Behind the Scenes is an Achievement Hunter series that shows what goes on in the Achievement Hunter office before, during, and after a Let's Play. Initially, it was for Let's Play Minecraft, but they have since expanded to include other Let's Plays. This segment also features clips that are not games but general Achievement Hunter tomfoolery.

The series is irregular with no set release date for when each episode appears.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Video Title/Game Description Air Date Link
Iron Man 2 A behind the scenes look at what it is like to record an Achievement Guide video. May 5, 2010 [1]
Achievement HORSE #9 Jack and Joel film their attempts at Trials Achievement HORSE/PIG. February 3, 2011 [2]
Achievement HORSE #10 (Round 1) Jack and Geoff make their ways through maps for Trials Achievement HORSE. February 15, 2011 [3]
Making a Bulletstorm Guide Jack shows us the process it takes to film, record audio, edit, and upload an Achievement Hunter video guide. February 22, 2011 [4]
Geoff Moves a Lot! Jack films Geoff showing how much Geoff moves while playing a game. March 1, 2011 [5]
Floating Games (How do they work?) Jack gives the explanation to how their invisible shelf of games is suspended. March 8, 2011 [6]
Achievement Hunter at PAX East 2011 Jack gives a brief glimpse of his experiences at PAX East 2011. March 15, 2011 [7]
Another Look at HORSE 14 (Jack vs Michael) Some of the raw footage is shown of the Halo HORSE match between Jack and Michael. March 22, 2011 [8]
Rage Quit - Slender Footage of Michael and Gavin as they scream and make their way through their Rage Quit Slender. August 28, 2012 [9]
Dick Wave While waiting for a video to render, Geoff and Gavin have a contest to see who can make a dick on their audio waves. September 4, 2012 [10]
Messin' With Jacksquatch AH annoys Jack by tangling up the microphone cords. October 18, 2012 [11]
Capture the Tower A behind the scenes look at Achievement Hunter's Capture the Tower Minecraft Let's Play. November 16, 2012 [12]
Let's Play Halo 4 - Regicide A look at the set up before the Halo 4: Regicide Let's Play. November 26, 2012 [13]
Let's Play Minecraft Ep. 27 - Mounted Combat Behind the scenes look at of Achievement Hunter's Mounted Combat Minecraft Let's Play and their dealing with each other and their pigs. December 3, 2012 [14]
Let's Play Minecraft Ep. 29 The Walls Clips of the before and during of The Walls Minecraft Let's Play. December 13, 2012 [15]
Let's Play Minecraft 32 - Wool Wall A look at Gavin's frustration about the Tower of Pimps and a few clips of their Let's Play of Wool Wall in Minecraft. January 7, 2013 [16]
Let's Play Minecraft Episode 33 - Boats A behind the scenes look at Achievement Hunter's boat race in Let's Play Minecraft Achievement Raceway. January 14, 2013 [17]
Let's Play DeathCraft - Part II A look at the DeathCraft Part II Let's Play, filled with wet bread and Dantheman. January 21, 2013 [18]
Let's Play Far Cry 3 Part 6 A behind the scenes of the Far Cry 3 Part 6 Let's Play, with more dogs than Ray expected. January 28, 2013 [19]
Let's Play Minecraft - Potions A behind the scenes of AH's Minecraft Potions Let's Play with maps, "Gott'em moments", and Mavin. February 5, 2013 [20]
Let's Play WWE '13 The guys laugh hard and Geoff gets too into the game with this behind the scenes of their WWE '13 Let's Play. February 18, 2013 [21]
Let's Play Minecraft Episode 37 - Clouds There is much frustration in this behind the scenes of the Clouds Minecraft Let's Play. February 27, 2013 [22]
Powder Peg Gavin powders Geoff and he retaliates by dumping the whole packet on him. March 6, 2013 [23]
Let's Play World of Warcraft - Episode 2 Achievement Hunter is confused as they try to make their way through the W.O.W. universe in this behind the scenes their World of Warcraft Let's Play. March 13, 2013 [24]
Tickle Then Topple Geoff 'helps' Gavin by tickles and unsticking his chair from his desk. March 20, 2013 [25]
Let's Play Gears of War Judgment Survival Mode A behind the scenes look at their Gears of War Judgment Let's Play as they try to save their E-Hole. April 20, 2013 [26]
