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"Ten Little Roosters" is a Murder Mystery Short Series, created by Rooster Teeth Productions. The story revolves around ten of Rooster Teeth's employees; Michael Jones, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, Burnie Burns, Gustavo Sorola, Adam Ellis, Miles Luna, Barbara Dunkleman, Ryan Haywood, and Lindsay Jones, who all learn that there is a Killer on the loose who has sealed them all indoors, as well as cut off all communication with the outside world. They all then scatter in different areas in the building, leaving them to either hide, or defend themselves.

Ten Little Roosters Poem Edit

The "Ten Little Roosters" Poem goes as follows:

"Ten Little Roosters all gathered to dine;

One choked on his rage and then there were nine.

Nine Little Roosters now running from fate;

One tripped over themselves and then there were eight.

Eight Little Roosters, two others in heaven;

One was martyred and the there were seven.

Seven Little Roosters, one liked to draw d*cks;

Life imitated art and then there were six.

Six Little Roosters, some often streamed live;

One died to scale and then there were five.

Five Little Roosters, one trapped in the floor;

One ran out of air and then there were four.

Four Little Roosters still trying flee;

One got what they wanted and then there were three.

Just Three Roosters left one died of a pun;

The Killer was killed And then there was one."

Episodes Edit

Episode 1- "And then there were Nine."- The Story begins as ten of "Rooster Teeth Productions" Employees are celebrating their first Banquet together. However, Chris is beginning to irritate Gus with his "Hobbit" getup, seeing as how he keeps tripping over his Cape, Gavin brought his Clone, Vav, with him, which begins to confuse some of the groups' members, Adam and Miles talk about how well-groomed his Beard is, Michael and Lindsay argue about Money, Barbara plays Music on her Kitty Piano, and Burnie complains about how much of a D*ck his employees are. A few moments later, after everyone has taken their Seat, Michael makes an announcement, as each member of the Banquet receives an Envelope with a Photo that contains embarrassing, yet foreshadowing events. Michael then points out that he has a Gun, but suddenly gets cut off as he begins to choke on his Wine. It is then revealed that his Drink was poisoned, and that some Hair Folucles were in the Glass. Suddenly, just as the Evidence in Michael's Glass was pointed towards either Lindsay or Adam, and Chris points out that his "Magic Sword" could point out who the Killer behind Michael's death is, the Power is cut off, causing everyone to scatter, and hide. (One choked on his Rage, and then there were Nine).

Episode 2- "And then there were Eight"- Ryan and Burnie meet up in the Building's Tool Room, and Burnie reveals to Ryan that he is actually an Undercover Cop, with a loaded Gun, and is looking for a Serial Killer on the loose, and has reason to believe that he, or she, might be in the same exact Building they're all trapped in. Meanwhile, Lindsay finds Barbara in a disclosed Room, only to find that she's on a Desk because a Scorpion somehow got loose. Some time later, Vav, Gavins Clone, finds Adam stuck in a Crease of a Door, and gets him free. Suddenly, they both hear Gavin yell, and Vav tells Adam that they'll meet up later. Meanwhile, Chris, as he wonders around behind a giant Curtain, comes face to face with the Killer, who is dressed up as Ryan's "GTAV" Character. But, Instead of killing Chris with Gasoline, the Killer spares him out of Pity. Meanwhile, Gavin and Vav accidentally slam into each other, causing the both of them to fall into the Mouse Traps that are scattered all around the Floor below them, chopping them up into small Pieces. (One Tripped Over themselves, and then there were Eight).

Episode 3- "And then there were Seven"- As Lindsay begins to mourn Michael's death, she finds that Adam has gotten his beard stuck in a nearby Microphone. Meanwhile, Miles dresses up as "RWBY" Character, "Ruby Rose". He then meets up with Ryan, and points out that it may be possible that Ryan has a Second Personality, causing him to go around and kill everyone. Later, when Burnie and Chris meet up, Chris tries to describe to Burnie that the Killer is some sort of Skeletal Creature. Burnie then becomes Sarcastic with Chris, thinking that he is simply joking, only to be stopped mid-sentence, as Chris' Sword begins to glow. At first, Chris thought that Burnie was the Killer, but then saw the real Killer with a Bow and a set of Arrows. Burnie was about to be shot by the Arrows, but Chris sacrifices himself to save him. Burnie then readies his Gun, but Chris gets in the way, thinking he was still fighting the Killer. The Killer gets away after using all of his Arrows on Chris, and Burnie leaves Chris, frustrated. (One was Martyred, and then there were Seven).

Episode 4- "And then there were Six"- Barbara and Adam meet up, with Adam getting his Beard caught again, this time on a Fence that contains a Sort of Cat-Like Animal. Meanwhile, Lindsay begins to freak out, as she keeps getting the strange feeling that she'll die next, and Ryan is in the Men's Restroom freaking out, as well, stating that he's "On a Murder Break". He then ingests his Soda, and becomes unconscence. Meanwhile, again, in one of the Building's Computer Labs, Gustavo is secretely working on a Feminine Poem, and when he sees Miles dressed as "Ruby Rose", he thinks that Miles is "in touch" with his Feminine side, as well. However, Miles states that he's not, making Gus frustrated, forcing Miles to leave. Burnie, meanwhile, goes into a seperate room, and finally decides to "Suit Up", and equips himself with a large variety of Weapons. However, he is immediately stabbed by a Scorpion, and falls to the floor, dead. (Life imitated Art, and then there were Six).

