Lets Play Minecraft: Part 1

Gavin Burns a House:

Geoff: Oh Right Yeah...

Michael: Come here you fucking spider piece of shit!

Geoff: Come on. Lets just mine the fuck out of this...

Michael: Aw Dude you just got wrecked.

Geoff: You know what we need to do is we need some... Um... Wood board, not planks

(Gavin places lava)

Ray: Ah!

Geoff: Wood wood. So that we could make coal. Once we get coal we're fu...

Ray: There may or not be lava. And its ingulfing our house right now.

Jack: What?

Michael: HOLY SHIT!

Geoff: What?! What?!

Michael: WHAT THE HELL?!

Ray: Gavin was the one who done this...

Jack: AH GOD!


Jack: What the fuck happened?

Michael: NO! wheeh



Gavin: What what happened?

Jack: Your out of Achievement Hunter! Thats it!

Geoff: We're gonna die now! You fucking cock sucker!

Gavin: As soon as we started the game. I was like "right i'm going to get a bucket and  I'm gonna find lava." That was all (laugh) I had planned and then Ray started rating my wool so I thought. "Yeah they deserve it"

Geoff: (laugh)

This was one of my favorite parts of the episode because the fact that Geoff and Gavin are the most intelleGENT (<--- See what I did there) about the game. So while the others don't exactly know what to do. Gavin already planned his day out.

Gavin Burns to Death:

Michael: Gavin kill me.

Gavin: I... I'm on fire! I'm on fire!

Ray: All my iron...

Gavin: Someone!


Gavin: Wa... Wait everyone!

Michael: You fucking killed me!

Gavin: Aright!

Michael and Gavin had a holarlious scene here... Because Michael told Gavin to kill him... And he complained that he killed him.

The Tower of Pimps:

Gavin: I... I'm gonna make. Uh...

(Gavin jumps up and places 4 blocks of gold below him)

Gavin: I have created the Tower of Pimps

Michael: BOOSH!

Gavin: Worship me!

Geoff: Woah! You created a gold tower?

Ray: Is that what you did with my gold? You made a fucking gold tower.

Gavin: Yeah. I! Uh.. I'm stood upon the Tower of Pimps! Neal Down! Neal Down Bitches! AH OW!

Jack: Yeah What happened to your tower?

Michael: What happened to King Dicky Bitch?

Not only was this episode one of the most iconic episodes... Little did they know. Gavin created something great. Also I like how Ray reacted to Gavin taking is Gold and making a tower.

Gavin's New Series:

Gavin: I'm gonna start a new series called "Woggles finds Jayrel"

Michael: I'm gonna never watch that,

Gavin: The American Adventure!

I liked this scene because Michael and Gavin were having a confersation about What if Gavin made a show.

The Worst Pun Ever:

Ray: Well I got 64 Rails. I'll pump out some more.

Gavin: How many rails do you have Ray-il

Michael: How do you?

Others: Hahahahahaha!

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