The following page is a list of stupid, yet humorous things Gavin Free has done at Rooster Teeth.

Let's PlayEdit


  • Gavin has died in just about every single way possible in Minecraft, usually at the most unexpected and inopportune moments. Hilarity ensues when other people read the chat log to see how he died.
  • In Episode 5, The Hunt For Diamonds, he tried to jump over a lava stream and ended up landing in it.
  • In Episodes 8 and 9, Build a Tower (Parts 1 and 2), he hunted down the others for their items, eventually leading to Geoff attacking him physically.
  • In Episode 10, Wipeout, Gavin fell off of a wall, knocking Michael, and himself, into lava.
  • In Episode 14, Find The Tower Part 2, he successfully mined the Tower of Pimps, buried it underground, and, when he died, he had no memory of where he hid it. After Ray had successfully recovered it, and attempted to erect it, Gavin blew up Achievement City, to stop Ray from claiming victory, although Ray had already erected the Tower of Pimps before Gavin pushed the self-destruct button (which failed to damage the Tower, to his dismay).
  • In Episodes 15 - 17, Tower of Geoff (Parts 1, 2, and 3), he passed directly under Geoff's sky fortress, without even realizing he was there (Part 1). When he later found it, he assaulted it with little to no support, weapons, or armor. At the end, Gavin tried to stop Geoff by ambushing him outside of his home, but couldn't figure out how to work Geoff's door (Part 3). Moments before, Gavin found the location of Geoff's hidden stash with more than enough weapons and equipment to win the game, but failed to examine the area further.
  • In Episode 21, Stronghold Hunting in 1.8!, he was chased out of Achievementburg, and over a cliff's edge by Michael, trapped in a burning building (as an act of irony from Episode 1, when he poured lava on the original wooden house, first noticed by Ray), and ended up running right into a cactus.
  • In Episode 26, Underground Farmers, he tried to burn down the library the lads were staying in twice, but was stopped both times.
  • In Episode 29, The Walls, he accidentally blew up part of one wall with TNT, then later tried to cheat by running into a starting room, to hide from Jack and Caleb.
  • In Episodes 31 and 32, Wool Collecting Part 2, Gavin managed to get killed by Michael (who tricked Gavin into putting away his sword), Ray (who killed Gavin from behind while Gavin was trying to grab the attention of Michael), and Jack. Later, when Michael was killed by monsters, Gavin found where Michael died and took his stuff. Immediately after, Gavin was assaulted by a zombie, which brought him down to half a heart, and then was killed by Michael when he was putting on armor.
  • In Episodes 35 and 36, Potions (Parts 1 and 2) he destroyed Jack and Geoff's spawn points, forgot to bring potion materials from the Nether, managed to temporarily break up Team Nice Dynamite (the team name for him and Michael), and then lost to Ryan by mere seconds. In these two episodes, Gavin had lava poured on him, was killed by Ray (even though he had a diamond sword and Ray had an iron one), and had problems in the crafting menu which led to his loss.
  • In Episode 37, Clouds, he frequently missed easy jumps, stopped Ray from getting an early win by grabbing his Xbox controller, then ended up handing Ray the victory by accidentally building the Tower of Pimps on Ray's space.                                                                                                              
    Gavin free clouds

    In Episode 37, Gavin had accidentally erected the Tower of Pimps on Ray's place, one of the many infamous things Gavin has done in the Minecraft Let's Plays.

