"Day 5 is the first dramatic series from Rooster Teeth Productions, set in the immediate aftermath of a fatal sleep epidemic. After a fortuitous drug bender saves his life, addict Jake (Jesse C. Boyd) ventures out into the quiet streets… unaware that most of the world already died in their beds. Now, battling sleepless fatigue and encroaching delirium, Jake teams with a scrappy teenager (Walker Satterwhite), overnight doctor (Stephanie Drapeau) and red-eye pilot (Davi Jay) to search for answers… and just maybe find a way to sleep again. Set in a world of insomniacs, late-shift workers and roving psychotics, Day 5 presents a unique vision of the apocalypse that fuses serial drama and thriller around a human story of survival and redemption."

Day 5 (TV Series) is a weekly ongoing American Rooster Teeth Live action murder mystery sci-fi post-apocalyptic drama TV Web series produced by Rooster Teeth, created by Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Josh Flanagan, and Chris Demarais. The series is primarily written and directed by Josh Flanagan, Aaron Marquis, and Chris Demarais. It premiered on Rooster Teeth's website on June 19, 2016.[1] New episodes premiered exclusively on Rooster Teeth site via their paid sponsorship program, FIRST. Announced March 11, 2016, it was noted for being a dramatic departure from Rooster Teeth's typically comedic productions.[2] It is their first foray into darker, more serious content (darker and edgier) as opposed to their previous comedy/dramedy works. In addition, it is one of their first shows offered only to sponsors (now called FIRST members).

Notable for its increase in production value and episode length compared to other RT live-action shows (each episode is roughly a full TV-hour long) and for having a long cycle in Development Hell. According to RT's chief creative officer Burnie Burns, it has gone through at least three iterations before the version that was eventually released including a nearly-completed feature length film. Set in a world of insomniacs, late-shift workers and roving psychotics, Day 5 presents a unique vision of the apocalypse that fuses serial drama and thriller around a human story of survival and redemption.

The first dramatic series from Rooster Teeth Productions, set in the immediate aftermath of a fatal sleep epidemic, follows a junkie, Jake (Jesse C. Boyd), who emerges after a drug binge only to learn that most of humanity has died after falling asleep.[3] Jake and a small group of survivors search for the cause of the mysterious “sleep epidemic.” Compareable to Bliss Stage, which is roughly the same premise but with giant robots.

History Edit

Day 5 was in the pipeline for over 3 years. It was mentioned on podcasts in early 2012, then remained silent for about a year. On Rooster Teeth Podcast 205, Burnie mentioned that Rooster Teeth is filming Day 5, but other productions are taking its place for now (such as Immersion Season 2).

The concept had been in development since 2011 and was originally envisioned as a feature film, then a 45-minute short before becoming a six-episode series.[4] According to Flanagan, “The original concept was (Rooster Teeth Co-Founder) Burnie Burns’. He was trying to come up with a way to make an apocalyptic story on a lower budget... it was approached from a budgetary level from the very beginning but it’s such a relatable thing because everyone knows what it’s like to be this ridiculously tired."[5] Inspiration for pacing was drawn from Y: The Last Man while tone came from Breaking Bad.

Rooster Teeth filmed a scene for Day 5 at RTX 2012, which was about a busy town centre with hundreds of pedestrians shopping and socializing. Joel Heyman was in-character walking amongst everyone, then all of a sudden everyone was lying down either sleeping or dead. This was all that was filmed and the extras (RTX Attendees) then went back to the convention. A scene was filmed during RTX 2012, and involved shutting down downtown Congress Avenue and 1,800 attendees.[6]

At RTX 2012, 1,800 fans were used as extras for a scene in post-apocalypse short series called Day 5, which initially followed a man fighting to stay awake after a virus spreads that causes anyone who falls asleep to die.[7]  The trailer premiered at RTX 2014.[8] While the premise was kept the same, the overall story and characters were later changed drastically. In March 2016, the cast was announced, with filming starting that same month.[9]

On June 16, 2014, Burnie Burns confirmed on Twitter that principal photography for Day 5 had been completed. The first teaser for the show was revealed before the worldwide screenings of Lazer Team. As of March 14, 2016, Day 5 production had officially begun, with Josh Flanagan posting regular updates on his Twitter profile. In May 2016, a trailer was released, revealing that Day 5 premieres on June 19, 2016 exclusively for FIRST Members.[10][11][12][13][14]

The first episode was released for FIRST Members, and the general public on both the Rooster Teeth Website and YouTube, with all subsequent episodes having FIRST Member exclusivity.

The first episode premiered on June 19, 2016 on both Rooster Teeth's website and YouTube, though the rest of the series was released exclusively on Rooster Teeth's website for FIRST members, making it the company's first premium exclusive show.[15]  Its first season concluded on July 31, 2016. Showrunner Josh Flanagan held a Reddit AMA the following day, answering many fan questions about the show. On February 2017, a second season of the show was announced, along with a second season of Camp Camp.


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