Let's Play 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures Ep. 2 Do the guys take Mini-Golf too seriously? Maybe a little bit in this behind the scenes look at the 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures episode 2. April 17, 2013 [27]
Let's Play Survivors Beta 3 There are scares and overreactions in this behind the scenes of the Survivors Beta 3 Let's Play. April 24, 2013 [28]
Let's Play BattleBlock Theater Lots of jumping and high-fives in this behind the scenes of the BattleBlock Theater Let's Play. May 1, 2013 [29]
Things To Do In Minecraft - Hot Foot A behind the scenes look at the game that started it all, Hot Foot. May 8, 2013 [30]
Let's Play Worms Revolution Plenty of fails in this behind the scenes of the Worms Revolution Let's Play. May 15, 2013 [31]
Rage Quit Surgeon Simulator Part 1 There are lots of laughs in Michael and Gavin's Rage Quit of Suregon Simulator. May 22, 2013 [32]
Rage Quit Surgeon Simulator 2013: Steam Edition - Part 2 Michael and Gavin are back performing surgery in this behind the scenes of the Surgeon Simulator 2013: Steam Edition of Rage Quit. May 29, 2013 [33]
VS Rapala Fishing Frenzy All of AH goes nuts over "FISH!" in this behind the scenes of Jack VS Geoff Rapala Fishing Frenzy. June 5, 2013 [34]
Things to do in Minecraft - Rock, Paper, Scissors Much excitement in this behind the scenes of Minecraft Rock, Paper, Scissors. June 12, 2013 [35]
Let's Play - GTA IV Cops 'n Crooks Part 1 Some of the funniest moments are shown in the AH office of the GTA IV Cops 'n Crooks Let's Play in this behind the scenes. June 20, 2013 [36]
Good Vibrations Ryan breaks Gavin's mind, and his desk, with this vibrating desk prank. June 26, 2013 [37]
VS Episode 18 - Michael Vs Gavin Michael and Gavin face off in Marble Blast Ultra in this behind the scenes. July 4, 2013 [38]
Things to do in Minecraft - Hot Foot X An intimate moment is shared between Gavin and Michael in this behind the scenes of one of the thrilling sequels to Hoot Foot. July 10, 2013 [39]
VS Episode 19 - Top Spin 2 Ryan and Gavin have a 'friendly' tennis match for this behind the scenes of the Top Spin 2 VS. July 17, 2013 [40]
CreePlunk Creepers are added into the mix on the Hot Foot course with the behind the scenes action being shown. July 24, 2013 [41]
Doom II It's Jack against Ryan in this behind the scenes version of the Doom II VS. August 1, 2013 [42]
Brace for Impact The guys have fun with an inflatable ball and Michael gets squirted in the face with lube. August 14, 2013 [43]
Let's Play - Cloudberry Kingdom The behind the scenes of many stupid mistakes are shown in this Cloudberry Kingdom Let's Play. August 28, 2013 [44]
The Desk Strikes Back Kerry traps Gavin's chair underneath his desk. September 4, 2013 [45]
Let's Play Cloudberry Kingdom Pt. 2 Dumb mistakes are made and Team Nice Dynamite's fist bump is shown during this Cloudberry Kingdom Let's Play behind the scenes. September 12, 2013 [46]
Let's Play - Worms: Ultimate Mayhem The behind the scenes from some incredible fails from the Worms: Ultimate Mayhem Let's Play are shown. October 18, 2013 [47]
Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Michael and Gavin scream through the machine while avoiding pigs in this behind the scenes of the Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Let's Play. October 21, 2013 [48]
VS Episode 29 - Hole In The Wall Ray and Michael get nimble during this behind the scenes of the Hole in the Wall VS. October 22, 2013 [49]
Let's Play - Splinter Cell: Blacklist Drones are deployed, Jack is frustrated by his skills in the game, and Geoff punches Gavin in the dick all in this not so secretive behind the scenes of the Let's Play Splinter Cell: Blacklist. October 23, 2013 [50]
VS Episode 30 - Michael vs. Gavin There are lots of laughs and get aways in this behind the scenes of the Chopper vs Chopper VS episode. October 24, 2013 [51]
VS - Dog Fight Ryan and Michael try and fail time after time to steal a jet in this behind the scenes of the Dog Fight VS episode. October 26, 2013 [52]
Things To Do in GTA V - Demolition Derby X It's the behind the scenes of this explosive Things To Do In GTA V, Demolition Derby X. October 26, 2013 [53]
