The Twelve Towers is the 86th episode of Let's Play Minecraft.

The winner of This Let's Play was Geoff.
Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 86 - The Twelve Towers44:39

Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 86 - The Twelve Towers


Geoff Ramsey

Gavin Free

Michael Jones

Jack Pattillo

Ryan Haywood

Ray Narvaez Jr.


  • Pat the Head makes an appearance in Ray's area for "moral support".
  • Gavin also had a Creeper Head at his spot, only to have it washed away by Ryan, who flooded the area, which lead to Michael taking it.
  • Jack also picked up Pat by accident, then Ray placed Pat above the water.
  • This was one of the laggiest episodes to date, with the lag being the only reason that Geoff had won.

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