  • In Episode 38, Pac-Man, he made holes all over the room to try to get rid of his items, and fell down one, almost immediately, and ended up picking everything back up again.
  • In Episode 39, Dig Down, he broke through the stone block that he was supposed to erect the Tower of Pimps on.
  • In Episode 40, Dig Down Part 2, Gavin built a nether portal and went to the Nether to kill some Zombie Pigmen for gold nuggets, forgetting that they were playing on Peaceful.
  • In Episode 41, No Petting Zoo, Gavin walked into Jack's glass case to try and annoy him, but, instead, had Jack seal him in the case, after Geoff declared that they couldn't break anything on someone else's obsidian.
  • In Episode 42, No Petting Zoo Part 2, Gavin killed Ryan's wolf (which was stolen from Gavin fairly), while it was inside Ryan's safety area.
  • In Episode 43, Thunderdome, Gavin did not pay attention, and did not notice that the match had already started twice.  One of these could be attributed to his being one of those to see the Ghost Ray glitch.
  • In Episode 44, Ender Pearl Race, he tried to confuse Jack (who at the time had all four pieces of the Tower of Pimps), by swapping the signs next to his and Jack's obsidian podiums, thus tricking Jack into giving Gavin the victory. Ultimately, this  backfired; as it confused Michael and Ray into guarding Gavin's podium by accident, and cleared the way for Jack to win.
  • In Episode 46, Cloud Down, he accidentally left a block of sponge in a chest when making the Cloud Down course with Geoff, which was found, later, by Ray. This later turned out to be useful when Ray broke part of the course, causing it to flood. Geoff ended up using the sponge to stop the flow. Earlier in the episode, he was close to landing on the Tower of Pimps, looked up to see if anyone else was close, and then was immediately knocked off by Michael.
  • In Episode 47, Enchantment Level 30, Jack discovered that Gavin had built a secret room (First discovered by Geoff, during a Let's Build) to the Tower of Pimps, called "Gavin's Trophy Room of Victory". His win in Episode 23 (The Minecraft Hunger Games) was featured in this room, which led to all of the other Achievement Hunters mocking him for the rest of the Episode. Also, later in the episode, he was about to complain about a lack of mineral ores, when mining, until he found a coal vein and got flummoxed, resulting in a line of complete gibberish, sounding along the lines of "Pfft-Ihavntagwibgway", earning the ridicule of all the other players, one of them thinking he had a one-second stroke. (The Trophy Room of Victory discovery sequence would return for Fishing Jamboree V, when a chamber built under Camp Achievement Hunter by Jeremy was discovered; because of location and the episode of discovery, Jeremy had a self-destruct mechanism with his whereas Gavin's secret room was attached to his house in Achievement City and Plan G was beneath the logo at the time).
  • In Episode 48, Enchantment Level 30 Part 2, after Jack succeeded to obtain a level 30 power enchanted bow, Gavin offered to do a victory shot of Jack on the Tower of Pimps, firing his bow, and resulting in Jack deliberately shooting him in the face.
  • In Episode 55, Creeper Soccer, near the end of the game, Gavin was the 'egg thrower' (meaning he needed to spawn a Creeper as the game 'ball' for the game to continue, since the dispenser was destroyed). He accidentally let a Creeper blow him up and then spawned multiple ones in the hole formed by multiple Creepers blowing up. Each one blew up close enough to Gavin to cause damage to him, and one managed to kill him again. Note: Gavin is the only Achievement Hunter to be blown up the most by Creepers, and ironically his character skin is that of a Creeper, causing him to often be confused for one.
  • During the construction of Dark Achievement City, in the Nether, Gavin went into the Overworld to tell Geoff how to build the lava trap in Jack's house, forgetting to cover up the hole in which the lava was stationed in. Later on, Geoff noticed, too late, that Jack's house was on fire, along with over half of Giant Jack. Despite activating Jack's 'fire extinguisher' to try and stop the fire, this caused Geoff to have to reset, after he'd just finished Jack's house in Dark Achievement City.
  • In Episode 60, King Ryan, during the first task for King Ryan (the objective being to obtain a piece of yellow wool in the Felix Baumgartner Pit), Gavin was the only one in the pit and attempted an escape through a nearby wall, not realizing that he forgot to collect the piece of yellow wool. Another objective was to craft a chestplate made out of any material. Ryan decided he would fly around since he was bored just sitting at his computer. Ryan followed the players and found Gavin mining for resources in a small cave. Ryan jumped into the hole and Gavin talked to him before getting back to his mining work. Gavin failed to see Ryan was still in the hole and continuously whacked him with a stone pickaxe, thinking he was hitting the cave wall. Eventually, Ryan died despite him constantly yelling at Gavin to stop hitting him. Michael proceeded to berate Gavin and suggested that he be disqualified for killing the king, but Ryan chose to only give him a stern warning instead.  (A disqualification wouldn't have done anything anyway, as Ray was the winner).
  • In Episode 73, Galacticraft, Gavin did not slow down his Moon Lander soon enough, crashing into the moon, and causing him to repeatedly die and run out of oxygen. He had also created a crater where he crashed, leaving all of his items in that very same crater.
  • In Episode 74, The Pit, Gavin misplaced his gold block, and, once it was mined down, he put it on Michael's spot and, when trying to fix it, he mined down Jack's gold block and placed it on his own, despite the fact that Geoff put signs, with arrows, pointing to where the player's block was supposed to be placed.
  • In Episode 76, Actual Petting Zoo, Gavin kept leaving his fence gate open, so his animals would continuously wander outside the pen. He then put fence posts down when he was actually trying to close his gate, which made Geoff (who was spectating the let's play from above) laugh hysterically, and then attempted to burn down Dan the Man's self-portrait, despite the fact his face was made of sandstone, and it was raining. Therefore, every attempt he made of burning it, ended up with the fire being put out by the rain.
  • In Episode 77, Human Hit List, Gavin, Michael, and Geoff teamed up to go against Ryan, who had built up to the top of the world, in order to protect himself. Gavin, then, made a bow, and gave it to Michael, but forgot to give him the arrows that go with it. He figured it out, too late, when Michael had finally built his way up to Ryan's build level. He was also the last person that Ryan had to kill, so Geoff and Michael made the agreement to protect Gavin from Ryan. But, unknown to the both of them, Gavin was stalking Geoff so that he could kill him, instead. Not only did he fail to kill Geoff (who had low health, and food count at the time), Michael and Geoff yelled to Gavin that Ryan was right behind him, but Gavin was too late to respond and ended up being killed by Ryan. Also, during the episode, Gavin, who at the time was starving (in Minecraft), tried to jump on a tree to kill it and get food. However, he missed the jump causing him to fall and kill himself.
  • In the Let's Build for Actual Petting Zoo, Lindsay, Michael's wife, had said "I like to use the right nomenclature when I build", because Gavin had called a perimeter an outline, which made Gavin respond with "I'll nom on your clature". Being Lindsay's husband, Michael got up from his work station and got in Gavin's face, jokingly threatening him. Gavin kept straight eye contact with his screen so that he didn't have to "look death in the face".
  • In Episode 86, The Twelve Towers, Gavin had 10 complete towers and all he needed were 2 more, this being Nether materials to win. After he went to the Nether and fetched netherrack and soul sand, he soon realized his mistake (that he had only grabbed one of each because he forgot about the competition) went back to the Nether to retrieve 3 more, but ended up getting trapped, due to the Nether portal being blown up by a Ghast. Meanwhile, Geoff ended up winning the competition (which could've been the easiest victory for Gavin had he not made his mistake). Also, during the let's play, Gavin burnt down Jack's house, because of the fact that "There were cows everywhere!", but Geoff ended up saving, being completely unaware about what Gavin did, causing everybody in the room to yell at him.
  • In Episode 105, Enter the Negatower, as Gavin and Ryan were beginning their sword fight, Gavin accidentally threw his sword at Ryan, which cost him the fight. During said fight, Gavin shouted remarks such as "Is the real?" which caused the whole group to laugh (bar Gavin). Additionally, the episode included a sign fight between Ryan and Gavin where each changed the name on the other person's sign. The most notable one was written by Gavin and sparked a very questionable discussion on the topic. The sign read, "Ryan once fingered a baby's anus."
  • In Episode 120, Monopoly Part 3, Gavin would constantly annoy Ryan, which resulted in Ryan setting him on fire, and destroying part of the Monopoly Board. When he was declared bankrupt, Gavin tried fleeing, since Michael would get claim on Gavin's money, and, not only did this waste time (since everyone wanted the game to end), but he was also followed by Geoff, who had enabled his flight abilities, and who also had a diamond sword. He placed Creeper heads on one of Michael's hotels, as a sort of shrine (basically, the Tower of Pimps, covered in Creeper heads), but it only annoyed Michael. Michael then threatened Gavin: "Either leave my hotels alone, or I'll punch in you in the face in real life". While Michael was busy removing the Creeper heads from his hotel, Gavin placed more on the vacant spaces around the hotel, forcing Michael to attack Gavin in real life, while everyone in the room laughed in enjoyment. Even though Gavin got paid in Ryan's Monopoly money to kill Michael and Ray, and despite making a diamond sword, along with a few pieces of armor, when he was trying to kill Michael, Geoff and Ray teamed up and attacked Gavin (Geoff with a diamond sword, while Ray used a golden hoe he was given), in which they succeeded in killing him. Plus, he dropped item frames multiple times, mainly when he was getting set on fire by Ryan, and when he was attacked by Michael.
  • In Episode 121, King Gavin, Gavin meticulously organized all the objectives, but realized he forgot to grab the gold blocks to construct the towers so he was forced to dismantle the golden throne, causing everybody to laugh at him. One of the last objectives was to construct a TNT cannon (a complex build that only Gavin knew how to make). The Achievement Hunters immediately began looking up internet tutorials for how to make one, while Gavin got a bird's eye view of everybody building their cannons. Michael decided to test his unfinished cannon just for laughs (Michael tends to be the worst at builds), but his cannon was somehow partially functional at that stage and fired a primed TNT straight upwards, hitting Gavin in the face and killing him. Gavin only used the fly cheat rather than activating creative mode, which would have made him invincible.
  • In Episode 124, On a Rail 2 Part 2, he tried setting the house Jack built for them on fire, because a part of it was "wonky", despite Jack saying he will fix it. Luckily, Michael barely managed to stop the fire from spreading, after he placed a bucket of lava a couple of blocks away and tried riding through it. However, the minecart broke and he died. Gavin, then, set the starting area for the Achievement Hunters on fire, but Jack successfully stopped it. Gavin was the first of the AH crew to test out the track, and get the "On a Rail" Achievement. Unfortunately, as soon as he got the Achievement, Geoff kicked him from the game to stop him from sabotaging everyone else's attempts. Geoff then sent him an invite, since he was complaining so much, but because he was kicked from the game by Geoff, Gavin was officially unable to join. Thinking fast, yet stupidly, Gavin then tried turning off Geoff's Xbox One, before Ray and Geoff could get the Achievement. But Geoff stood guard at his desk with a golf club, leading to Geoff having to wrestle with Gavin, while Jack got Geoff his Achievement, despite Gavin being so close to turning Geoff's Xbox One off.
  • In Episode 129, Zombie Doctor Part 2, Gavin kept dropping bits of redstone on Ryan, claiming that he was "menstruating" on him, while the others thought he was licking him. Ryan then hit Gavin with his sword, saying that "If you're going to bleed, then I'm going to give you a reason to". Then, when Ryan's Achievement Wolf was riding on a minecart, Gavin attempted to kill it by pushing it over the edge. The wolf, however, killed him instead. Even though Gavin stated that he had slept where they were supposed to respawn, his bed, as he soon found out, was obstructed, since he had broke the blocks from underneath it while trying to create bunk beds. When he got back to base, he still tried killing Ryan's wolf again, succeeding in pushing it off the edge. Without either Ryan or Gavin knowing, the wolf dropped only one block down, so it lived. Ryan returned from the Nether, now bent on avenging his Wolf, which resulted in Ryan killing Gavin. Gavin got killed after Geoff broke everyone's beds, so he could give them to everyone, since they were leaving. Gavin; however, didn't hear Geoff, resulting in Gavin respawning at the house, despite Geoff telling everyone he was breaking the beds, and asking who has a bed. He later managed to find Ray, who was in a village, making Zombie Villagers, but got killed twice by Creepers.
  • In Episode 190-191 Tower of Gav Part 1 and 2, Gavin hid the Tower of Pimps near the top of the massive door from another episode. While Geoff, Jeremy, Ryan, Jack and Michael were advancing and building up to his position though, they found an underwater trap door leading to a room that hadn't been there before. The purpose of this room became clear when Gavin was pushed off by Jack and the Hunters couldn't find the Tower of Pimps. It was for Gavin to go into and dig away all the way back to Achievement City. All in all, it was actually a pretty good plan, and the Hunters were momentarily tricked into heading back to Achievement city... except Gavin used the room anyway though he knew the Hunters had found it, which meant that when the Hunters quickly realized what the room was for, Gavin was exactly where they expected him to be. Two, Gavin dug in the wrong direction, away from Achievement City, which resulted in a hilarious underground chase, where Gavin actually managed to lose the rest of the Hunters, but was eventually killed when he came up because he'd tunneled aimlessly around underground. 
  • In Episode 224 Pixelmon, Gavin had a pigmy squirtle which everyone makes fun of when it's compared to Michael's charmander and Jeremy's bulbasaur. He only manages to get it to level 6 and after it fainted he didn't take it to the pokemon centre to heal for nearly thirty minutes but even after it healed, he couldn't level it up because whenever he took it out kept dying on land or got killed by the others who were over level 10. Jeremy later researches about pigmy pokemon and finds out that it's rare to get one yet Gavin was the one exception. The Squirtle would remain pigmy throughout its evolutionary line, especially compared to Matt's Gyarados and Ryan's Feraligatr. (Geoff, when he joined in Part 3, would also get a pigmy Water-type). 


