"Russians regret nothing! The Motherland is strong! Canada will only keep you down. Come with me to match, help me find bad guy and squash him!"
— Comrade Hadam

Comrade Hadam is the Komitee for State Security (KSS) representative for the Rooster Corps who had a past relationship with Agent Moose as a Canadian lumberjack named Gordon, before he had emigrated to Russia. When a saboteur attacked the Corps, Hadam, on orders of President Vladimir Putin decided to make a demonstration of power for Russia, Hadam was inadvertently killed by Gavin the 3rd during a death game of Tetris.


  • Comrade Hadam is the sixth character in the series to die. He is the first character to be killed by Mavin, the saboteur.
  • His death contradicts his hatred of being Canadian - which includes traits such as apologizing, as his final words were an apology to Moose for losing his game of Tetris.

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