Brian Behm is a former employee of Rooster Teeth Productions. He worked as the Motion Design and Creative Services Director and in the past has been a Lead Graphic Designer and Visual Effects Artist. His Rooster Teeth profile can be found at brianb

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Brian received an Associates of Arts in Broadcast Communications, Broadcasting, Radio, and Television from Brown College, attending form 1996-1998.

He went on to attend Augsburg College where he double majored in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. He also minored in Religion where he attended from 1999-2002.

Brian and his wife moved to Austin, Texas from Colorado in order to be closer to the film scene of the area.

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While working at Rooster Teeth, Brian handles much of the behind the scenes work as a designer and VFX artist.

His first project at Rooster Teeth was redesigning the Achievement Hunter logo/shield.

Brian helped to redesign the RT Store and has also hosted panels at RTX.

In 2017 he started appearing as the saxophone playing leader of the house band (RSTR) on Rooster Teeth's Relationship Goals podcast with Donnie Simmons. RSTR aside from appearing on Relationship Goals has written the theme music for Glitch Please, Fan Service, the smirnoff cocktail music on the RT Podcast and Lets Play Live Chicago, Lets Play Live NY and the spring 2017 Lets Play Live tour.

He left RoosterTeeth on June 1, 2018, as announced on his Twitter.

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