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Flynt Coal
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"Flynt Coal is cool guy extraordinaire, not some loser in a dumb hat!"   ~
Michael Jones

Flynt Coal is a fictional character created by the Let's Play crew in Let's Play Minecraft Episode 6.

Life and Appearance

Flynt Coal was created by Geoff when Michael said "I got coal and flint?". According to the crew, Flynt Coal is an international private investigator, he has his own soda called "Flynt Cola," and he is most likely black, because "you can't have a white guy named 'Flynt Coal' because it just doesn't work out that way." according to Michael.


  • Flynt Coal has been referenced multiple times by the Let's Play cast, mainly in the Minecraft series.
  • Whenever a member of the AH team mentions the word "Flint" or starts to look for it in the Minecraft Let's Plays, any other member is likely to reply, "Coal?" or the other way around.
  • In Episode 43, Geoff discovers Flynt Coal in one of the chests.
  • In a video Ray did for his personal channel, he states that Flynt is spelt with a Y, and not an I.
  • "Flynt Coal" is the name of the seed the lads used for their world in Let's Play Minecraft Episode 49: THE END.

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