Gavin David Free (also called Gavino, or Gav) was born on May 23, 1988 in Oxfordshire, England. Free is the Creative Director at Rooster Teeth and at present he lives in his house in Austin, Texas with his girlfriend Meg Turney. He previously lived with Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey, and their daughter Millie for two years. He works at Rooster Teeth within Achievement Hunter and runs a YouTube channel called The Slow Mo Guys with his friend Dan Gruchy. He also directed two seasons of Red vs Blue, and produced the slow motion effects for movies such as "Hot Fuzz," "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows," "Snow White and the Huntsman" and "Dredd."


Gavin's primary gamertag is GavinoFree, as seen in the Let's Plays. He has a secondary gamer tag, GavInDaUSA -- this could be because Gavin has previously referenced being banned from Xbox Live, and would thus need a backup. In Achievement Hunter, although he can think of good plans, he is often shown to be dying or being easily surpassed by another Hunter, usually because of his trolling. He also has a habit of yelling out random things or insults when he dies or fails, or is just frustrated.

Personal LifeEdit

  • Gavin appeared in a Skype advert around 8 years ago with his grandfather, Guilio Free. Showing how Gavin and his grandfather communicate when they live far away from each other. In the video he is seen in a couple of photos his grandfather has of him and also walking in the street and at his computer. The video can be found here.
  • Gavin is currently dating Meg Turney, of SourceFed fame and one of the former hosts of The Know. Although Gavin prefers to keep his personal life secret to prevent invasions of privacy.
  • Gavin's family originates from Italy as mentioned by himself in an episode of RT Podcast, Go #41, and by his grandfather in the Skype advertisement mentioned above. He states that he is half Italian in Let's Play - Jeopardy! Part 2.
  • In the photo above where you see a younger Gavin, there are posters of half naked women and women kissing. This was because he wanted to make sure that his parents knew he was straight when he was a teenager. He stated this information in an episode of the RT Podcast.
  • It was announced on October 26, 2015 that Free would take on the role of Creative Director at Rooster Teeth, a title formerly held by Burnie Burns.
  • His favorite video game is Halo: Combat Evolved.

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