  • Gavin lost every single round in Let's Play: Worms, often sabotaging himself, and murdering his own worms either by accident, or through a series of unfortunate events, and/or luck.
  • He usually is the first to lose all of his worms.
  • He constantly killed himself while trying to kill the other players (which he seldom does).
  • He keeps mistaking the jump button with the attack button, which usually leads to killing himself.
  • He managed to kill all of his worms in just five turns, despite playing with both Jack and Ryan who were new to playing Worms for the Xbox 360. This was noted as a fail, due to the fact that both Ryan and Jack have only played Worms: Ultimate Mayhem, with Ryan having only played it on PC and Jack playing it on the Xbox one time.
  • He teamed up with Michael to try and kill Jack and Ryan but only succeeded in killing himself and Michael, which led to Michael thinking about killing Gavin out of spite. This lead to Ryan and Jack teaming up and succeeding in killing team nice dynamite before competing against one another.
  • Gavin planned two Worm games, that had hardly any weapons. This annoyed everyone in the room, since they ended their first round quickly, as it had few usable weapons, and their second round went for nearly an hour, due to Gavin removing all the weapons from the first Game, and the only thing they could do was use the Aqua Pack, and collect Health, until they could use Armageddon, which was over 9 rounds into the match. This video has been deemed the first of many unwatchable videos by a couple of grumpy AH fans, with some requesting to never let Gavin set up another game of Worms again.
  • In Let's Play Worms Battlegrounds Part 1, Gavin tried using the Mega Mortar with his worm 'Vas Deferens', but the rounds weren't carried away by the wind as he had wanted and he committed suicide.
    • Later on, the wind would kill one of Ray's worms (Gavin was out by this point) when Ray tried parachuting to a lower position; the wind carried the parachuting worm into the water despite Ray holding (and yelling several times) left.

London 2012Edit

  • He complains about the camera tracks on two separate occasions; the first being archery in Episode 1 and the second in Women's Skeet Shooting in Episode 2. He even goes as far as to shoot one of the cameras in the latter event (at station seven), causing him to miss both discs.

MLB 2K12Edit

  • He constantly throws the ball to home base whenever he's pitching, unsure of how to throw it to the other bases. Each time it gets Geoff to break down laughing, eventually causing him to run to the bathroom to check his underwear.
  • The game ended with Geoff winning 9 - 0.
  • His first time ever throwing a baseball was a week before the episode with Geoff's daughter, Millie. He hit Millie in the mouth accidentally, causing her to lose a tooth.

World Of WarcraftEdit

  • Gavin displayed total clueless-ness when playing the game, not knowing how to accept quests, or even how to use the mini-map.
  • "He managed to break WoW."

WWE '13Edit

  • Gavin attempted to create a Creeper for his custom character, but stated that it "rapidly got out of hand."

WWE 2K14Edit

  • During the ladder match, Gavin gave up and told the others that he was leaving (in the game). About 2 seconds later, he came back and grabbed the stairs and stated that he was taking them "back to his planet". Gavin would then try to find the exit, not knowing that you can't exit the arena in the game. Also at one point, Gavin threw one of the ladders out of the ring instead of setting it up and then walked away with it while Ray was pursuing him. Ray managed to easily steal the ladder back from Gavin.

Grand Theft Auto IVEdit

  • In Cops 'n' Crooks Part 4, Gavin spent most of his turn as the boss swimming in the water with the entire team of cops swimming after him.
  • In Cops 'n' Crooks Part 2, Gavin almost drowned the helicopter he was escaping in because he wanted to kill ryan, almost costing Team Lads the victory.
  • At the end of Cops 'n' Crooks Part 2, Gavin got out of the helicopter he and Michael were escaping in and started shooting at Michael because he thought he would earn more money. causing Michael to fly away leaving him to die. he managed to kill Geoff before being killed by jack.
  • Gavin set himself on fire multiple times during the Destruction Derby.
  • During the only time that Gavin was the Lone Wolf Biker, he had no bike or vehicle to escape in (he could have respawned his vehicle but forgot to), which led him to running through a tunnel and immediately getting killed by Michael in under 15 seconds.
  • Gavin has crashed more vehicles and helicopters than anyone else.
  • In GTA IV Co-Op, Gavin kept driving the truck backwards with Geoff behind him and eventually ran over Geoff, even though Geoff kept shouting at Gavin to stop running him over.
  • In Wanted X, Gavin got in a car and subsequently bailed from it in motion, but bailed with the car in midair, and died on landing.
Gta 4 helicopter

Top: The helicopter just before Gavin lifted it into the air. Bottom: The helicopter 3 seconds later.

  • In GTA IV Co-Op, Gavin was told to not drive the helicopter they were supposed to use, but he got in the driver's seat anyway and started spinning out of control (flipping the only other available vehicle in the process) until he finally stopped so the lads could get in. When they did, Gavin lifted the helicopter up and immediately shattered the rotor blades.
  • In Cannonball Run, Gavin failed to finish the race multiple times. Also, in the closing moments of the final race, he almost got second place until his car was flipped by Michael, forcing Gavin to continue the race on foot (Gavin ended up not finishing this race either).
  • In GTA IV Bike Bat, he failed to finish the race multiple times just like Cannonball Run. At one time, he was ahead of Michael but slowed down so he could beat Michael with his bat while Michael was trying to get back on his bike after bailing. This ultimately backfired as Gavin was unable to kill Michael, allowing Michael to quickly get back on his bike and get ahead of Gavin.
  • In the closing moments of the Bike Bat Derby, Gavin stood in the middle of the arena while Michael and Geoff tried to kill each other to determine the winner. Gavin ended up getting ran over multiple times yet he continued to stay in the middle of the arena despite the damage he took.
  • In Cops n' Crooks Part 3, Michael and Ray claimed that Gavin was no longer a Lad with them after he caused a few incidents in the game, including:
    • Flipping the car they were driving and getting it wedged between a pole and a wall.
    • Jumping out of the car for no reason and then ending up dangling from a pillar and getting killed.
    • Jumping out of the boat before they drove off.
    • Trying to jump off a bridge and ending up getting killed by Ryan before he could help Michael.
    • Driving the boat onto land forcing the lads to lose.
    • Driving the car into a dock where they could easily be killed.
  • In Bike Bat Part 2, Gavin wanted to see if it was possible to kill a biker with a melee weapon on foot. Michael volunteered and after numerous failed swings, Gavin believed it was impossible. Michael then asked to switch places and one-shotted Gavin, proving Gavin's opinion wrong.

