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Griffon immersion
Griffon Ramsey
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April 23rd

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Griffon Ramsey is an independent filmmaker living in Texas. She is known for her past roles with the Rooster Teeth Comics, Immersion and the Rooster Teeth Productions. Every week Rooster Teeth records their immensly popular Rooster Teeth Podcast in which Griffon was a regular member. She has since left Rooster Teeth to pursue other projects and started her own youtube channel. Griffon is married to Geoff Ramsey and has a daughter named Millicent (Millie).


Griffon's official twitter handle is @griffonramsey .


In 2010 Rooster Teeth released Immersion, a cross-over from video games based myths into a video series. For this series, Griffon and Burnie Burns were appointed co-hosts and co-writers.

Current ProjectsEdit

She currently runs an independent art workshop called The Fort. Here she carves different types of sculptures and sets up multiple art pieces. She also hosts shows and parties at the building.


  • The tattoo across Griffon's fingers reads "Tent baby" this is a reference to her conception and her love for camping.
  • One of her neighbours filed a noise/eviction complaint on her party, but it was turned down because the nature of the party was within city laws.
  • She created a Left 4 Dead safe house door for the Rooster Teeth office.
  • She was the face model for agent South Dakota and her brother was the model for agent North Dakota.

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