Episode 5- "And then there were Five"- Ryan finally awakens, only to find himself dressed up in his "MineCraft" Outfit, and in a Hole that was converted into an "Edgar Hole", which hosts a variety of Props and Signs from previous "Rooster Teeth" Videos. Meanwhile, Gus continues working on his Poem, with a Female Voice-Over in his head, and Lindsay is trying to find a hiding spot in one of the main Computer Rooms. Barbara, later, finds Ryan in the Hole he is trapped in, and tries to use her Kitty Piano to try and break the Glass that's preventing Ryan's escape, which only leads to his annoyance. Miles and Adam meet up in the Recording Studio, and Miles remembers that Monty Oum has an "Emergency Beacon" in his Office, to call the Police. The two then go seperate ways, leaving Miles to go and find the Beacon. Meanwhile, Gus is still working on his Poem, when the Killer suddenly appears, wielding a Pitch Fork, and stabs him in the Stomach with it. (One died to Scale, and then there were Five).

Episode 6- "And then there were Four"- Lindsay begins to shoot a "The Know" Video, stating the most recent deaths, and hoping that it'll get out in time to save everyone. She then gets interrupted by Barbara, ending the Video. Meanwhile, Adam tries to stay in disguise by Camoflauging against a Black Curtain, and Miles makes it to Monty Oum's Office. Ryan, still stuck in the Hole, begins to mess around with the Props, becomes (figuretively) bored to death, and finally manages to break free from his Trap. Meanwhile, as Miles begins to send a message out, Adam tries to get his attention from the Motion Capture Room, only to be strangled to death by the Killer, unaware to Miles, who viewed the killing from a 3-Dimensional Motion Capture Monitor, thinking it was just a Simulation. Eventually, Adam breathes his last Breath, and dies. (One ran out of Air and then there were Four).

Episode 7- "And then there were Three"- The Episode begins with Barbara playing a Memorium of the fallen Rooster Teeth Employees on her Kitty Piano, while their deaths are being depicted by their "Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures" Characters. After her performance, she walks down a Hallway, only to set off a Tripwire which opens the Cage that Adam was recently caught on, which reveals to contain a Puma. Miles was the first to encounter it, and, trying to be brave and fails, gets chased until he seals himself in a closed Metal Fence, fainting out of fear. Afterwards, Barbara was the Second to be chased, only to fend it off by mashing the keys on her Kitty Piano, playing mixed Notes. Ryan was the third, and, just when he gets pinned against a wall, and faints, Lindsay shows up, diverting its attention towards her, neglecting the fact that it was still a Wild Puma. The Puma then goes for her, shredding her to Pieces. (One got what they wanted and then there were Three).

Episode 8-"And then there were Two and One"- After fainting from the Puma encounter, Ryan finally awakens with his hands tied together by his Tie, sitting in a "RoosterTeeth Podcast" chair, finally coming face-to-face with the true Killer; Barbara Dunklemen, who is wearing a "Minecraft" "Creeper" outfit. She then airs a Live feed of Miles, who is now fully awake. He is still dressed in his RWBY outfit, but it's a little worn by now, and is now Super-Glued to a Treadmill. Barbara starts the Treadmill, and, despite Miles' efforts to "Conquer" the Machine, manages to kill him out of Exhaustion. (One died of a Pun)

Barbara then states that she was always watching Gus write his Poems throughout the years of them working together, therefore was able to create her own Poem. And, seeing as how she felt more Superior than everyone else, she had no choice but to kill them all off. Then, she points out that the Poisoned Glass was hers all along, due to the fact that she had no Glass whatsoever during the entire Banquet. After she "Monologues" how she was able to pull off every single murder, also saying that it was Burnie's stupidity that trapped them all in the first place, she then says that she can simply frame Ryan for all the Murders, since she used his GTAV Costume, and that she can pull off acting innocent. However, Ryan manages to undo his restraints, and begins to flee. She catches up with him, and begins to beat him with a variety of Meat. She then manages to corner him, and prepares to use a "The Gauntlet" Trophy as a Weapon, but he then points out that the Suit she was wearing all along was meant for Gavin, because it was a fully functioning "Creeper" Outfit, rigged with tons of Explosive TNT. He Voice Activates the Suit, places the "Creeper" Head of the Costume on her, runs away, and, after failing to remove the "Creeper" Head, she explodes. After everything has calmed down, and with all the deceased Employees avenged (Minus Barbara), Ryan opens the main door to the Building, still wearing his "MineCraft" outfit, along with a Paper Crown, and leaves. (The Killer was Killed and then there was One).

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