Grand Theft Auto VEdit

  • In Part 1, Gavin had the smallest and most easy-to-damage vehicle, leading the others to continuously crash into his vehicle until it eventually stopped working.
  • In the first deathmatch in Part 2, Gavin struggled mightily, finishing last and immediately ran into a pole when it started. He was also out of ammo for both of the Roadgame runs, with him stealing the SUV that killed Ryan earlier in the second run (Ryan assumed Gavin had run him over, and would subsequently - for the second time - flatten a teammate, in this case Ray, due to not seeing the name until too late, having initially flattened Jack during Crooked Cop in Part 1)
  • In GTA V Free Play, Gavin's Xbox suddenly froze while he was driving with Michael in their helicopter. Since Michael could not get into the driver's seat, he had to wait until the helicopter reached low ground, but the helicopter reached the ocean instead, killing Michael with the rotors as he jumped out underwater. Also, Gavin attempted to parachute into the window of Michael's apartment, but failed multiple times due to him opening the parachute at the wrong time.
  • In GTA V Beach Bumming, Gavin died on his vehicle due to Michael accidentally placing a bomb on the road. Gavin would then attempt to grab another vehicle, but the vehicle he went after approached him at a really fast speed, resulting in Gavin getting killed again. Then, Ray went back to pick Gavin up and did a fast turn which resulted in Gavin running into Ray's vehicle and dying AGAIN. All of this happened in under a minute.
  • In GTA V Train Hopping, Gavin was the last one to get on the train at least once, he was set on fire, he didn't notice he was dying in tear gas, and threw 5 grenades, blowing up Ray, a pedestrian, and part of the train until it eventually stopped. Gavin got it to work again by killing the train driver.
  • In GTA V The Most Dangerous Game, Gavin crashed his car into the swamp lake within 10 seconds of his turn and then began to swim towards the AH Crew who were hunting him, and he was killed, all in under 30 seconds.
  • In GTA V Rockstar Verified Part 1, during the first race, Gavin crashed into Geoff (while jumping off a small ramp near the finish line) causing Geoff to spin and face the other direction, making him have to turn around, after that, while going off the final jump Gavin crashed into a pole midair, causing him to explode when he hit the ground, giving Geoff 1st place, followed by Michael, then Ray (giving Gavin 4th place which could have been an easy win). Gavin would subsequently have issues with the LS Forum race, repeatedly going off the track, getting killed by Ray during the first of that race (during which he said the famed bollocks variation "What the bollocks?!"), and his best lap being more than two minutes whereas at least one of the others managed a lap in the vicinity of 30 seconds.
  • In Rockstar Verified Part 3, during the Terry's Hangout deathmatch, Gavin rounded a corner with very little ammo for his assault rifle in the current clip, making him reload in a firefight with Jack and Michael allowing Jack to kill him easily. Gavin explained this as "Well, i came around the corner and reloaded."
  • In Geoff's Heist, Gavin was teamed with Jack as part of Bravo team. Jack was the designated driver and was supposed to drive Gavin and himself to the far side of the map to meet the others. Instead Gavin hopped in the vehicle and attempted to drive off without Jack. When Jack asked Gavin to stop and wait, Gavin stopped in front of 3 police cars and was quickly gunned down by the police, prompting Jack to blow up the vehicle he was supposed to use to save himself; this eventually led to Jack getting gunned down (accidentally) by Michael.
  • In GTA V The Dump Jump, Gavin uses a cargobob to lift Michael's car after it gets stuck in a hedge, and immediately tosses it into a pool causing it to stop working.
  • In Lets Play GTA V CarDuckEn, at 11:42 Gavin picks up Michael's Dump to take it up high and do some spins, but he drops it about 3 seconds after picking it up, it lands on Geoff and his Box Truck, blowing it up and killing him instantly. when asked by the crew how he died he said 'i dont want to say.
  • In Gavin's Heist, Gavin died within 10 seconds of his part in the heist. He crashed into a gas pump with his fire truck, not only killing himself and Ray, but making the fire he was trying to extinguish even bigger.
  • In Ryan's Heist, Gavin went to find a motorcycle. After he found it, he then proceeded to climb a mountain, on which he died and later tried to jump a river, only to land in it with his motorcycle. He then asked Jack to airlift his bike and retrieve Gavin, which took lots of time, causing Geoff and Ryan to head a significant distance from town in pursuit of the armored truck. Later, his extreme lack of firepower and ammo ultimately caused the cargobob carrying the truck to lose power and eventually killed himself with Jack and Michael.
  • In Let's Play Phat Stackz Part 1, Gavin and the team played mission Crack up the Volume, in which you have to steal an RV. The team manages to kill the gang and get into the RV, Gavin, trying to reach his motorcycle, jumps off the staircase and hits his head on the wooden railing, killing himself.
  • In Jack's Heist, Gavin, Jack and Michael parachute into the Fort Zancudo military base, Jack and Michael are successful in obtaining the jets, while Gavin, trying to parachute into the hangar, hits his head on the top of the gates of the hangar, causing him to fall down and kill himself.
  • In Ray's Heist, Gavin tried to pick up the armored truck and save Michael from the cops, but ended up landing on top of the truck, which his cargobob bounced off of into the left guard rail of a bridge; the cargobob then exploded as it rolled over the side of the bridge and plunged into the river below, taking a dead Gavin with it.
  • In Path to Insanity, Gavin had a smorgasbord of incidents (mostly due to bad luck):
    • He was immediately killed by Ryan at the start along with everybody else.
    • His Xbox temporarily broke down and logged him out of GTA, forcing Geoff to declare a delay of game for five minutes.
    • He was accidentally shot down by Jack and then almost crushed by the falling fuselage when he respawned. 
    • He tried to avoid hitting Ray, but spun out and flipped his police car upside down inside a tunnel.
    • He wanted his fire engine, but had to kill Ryan to get to it as the latter had stolen it earlier. He managed to shoot and kill Ryan through the windshield, but was then run over and nearly killed by the driverless truck (he forgot the truck could still move and didn't get out of the way).
    • He was trying to avoid a massive street fight by driving on the sidewalk, but was blown up after being hit by a stray missile that Jack fired into the fray.
    • Gavin died twice in the same car. He was first killed by Kerry and then killed by a police officer. He was then clotheslined by the same car's open door when it was pushed down the street. All of this happened in less than two minutes.
    • He ended up with a very low mental state bar at the end of Let's Play due to him not understanding he had to be constantly wreaking havoc on the city.
  • In The Prison Job, Gavin was forced to jump off a train (traveling across a bridge) into the water below, where Ryan was waiting with a boat. Gavin performed a majestic swan dive off of the train, only to dive head first into the metal edges of the bridge, essentially rendering his character unconscious. Unable to open his parachute, Gavin plummeted to his death on the rocks below. At the end of the Let's Play, he admitted he suffered "the dumbest death ever".
  • In the Trojan Bar Heist, Gavin, along with the rest of the crew, drove his vehicle off a bridge into the river, but unlike the others, he jumped out too soon with insufficient height left to open his parachute and save himself; he landed in an area of shallow water, dying on impact with the riverbed.
  • During part of the Series A Funding setup Series A - Coke, Gavin is on the Helicopter team, and chooses to be the pilot, on the way there, Ryan says they must co-ordinate their attack, Gavin comes up with an idea that he doesn't tell the others about, which goes horribly wrong, and he ends up slamming the Helicopter into the yacht, killing himself and Geoff instantly, this can be seen here (from 12:50 - 13:54 in the video)
  • In Bounty Hunters, Gavin failed horribly:
    • He jumped off the freeway and landed on a train car in the railyard below. He was trying to run away from Jack, but hit the wrong button on his controller (he punched insetad of ran) allowing Jack to drive by and shoot him through the back of the head.
    • He got in a harrier and attempted to crash into Ryan (who had a $5000 bounty on him). Jack was already in hot pursuit so both followed him. Ryan fled through the underground subway tunnel and evaded them both. Gavin didn't realize he was flying too low and crashed nose first into one of the subway's catenaries, killing himself, missing Ryan by a huge distance, and almost hitting Jack (who was just far enough behind to avoid being struck). Gavin would ultimately get the $5000 by gunning down Ryan after the latter lost his car in an explosion.
    • Gavin drove up to Michael and quickly got into the passenger seat of Michael's van because he was being chased by lots of cops due to his high wanted level. Gavin in the process ran over a woman with his car and Michael followed suit by reversing over her. However, Gavin parked his car too close to Michael and the woman ended up stuck in the van's wheel well since the van was too slow and not powerful enough to move Gavin's car out of the way. Michael had to floor the van to the max in order to escape in time.
    • Immediately after the previous event, Michael got a $3000 bounty. Gavin tried to blow up the van to take the money, but only succeeded in throwing grenades out the open window. Michael got out and Gavin ran towards Michael (without any weapons) in a futile attempt to kill him. Michael clubbed Gavin in the face with a machine gun before he could do any damage.
    • Gavin was following a motorcyclist with his fire engine and wanted to run him over. As he's waiting for the fire engine to catch the motorcyclist, he began moaning sexually and screamed (as if having an orgasm) when he ran over the mortorcyclist, causing everybody to stare speechless. He then ran over a second motorcycle and managed to do a front flip with the fire engine. His excited reaction at having done the front flip, caused everybody to wonder "what's happening for Gavin over there?"
  • In Offense Defense, Gavin tried to take a shortcut and got his car stuck in a tree.
  • In Offense Defense 2, Gavin tried to nail Jack with a high-speed t-bone maneuver, but just barely missed him and almost went into the ocean due to his momentum.
  • In Offense Defense with Funhaus, Jeremy pushed Gavin towards the wall of house and then hurled him into the garage. This wouldn't have been a problem had Gavin not hit the parking brake. He ended up wedged between the two other cars in the garage and couldn't move them out of the way with the lowrider. His reaction was: "That's okay. I live here now!"
  • In Extraction, Gavin and Jeremy were paired up to rescue another person from a hit squad in an Insurgent Pickup, with Gavin driving. They first went to pick up Jack, but as he was about to get in, Gavin drove off without him, causing Jack to fall flat on his face; luckily, Gavin only drove a short distance forward and Jack was successfully extracted. Later in the same video, Gavin and Jeremy went to pick up Geoff. However, Gavin took a longer route than expected, while the hit squad took a shorter route; even worse, when Geoff was calling out to them, Gavin thought he was talking to the hit squad and drove right past him despite Geoff screaming at him to stop and Jeremy trying to guide Gavin back to him. This bought the hit squad time to catch up and Gavin drove past Geoff again while avoiding enemy fire. When they finally found Geoff, Gavin (like with Jack earlier) almost left him behind and got yelled at (very loudly) by both his teammates. In fact, Gavin took so long to get Geoff that by the time Geoff was in with them, the entire hit squad was dead. Finally, as the extractors approached their destination, Gavin drove down a steep hill and the momentum made the Insurgent go flying, killing Jeremy (who fell out of the Insurgent's machine gun turret onto the hillside) in the process.
  • In Achievement Hunter vs Funhaus, during a round of Top Fun, Gavin, the last surviving AH member at the time, had trouble getting in and out of cars; luckily, the Funhaus crew crashed their jets and eliminated themselves while trying to get at him. In another round, he drove his car straight into the front of a closed building, which, being locked, he could not run inside of to escape the pursuing jets; later, after again becoming his team's last survivor, Gavin tried to escape in another car, but while driving over a steep hill, he ended up tumbling down the far side of it; this, of course, damaged his car to the point where it exploded, killing him and costing AH the round.
  • In Jeremy's Heist, Gavin was assigned to pick up the armored limousine that Michael, Ryan, and Kerry were in using a cargo bob. After several failed attempts, he managed to pick it up and went to Geoff's yacht. However, Gavin's footage was darker than the others' and he couldn't figure out where to put the limo down even though he was directly above the yacht. Eventually, the cargobob exploded under fire from police helicopters, which, by proximity, also blew up the limo, killing its occupants along with Gavin himself.
  • Gavin has had various moments in the GTA Things to Do:
    • In The Shocker, Gavin was unable to get past the first section of the map due to constantly mistiming jumps and being electrocuted by the transformer conduits. At the beginning of the video, he accidentally climbed on a railing and fell off into the canyon below, killing himself. 
    • In Bad Santas, Gavin managed to wedge his car between a bush and a wooden fence.
    • In Snipe a Mole, Gavin obtained a motorcycle in order to get a helmet so he could have protection from the sniper, but one bullet went straight through the helmet and through his head, killing him.
    • In Juggernaut, Gavin got crushed between three cars and a semi-trailer. In fact he got into so many accidents his car became "an orange tin can".
    • In Bottleneck, Gavin didn't see the first wall and immediately crashed his bike.
    • In Mario Kart, Gavin kept trying to kill the other racers with his shotgun and explosives so he could get into first place, but didn't realize he was several laps behind.
    • In Blood Sport, Gavin didn't understand the rules even though Geoff repeated them multiple times. During one of his fights, he hit the wrong button and began walking towards his car, allowing Jack to ring him out. He then tried to get cinematic shots of Ray and Michael's fight and inadvertently killed both fighters after Ray's grenade richocheted off Gavin's camera and landed back down on them.
    • In Parallel Parking, Gavin drove very slowly and carefully before hitting both cars and immediately giving up.
    • In BMX Badass, Gavin said he tested the map beforehand (off-camera) and manged to complete it, but evidentally never managed to complete it on camera. He almost completed it, but crashed right before the finish line.
    • In Splat Gavin forgot to engage his weapons in the startup menu and could only flip the bird at the players flying the jets. He surpsingly lasted quite a while before his parachute strings got cut by one of the jets.
    • In Flare Maze, Gavin ended up lost in the maze because he was unable to make an immediate right hand turn, frustrating Geoff who was trying to navigate him to the remaining players.

