling all of their life's goals, and thus cementing their names in infamy, ranking among greats like Ghengis Khan, Napoleon, General Patton, and Eric the Actor. Congrats you Gorgeous Gs. You've climbed the mountain, fought the good fight, soared through the heavens, and lived to tell the tail. All of humanity salutes you. Huzzah! November 8, 2014 8
9. The Paddle Gavin Free, Griffon Ramsey, and Meg Turney are assholes. They hate Geoff, they are jealous of Geoff, and they do everything in their power to punish Geoff for his honesty, chivalry, and all around good nature. Pray for Geoff. These hateful hangers’ on are doing everything in their power to destroy his virtue and steal his essence. Or the story of Geoff being hit with a paddle in the face. November 22, 2014 9
10. Parking Gav and Geoff try and park in downtown Austin. December 6, 2014 10
11. Back Popping Things are tense in this Happy Hour as Griffon and Geoff pop backs. December 20, 2014 11
12. Russian Roulette Geoff Ramsey, Gavin Free, Griffon Ramsey, Meg Turney and friends Lindsay Hicks and Amy Jackson Lewis get ready for the new year by playing a little Russian Roulette. January 3, 2015 12
13. The Vegemite Challenge In February 2011 in Sydney Australia, Geoff Ramsey challenged Griffon Ramsey to the (illegal in most countries) Vegemite Challenge. Will she persevere? If she does, will Geoff still want to be married? Special guest Matt Hullum! January 17, 2015 13
14. Adventures in Driving Geoff Ramsey, Gavin Free, and Griffon Ramsey chronicle the bizarre and hilarious day to day events that happen while driving the mean streets of Austin, TX. February 7, 2015 14
15. Piper Cleaners and Dog Tags Gavin films as Geoff and Griffon perform some anatomical experiments while stretching their limits. February 28, 2015 15
16. Sandpile Geoff and Griffon are not 4 years old, but they do still love diving into a pile of sand. March 14, 2015 16
17. Whiskey Head Griffon, Gavin, Dan and Geoff piss off the locals during SXSW. March 28, 2015 17
18. Scousers Throughout the years Gavin has taught Geoff a fair amount of British lingo. He once told Geoff that people from Liverpool are called Scousers. Turns out Geoff's memory isn't that great. April 11, 2015 18
19. Salt and Vinegar Cat Gav gets woken up at 3 in the morning by his cat, Smee, who isn’t very stealthy when it comes to stealing salt and vinegar crisps. April 25, 2015 19
20. Close Shave Personal hygiene is important. May 9, 2015 20
21. Rain Run Gavin experiences his first Texas thunderstorm... among other things. Big things. June 6, 2015 21
22. Do Dicks Age? Geoff and Gavin often have deep discussions in the car as they drive to bars. Sometimes, however, they need an additional perspective. Griffon drops the dick knowledge on them both. June 20, 2015 22
23. The Pee Bet (Uncensored) In 2009, Gavin Free and Griffon Ramsey made a stupid bet resulting in the loser having to pee his or her pants and let Geoff Ramsey film it for the trio's old Vimeo account. We present it to you now on Youtube, UNCENSORED for the first time ever! July 4, 2015 23
24. Cider Test Join Geoff, Griffon, and Gavin as they drink their way through bottles of cider to find the best cider the world has to offer. July 24, 2015 24
25. The Hot Chocolate Challenge Griffon takes the Hot Chocolate challenge. That's not a real challenge, we made it up. August 7, 2015 25
26. Gavin After Dentist Gavin gets four teeth pulled out of his face and the power of comprehension pulled out of his brain. August 28, 2015 26
27. Drunken Promises & Tanning Session Geoff Ramsey follows through on a drunken promise to Meg Turney by getting a spray tan and doing a photo shoot with her for theCHIVE. September 11, 2015 27
28. Titanic Tears It took Geoff 18 years to finally watch Titanic. It only took 18 minutes for him to start bawling like a baby. September 25, 2015 28
29. The Impressionist After a few bevs, Geoff does his best impression of what happens when you turn on a TV in England. October 9, 2015 29
30. Brains Warning: This video is about to get gross… unless you’re a zombie, or live in a country where eating brains is completely culturally acceptable (like Ohio). To celebrate the season finale of their favorite show (iZombie), Geoff, Griffon, Michael and Lindsay cook up some brains of their own, just to see what Liv goes through on a weekly basis. Do brains taste good? Did we need hot sauce? Watch at your own risk. *Editor’s note: No human brains were consumed in the filming of this video. October 30, 2015 30
31.Champagne Kisses Gavin and Griffon have a bubbly little celebration, Happy Hour style. December 4, 2015 31
32. #Dan the Marinara When Dan isn't getting humiliated or injured in a Slow Mo Guys video, Geoff takes up the reins. December 18, 2015 32
33. Ping Pong Pain Happy Hour is back with a vengeance! Gavin and Geoff take the ultimate challenge of throwing tiny balls at each other. March 11, 2016 33
34. Live Sing Along Check out Geoff and Griffon warming up their vocals with about 500 of their best Australian friends during the Happy Hour panel at RTX Australia. They'll be hitting the recording studio soon. Album drop imminent. March 25, 2016 34
35. Songwriting with Wheels SXSW is a place for friends. Friends who hang together. Friends who drink together. Friends who hang and drink and write songs together. These friends are Geoff and Wheels. April 7, 2016 35
36. Running on Empty It's Father's Day and the Ramseys are out on vacation in Hawaii. To nobody's surprise, Geoff forgot to fill the tank before hitting the road. Now he must use his "Dad Instincts" to travel 40 miles on an empty tank of gas. April 28, 2016 36