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Personal Life

  • Gavin appeared in a Skype advert around 8 years ago with his grandfather, Guilio Free. Showing how Gavin and his grandfather communicate when they live far away from each other. The video can be found here:
  • Gavin is currently dating Meg Turney, of SourceFed fame. Gavin keeps his relationship lif
    Tumblr mticq4aOjo1rcvxapo4 500
    Michael instigating TurnFree
    CharThomAdded by CharThom
    e hidden, possibly to prevent some Rooster Teeth fans from invading their privacy. Michael Jones instigated the relationship in September 2013 on Twitter, commenting on the whole "Will they? Won't they?" aspect of them getting together, since then it has been confirmed by both parties on Twitter.
Gavin Free & Meg Turney
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