X-Men ArcadeEdit

  • Gavin initially didn't join the game at the beginning.
  • Throughout the Let's Play, Gavin almost always used Storm's jump attacks.
  • Gavin only got 15 kills in the entire game.


  • Gavin lost to Michael in a one-on-one game of his choosing, "Halo", he also challenged Ray to "Call of Duty", which is Ray's game of choice, and the others ridiculed him for it when he was in disbelief that he was losing with 2 kills to Ray's 11. (Gavin would lose 20 to 9, after a late kill cock-blocked Geoff).
  • In the "London 2012 Olympics Game", Gavin did worse than what he did in the original Let's Play.
    • Gavin did not check Ray's experience with the game (Unlocked all achievements) before challenging him to the "London 2012 Olympics".
    • In the Triple Jump Competition, Gavin failed to make a valid jump, instead fouling jumps or simply not jumping.
  • After he lost to Jack in "Trials Evolution", Gavin threw Geoff's controller out of frustration.
  • Although Gavin won against Michael with his game of choice, "Hidden in Plain Sight", he gave Michael every round that he won by making inadvertent mistakes.
    • In Round 2, he gave away his location, prompting Michael to kill him with ease which caused everyone to erupt with hysterical laughter.
    • In Round 4, he shot at a random CPU 2 seconds into the match with his only bullet, causing Michael to win the round easily.
    • In Round 6, he gets around 2/3 of the way across the screen and then he started to sprint the remaining distance with enough time for Michael to gun him down.
  • Gavin spent most of the Reset episode's second race with his camera pointed at him and his kart instead of the track ahead, courtesy of an early crash into a wall. He was later revealed to have been fourth for most of the race after spinning Lindsay out. He had gotten a worse start than Lindsay and had fallen to fifth at the time he tried passing her to reclaim his starting spot and hit the wall, catching Geoff as well. (Geoff would subsequently be involved in another head-on collision with a wall later on, as third-place Michael hit the wall trying to pass Geoff on the left side in the midst of fighting Ryan for second).
  • After Michael defeated Jack in "Battleship", Gavin poured water on Jack's side of the board, causing Jack and the others to retaliate and 'assault' him.
  • At the end of the "Bankshot Billiards 2" Versus against Ryan, Gavin accidentally shot the 8-ball into the pocket, causing him to automatically lose. (He would gain partial redemption in episode 146, in which Jeremy only lost because he scratched the cue ball on what would've been a winning shot).
  • After he lost in "Castle Crashers" against Ray via shut-out, Gavin gave Michael an awkward sneer when he was criticized by him due to his lack of effort in that game, right after Geoff announced Ray's opponent in the next episode would be Lindsay.
  • During the "Doggie Doo" Versus against Ryan, Gavin kept knocking over the toy dog, prompting Michael to ridicule and yell at him for it.
  • Before his match against Lindsay in "Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing", Gavin completely forgot that he was still the current champion since he had already defeated Ray in the Chair Race one episode ago. Then after he got demolished by Lindsay, Gavin kicked the two belts and the rooster trophy to her.
  • Before the second round of "Dragon Ball: XenoVerse" against Matt, Gavin went against Michael and Ryan's advice of picking a Saiyan-like character by picking Appule, causing everyone in the office to ridicule him. Then once Gavin realized that he was a bad character to pick when the round got underway, he changed it to Cell last-second (Not to mention, he didn't have any knowledge of the Dragon Ball series at all) but soon ruined Cell since he missed with the spirit bomb (One of the most powerful and largest attacks that is difficult to dodge due to it's size) and didn't dodge Matt's attacks effectively which led to him receiving more ridicule from Michael and Ryan who are fans of the Dragon Ball series. (Matt would subsequently defeat Gavin in another shutout in the sequel during a later episode).

Surgeon SimulatorEdit

Throughout the series, Gavin has failed quite often:

  • He made the patient's new heart disappear simply by passing a green tarp over it.
  • He threw the new heart against the wall after his hand spazzed out. Michael yelled: "You threw it against the wall like a wet paper towel!" This would later become an in-game achievement (called Like A Wet Paper Towel) done by throwing the new heart in a similar manner to Gavin.
  • He brutally murdered the patient twice with the hatchet. The first time, Gavin broke the head supports and then sliced off parts of the patient's head, causing the patient to bleed profusely and die. The second time he hacked extremely quickly before breaking the patient's skull and stuck the hatchet in his brain. Gavin said he turned the patient into a unicorn. The patient died in 27 seconds and 10 seconds respectively.
  • He and Michael molested the patient.
  • He slit the patient's jugular vein with a bone saw.
  • He crushed the patient's skull with a fire extinguisher.
  • He killed the patient by impaling him through the face with a syringe.
  • He didn't know the proper way to use some of the tools and succeeded in using a hammer like a saw.
  • He tried to play the patient's ribcage like a xylophone using a saw.
  • He killed the patient numerous times with the laser.
  • He threw a large oxygen tank out the back of the ambulance, which would've caused a massive chain reaction car crash had their been NPC cars.
  • He kept forgetting the code to open the door on Gworb the Alien's surgical table.


