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This page is for all the random stuff Gavin has said in Achievement Hunter and on the Podcast.

Let's Play Minecraft

"All right, I've created the Tower of Pimps. Everyone worship me."

"Come her Ryan, you muga, muga, mugit!"


"Ray you silly little sausage."

(To Jack) "Your life is a dry streak..."

(To Michael) "Well, you sound like Joe Pesci."

"I was just hanging out eating a meat pie, next thing you know everyone's freaking out about nothing."

"I am gonna jump this lava like an absolute MOF." (Mof is Gavin's slang for mother-f)

"AH! He's looking at me! He's ready to kill."

"Where in the chuff are you guys?"

"Gug. Gug. Ah tree, result."

"I bet bloody Kerbel Gunners or whatever his name is."

"I'm anuerisming."

"I got really confused..cuz of all the confusion."

"We're in the fortress, Michael! We're in the fortress!"

"Look at this Michael, it's a jackpot!"

"All right, drop your gubbins."

"Die you little rinsy little prick!"



"Ok, so what I'm going to ask you to do, Geoff, is to come over me and..."

"Jack's got an asshole like a clown's pocket."

"This is toppy tippers."


"Don't be a pleb!"

"Quit being so annoying, you donut!"

"Put that spade down you stupid Nintendo cock..."

"AH Fudge Fif--."

(To a Creeper) "You want a bone? You want a bone? Yes, you do! Have a bone! You love bones, don't you, little buddy? All right, he doesn't like bones."

"I think I've found my parents! Dad? Is that you?"

"you need to take a poozen?"

"Ray just pulled the Tower of Pimps out of his anus!"

"Have that in your helmet you little bike riding prick!"

"head like a thumb"


"Let's call him Run-gar!"

"Plan X is a no go!"


"We were all gonna be in a right bugger's muddle there"

Let's Play Mari0

"Think with por'ols!"

"Keep up, mo-fos!"

"Let's play Super Mario with Michael and no portals..."

"It's a beanstalk!"

"Did you do that portal of safety?"

"There's portals, right? Right, USE THEM!"

"Look at the pony down on the bottom trying to keep up."

"Whoops, whoops, damn it!"

Let's Play Assassin's Creed Revelations

"Augh, you smeg-pot."

"That is Bang Out of Order."

Misc. Shows


"Yeah, flap those bingo wings all you want, love."

"Screw you Michael, you pissy little piss pot!"


"The spawns are absolute scrillous in this."

"I'm kakin my spaffs."

"I just someone try to climb a trellis and then it all kicked off."

"I'm getting minged up my quelch."

"It's like I'm playing with a bunch of bitches who are really good at games."


"It's all about speed justice!"

Rooster Teeth Podcast

"Come at me debris!"

"They're givin' me jib for crossin' my legs like a fem!"

"I'm feelin' lucky!" (Gavin or Google)

"Racism isn't OK; anal is."

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