  • Gavin lost to Jack in a tennis match. Consequently, he had to lick Gus's 'diseased' leg.
  • Gavin was hit in the privates with a ball by Michael.
  • In RT Life, Gavin got into two "water fights," both ending with him being tackled by someone. In addition to being tackled, he was jabbed with a pen in the first fight and then had "dick ice" poured on him in the second fight.
  • In RT Life, Gavin was "waxed" with duct tape by Barbara and Jack.
  • In RT Life, Gavin got drunk during a party and later found he had a dog leash fastened to his shirt collar.
  • Gavin has lost almost $100 worth of gaming headphones and earbuds due to his cat eating the cables.
  • Gavin has managed to spill numerous bottles of beer during the podcasts simply by unscrewing the caps.
  • In podcast 169, Gavin was asked by Burnie one day who he thinks is the most good looking guy in the office to which he replied he doesn't know. Monty was in the podcast and then brought up PAX east and how at the Jeff Williams party, Gavin got very drunk while Monty was dancing, Gavin soon goes to Monty and says "Monty, I'm not attracted to dudes but if I had a boner for you, it's really trying right now." and he then showed his finger trying to bonify and failing. This later becomes an animated adventure.
  • In Podcast #272, Gavin recounts that he ended up "shitting his pants" five times in the span of 24 hours. He did it once in a restaurant when he was on a date with Meg (to which he admits he considered drowning himself in the toilet bowl). He then dit it once on the plane back to Austin (to which he had to stuff toilet paper into his pants to act as underwear all while in the small airplane bathroom). He then said he did it again in the shower and twice in his bed. Gus, Michael, and Burnie laughed uncontrollably. Gavin thinks this problem may have been caused by a colleague giving him an oyster shooter (a drink made from tomato juice and blended oyster). Because of all this, Gavin lost two pairs of underwear, one set of bed sheets, and almost lost his jeans.
  • During the taping of a podcast, the point was brought up that Andrew Blanchard could do a female orgasm impression. Gavin called Andrew during the show and told him to do the sex noise, to which Andrew did it (while filming a Twitch livestream no less). Later, Barbara said she could imitate a baby babbling and proceeded to do it. Gavin then asked Barbara to do a combination of the baby voice and Andrew's sex noise: "Now do a pleasure baby." That hilariously poor choice of words left Gus, Barbara, and Burnie speechless and horrified.
  • While playing "Gavin or Gaggle" during a live podcast at RTX, Gavin ended up smelling an old protein shaker (filled with rancid ranch dressing and vinegar) causing him to vomit live in front of 5000+ fans.
  • Gavin vomited up green gunk after drinking green food coloring-filled milk during one of the live streams.
  • Gavin attempted to ride Burnie's hoverboard around the podcast set, but he didn't know how to stop it or get off so he ended up crashing into one of the display cabinets, damaging it.
  • While Gavin and Burnie were staying at an AirBnB for an event in Los Angeles, Gavin tried to figure out how to use the automatic fireplace, but refused to look at the instructions that were no more than five feet behind him on the coffee table. He struggled for fifteen minutes before the fireplace came on, only for him to then realize he had melted the owner's sunglasses. Gavin panicked and suggested they bury the glasses in the front lawn.
  • While filming an unaired episode of The Slow-Mo Guys involving a blue laser, Gavin neglected to take into account that the special orange protective goggles would make an individual partially colorblind. Because of Gavin's neglect to tell Dan Gruchy about the colorblindness, they ended up not being able to see the high-speed camera's record button and missing the shot.
  • In AHWU #153, Gavin tries to do a front flip and ends up kicking the camera.
  • In AHWU #129, Gavin spilled the floating video games from the wall which caused Michael to yell at him.
  • In a "Crysis" Easter egg video, Gavin thought Ray's gunshots to the water was a blowhole from a whale like creature.
  • Gavin used to constantly wear his headphones the wrong way around during Podcasts which pissed off Gus, this was then continued by Kara Eberle and possibly Burnie Burns.
  • Gavin ended up getting his finger hilariously stuck in a crack in his desk. He himself would get stuck in his desk once as well, after pulling his chair too close to it.
  • Gavin ran out of the building after being grossed out by a slice of wet bread that was thrown on his desk.
  • Ryan had installed a device into Gavin's desk that made annoying buzzing sounds that constantly distracted Gavin, forcing Gavin to mess up his entire desk to find the source of the buzzing sounds. This nearly drove Gavin to the point of insanity, even wanting to go as far as to smash his desk with a hammer. Ryan revealed at RTX 2013 that he didn't do it to torture Gavin, but he simply needed to cut a hole into someone's desk to make his prank effective and Gavin's desk was perfect as it was already broken.
  • In several "Behind the Scenes" and "RT Life" videos, Gavin has come close to destroying his desk by accident. Currently Gavin is on his second desk, which is held together with tape, has pieces falling off, numerous things written on it and has several holes in it (one from Ryan, one from Gus). The desk has met it's end at the hands of Adam Ellis when Rooster Teeth moved offices, as on a vine from Burnie, Adam was shown sitting on the remains of it
  • In AHWU #189, Gavin ended up stumbling & hitting the camera after dancing. He later bumps Michael Jones's head with his in the same AHWU.
  • During a podcast with Jack, he pronounced Caiti's name wrong while she was in the other room which would lead to her giving him the finger.
  • In "Lets Play - Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?", Gavin had the following question: "What date is the third Wednesday in June, if May 3rd falls on a Wednesday?" The answer was June 21st and yet Gavin picked June 14th causing Michael, Ray and Geoff to laugh uncontrollably.
  • In "Lets Play - Worms Battlegrounds" Gavin tries to kill Michael's worm with a mortar. He shoots it straight up in the air and the mortar rounds subsequently fall on his head and kill his worm. Part of the reason he aimed straight up was because he thought the wind would take the rounds away from his worm. (The wind would come back with a vengeance and kill one of Ray's worms later in the same episode).
  • Gavin used to always jump on Geoff and tackle him, he did this when Geoff was sitting at his desk but ended up with his head on Geoff's lap so Geoff just constantly raised his legs so that Gavin's head would hit the top of Geoff's desk.
  • In Let's Play - Call of Duty 2 from 2:45 - 10:16, Gavin said that he broke Ryan's Lego that his son made for him. As a result, Ryan, out of frustration, grabbed a trashcan and dumped trash on Gavin. However, Gavin then revealed that he only hid the Lego on a shelf and then ran out of the office screaming, with Geoff and Michael breaking down with laughter. Ryan then cleaned it up.
  • In "Let's Play - Fibbage", Gavin wrote two offensive answers for two different questions, causing the others to get mad at him. The answers are censored in the video, and a lot of people don't know what Gavin's answers were, even though some people are only assuming what they were. He scored a total of 0 points in the first game (and his offensive answer from that game, on the fourth question, was immediately recognized as his by Michael).
  • In Let's Play - Fibbage XL, during the question, "During the 1990s, teachers in North Korea were, oddly enough, required to know how to _." Gavin misspelled "Suck a kid's dick" into "Suck a kid's duck" causing the others to laugh and make quacking noises. (Nobody picked that answer, and he also fell for Ray's Shrek joke lie to another question).
  • In Let's Play - Drawful, one of Gavin's prompts was: "Pizza Cat House Gun." It was actually a fairly straightforward prompt and Gavin drew exactly what is was he was supposed to draw. However both his drawing abilities and the smorgasbord of bizarre options, confused everyone in the room, causing nobody to get it right. Ryan responded during the next round: "That was too literal to be the answer."
  • In Let's Play - Bidiots, Gavin spent around $3000 on a painting, but was still able to spend a lot of money the following lot, which caused some suspicion from Michael and Ryan as Gavin shouldn't have had that much money. Gavin can be heard nonchalantly whistling after this discrepancy is brought up. (It is assumed he got the funds from the profit he got for the previous purchase).
  • In Let's Play - Prop Hunt Part 2, Gavin spotted Ryan disguised as a traffic cone outside and attempted to kill him. Gavin chased Ryan inside, only for him to subsequently be crushed to death by the automatic glass door. Ray ended up killing Ryan when he happened to be walking towards the area where Gavin died. This death was likely a glitch as the only way to lose health is by hitting actual props in game.
  • In "Let's Play - Rainbow Six Vegas 2", Gavin's custom character had an extremely ridiculous looking face, which caused the others to laugh every time they saw it. Later in the Let's Play, Gavin was trying to take cover behind a wall and ended up accidentally throwing a grenade into the wall and killing himself, causing Jack (who was watching) to break down with laughter. He also accidentally team-killed Ray with a shotgun and often got killed easily. He is the most notorious team-killer of the Achievement Hunters, with a particular aim at their best gamer Ray.
  • In "Things to Do in Minecraft - Happy New Year", Gavin made a poor understanding about the concept of dilution, which didn't sit very well with everyone at the office, in which they all started to yell at him, especially Michael and Lindsay. Moments later, Gavin proclaimed that lemonade is more refreshing at room temperature than cold water, and it got him involved into a screaming match with Michael. Also, everyone blamed Gavin for crashing the game because they suspected him of hitting the TNT accidentally with his pickaxe, causing the game to crash altogether, which caused everyone in the room to yell at him even more while they continuously argue with him over the lemonade/cold water debate while Ryan sang Auld Lang Syne in the background. (The cold water debate would return in The Patch #85, where Geoff called Gavin a weirdo).
  • In "Let's Play Battlefield Hardline", Ryan and Jack accused Gavin of causing a crane to fall during the second match (as Gavin was trying to jump past Ryan and go into a dive off something held by said crane, which Ryan was on), though there's also a chance someone on the enemy team was responsible. This happened about a minute after Gavin landed a long shot RPG kill, hitting a moving vehicle at ground level from on top of a roof near said crane (even more remarkable, said enemy was carrying a 'package' at the time of the RPG hit).
  • In "Let's play Rainbow Six Vegas" series, Gavin caused the most team kills out of Ray, Geoff and Michael but most of these kills were unintentionally directed at Ray, who was the best player in their team. After part 2, Ray was mad enough to try and smash Gavin's desk. In part 3, on the final map they were playing, when they had only six people left Gavin didn't look on the radar to see Ray on the other side of the door and ended up breaching it, killing Ray and making him apparently rage quit more than Michael, and with Michael dying soon after both Michael and Ray threatened to physically harm Gavin if he got himself killed, luckily Gavin finished the map so that he didn't invoke Ray's wrath.
  • In "Immersion: Open World", Gavin had to get Radaway from Coe in a bar. He and Michael had to kill some people in order for Gavin to get the Radaway. Coe gave them weapons, and Gavin accidentally shot Coe, causing Michael to yell at him. In part 2 both he and Michael took a sip of "fifty old beer" that they found in the house of the person they had to kill, it is revealed on the podcast that the beer had already been there before they filmed on location and could have been actual "fifty year old beer".
  • In Red Dead Redemption: King Of The Mountain, he constantly died before round 1 from falling down the mountain, causing the others to have to wait for him for long amounts of time, thus annoying them. In the middle of round 2 he came back (after already falling once) and lasted about 16 seconds. Right before round 3 Ryan threw a knife in Gavin's hand saying he made him Wolverine. thinking this gives him an advantage, he ends up knocked down by Michael 1 second after Ryan and Geoff were knocked down.
  • In Red Dead Redemption: Horse Joust, Gavin, who had not yet unlocked a horse, instead had a donkey which the others made fun of. when round 1 started his donkey was killed by Ray 3 seconds in and he was immediately killed by Michael. in the last round Gavin was confused with what knife they were using. He was then immediately killed by Ryan.
  • In "Let's Play Rainbow Six Siege-Dustline DLC", Gavin promised he would not kill any teammates as he had done in other Let's Plays. Despite this, he killed Jeremy and Geoff in the first round, and Michael in the second round.
  • Gavin agreed to let Jeremy axe-kick his desk despite Michael, Ryan and Matt telling him that it would break and reminding him that he didn't jump on his desk because he was afraid it would break. Jeremy kicked perfectly in the middle where Michael punched a hole in it and the desk split in half with everything falling into the middle. One of his monitors broke and there was also broken glass underneath everything, somehow his second monitor and Xbox were still working.
  • Gavin, for a stretch, had a habit of throwing soft things at Ryan during The Patch, but often missed.
  1. 57, his throw is assumed to have hit the back of a TV.
  1. 61, he was supposed to have gone to a smaller object and instead threw an Umbreon plushie.
  1. 62, he took advantage of Meg distracting Ryan to hit him with a Pokemon plushie.
  1. 63, he barely hit a distracted Ryan's shirt from behind (with Umbreon) and subsequently walked in front of the camera; Ashley missed it completely.
  1. 64, he missed Ryan TWICE. The first was a ping pong ball that was meant to be a distraction.
  1. 65, he missed Ryan almost immediately into The Patch with what is assumed to be the Umbreon plushie, spilling Meg's Vitamin Water in the process.
  1. 66, he teamed with the other Achievement Hunters in bombarding Ryan from behind with plushies; Gus throws the Jolteon plushie he was hit with back at Gavin as he passed by and Ryan keeps hold of the giant fish plushie (a Youtube video focusing on Gavin throwing things at Ryan sees a Versus-origin cut of Gavin yelling "FISH!!!" as he states fish), while Ray goes onto the set to reclaim the Snorlax plushie. Gavin subsequently tells the others "he (Ryan) saw us coming."
  1. 67, Gavin was not in the US and texted Meg during The Patch, in which she threw her water bottle at Ryan.
  1. 68, Ryan caught the creeper plushie Gavin threw.
  1. 69, a marshmallow landed on the table.
  1. 71, the thrown plushie took down the hourglass and spilled Coke onto Ryan's lap. (This was Gavin's last attempt)
  1. 85, the warm vs cold argument returned, with Geoff calling Gavin a wierdo (Ryan assumed it was him and not Gavin that Geoff referred to). Ryan, when asked by Geoff if water was better cold or warm, Ryan immediately said cold was better, citing the argument as the question being a Gavin problem.
  • On Sunday drive married life, Gavin brings up a conversation he and Ryan had involving Meg and Ryan's wife, Laurie. Gavin complained that if Ryan was dating Meg he wouldn't be okay with Gavin dating Laurie. Ryan clarified that it wasn't that he wouldn't be okay with it, it was because Gavin couldn't handle a woman like Laurie. As it was mentioned in a previous Sunday drive, Laurie has access to controlled substances and knows how to use them, with Gavin jokingly saying she could potentially put him down.
  • During a podcast he almost planned a Matrix movie marathon with Blaine on the day of Meg's birthday and it wasn't until Blaine told him after checking his calander that he realized his error. He even ran off set in embarrassment, he claimed he knew the date just that he forgot the day. He then asked that no one tweet this to Meg.


  • In Episode 1, he couldn't participate due to problems with Xbox crashes, saves, and updates.
  • In Episode 2, he ran into the shelf and caused most of the games to fall down. The game he was actually looking for was already on his desk.
  • In Episode 3, he actually won several minutes before realizing it due to having his notifications turned off. He also couldn't even get 3 stars on the easiest level of the game ("Angry Birds").
  • In Episode 5, he kept picking the wrong game type for "Worms Revolution"; Had this not happened, he would have won. Just as he gets the right game type, Ray wins. Gavin gets a coin ten seconds after Ray won.
  • In Episode 6, he would not unplug his Xbox 360, which according to Geoff, was "dead to them anyway", taking up cords he needed.
  • In Episode 23 Gavin tried to spawn a zombie in "Minecraft" but couldn't as he didn't realize he was on peaceful difficulty. (One of the others had encountered this issue in another GO! but recognized the issue immediately). This issue Gavin had is almost identical to his issue in Let's Play Minecraft Episode 40.
  • In Episode 39 Gavin accidentally pulled his disc tray out, breaking it. This was because he would usually slam his disc tray in during GO! to 'save time' and believed that pulling it out would more or less have the same effect. 
  • In Episode 68 Gavin didn't get a single kill of Ray, the only member of the Anti-Ray Team not to kill him. In fact, the only kill he did get was a suicide that gave Ray a kill for assisted suicide. (Ray would win 20 to 8, the score Geoff wanted in Versus episode 7 - also in Black Ops II - for a blowjob, but then Gavin got a final kill with Ray one kill from winning to cock-block him). 

Mario Party 8 Edit

  • Most of Gavin's fails in Mario Party 8 are either bad luck, rolling too low and being immediately followed up by the person behind him (equipped with a candy to further inconvenience him), or what Gavin calls 'The Luck of the Jones' (as a reference to Michael benefitting from Gavin's issues).
    • When using a Vampire Candy he bought the prior turn, while one space from what could've been the Star (they were playing on Boo's Haunted Hideaway), his dart throw landed on one, bumping his Coin total to 9 where he needed 10 for the Star. To add insult to injury, the Star actually WAS in front of him.
    • Later in that same game Gavin successfully used a Springo Candy to reach Michael and promptly hit the Gold Space; a dice roll by Jeremy and a Springo use of Michael's own greatly disadvantaged Gavin, as Michael put himself inbetween Gavin and the Star (Gavin was in possession of a Duelo Candy, which automatically stops one's turn when they reach someone in front). Gavin would roll a 2 his next turn, and then Jeremy would successfully use a Twice Candy to get the Star first (after admitting that he struggled with multi-dice items).
    • On Shy Guy's Perplex Express Gavin was one space from the Star, but another player hit a Bowser Space before his turn. Gavin reached the front of the train four times; three were with Bowser in the front and his one time making it without Bowser there the Star was stolen by a Duelo-powered Michael, who had just returned to the main board after hitting a Gold Space the prior turn.
    • Twice during the Koopa's Tycoon Town game Green space hits (one by Michael and one by Jeremy) saw Gavin lose invested coins in the objective hotels. Jeremy's hurt harder, for the 30 Coins stolen knocked the targeted hotel down a level, costing Gavin a Star.
    • During the 50-turn match on Goomba's Booty Boardwalk Gavin rolled a 1 on his turn (having hit the Gold Space the previous turn); Lindsay and Michael (the latter on the subsequent turn following another bad roll) hit Gavin with Thwomp Candy attacks, knocking Gavin's coin total from 141 to just over 30.
    • Gavin would again be hit by a Candy-fueled Lindsay in the Gold Space area later on; this time, with two turns to go after Gavin succeeded with a Springo move from in the main AH office followed by his third bad roll in the area Lindsay, on a suggestion from Michael, hit him with a Bloway Candy attack denying Gavin his tenth Star. (Gavin would finish with nine, two stars behind his girlfriend Meg in third). Notably, all three attackers rolled high enough to get the Star in one turn; Gavin needed three to reach it during the Thwomp sequence and was denied a second turn by the Bloway attack.

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