VS - Golf in GTA V Jack and Ryan have a friendly game of golf in behind the scenes VS GTA V Golf. October 28, 2013 [54]
VS - Nicktoons MLB Geoff and Ray go under the sea in this behind the scenes of VS episode Nicktoons MLB. November 1, 2013 [55]
Worms: Ultimate Mayhem Part 2 Shots fired in this behind the scenes of Worms: Ultimate Mayhem. November 6, 2013 [56]
Let's Play Worms Revolution Part 4 Gavin fails so hard he can't even stand to be in the room for this behind the scenes of Let's Play Worms Revolution. December 2, 2013 [57]
VS - Mile High Club in Call of Duty It's Ryan vs Gavin in this behind the scenes VS Mile High Club, lots of squeals, as usual. December 6, 2013 [58]
VS - Assassin's Creed 4 Jack and Gavin hide from and murder each other in this Assassin's Creed 4 VS behind the scenes. December 11, 2013 [59]
Let's Play - GTA IV: Witness Protection It's Lads vs Gents as they try to stop the bus in this behind the scenes of the GTA IV: Wittness Protection Let's Play. February 10, 2014 [60]
Hard At Work Multiple behind the scenes clips are shown including a behind the AHWU, shaving Michael's head, and warehouse shenanigans. February 11, 2014 [61]
GTA V Part 1 A behind the scenes look at the AH guys as they fool around in GTA V. February 12, 2014 [62]
Geoff's House Part 3 Deaths happen, walls are built, and superheroes are among us in this behind the scenes of Minecraft Let's Play Geoff's House Part 3. February 14, 2014 [63]
Surgeon Simulator 2013: Alien Transplant Michael and Gavin try and try again to replace an Alien's Gavichal from their Let's Play in this behind the scenes. February 17, 2014 [64]
Behind the Scenes in 360 degrees - Ray Vs Gavin Ep 98 Finally the question of "What is Ryan doing with all those Go Pros" can be answered! This is an alternate view of VS episode 98 filmed in 360 degree video. March 16, 2015 [65]
AH checks out Echo Of Soul AH visits Aeria games to try the free to play MMO Echo Of Soul. August 6, 2015 [66]
Ryan The "Slide" Guy Weeeeeeeeeeeee! For a chance to win some Rooster Teeth Merch submit your own version of Ryan's amazing adventure! July 27, 2015 [67]
Behind the Magic While Michael, Lindsay, and Matt got new cameras and had a bit of a potty break....Ryan was plotting, Geoff rekindled an old rivalry with Gus, and Kdin attempted to give Geoff a peptalk. July 29, 2015 [68]
Geoff Ramsey - Professional Athlete (360 View) One sunny day in Berlin, Geoff decided to see if he had any chances as a high jumper in the next Olympics and we caught it with the 360 cam. Watch with a VR headset at your own peril. July 30, 2015 [69]
How I Spent My Summer Vacation By Geoff Ramsey Geoff shows us just how beautiful Hawaii can be. August 5, 2015 [70]
The BBQ Challenge Oh, Michael. Will you ever learn? September 16, 2015 [71]
Fork Dick In a Box Gavin is making a new weapon of mass destruction, while Jeremy sees how compact he can get. October 3, 2015 [72]
How to Edit a Let's Play - AH Behind the Scenes Trevor here with a "tutorial" on how we edit our Let's Play videos, including a few small things we do to help increase our quality. December 5, 2015 [73]
The Sour Ball Challenge Or: Jeremy Dooley. More like Jeremy Drooley. Sure, Michael may be the one to usually stuff grotesque amounts of food in his face, but when it comes to suckin' down some super sour balls, there's no better Achievement Hunter for the job than Jeremy. We already saw Geoff crumble to the power of one sour ball. Can Jeremy manage to take eight balls at the same time and suck them down for four minutes straight? That's right. Nothin' but ball jokes! And people say writing descriptions is hard work. January 9, 2016 [74]
Smartie Party Not even snappy upbeat jazz can make this party classy... March 21, 2016 [75]


Video Title/Game Description Air Date Link
AH-dventures in Germany Germany! September 24, 2015 1
AH-dventures in London Jack interviews Assassin's Creed: Syndicate developers and explores London! Pip pip, Cheerio! November 9, 2015 2
AH-dventures in New York City - 4K The Berry Bros. are back again to storm the big apple and devour as much za as possible, brah. December 5, 2015 3
AH-dventures in LA - 4K AH live like celebrities on their WEEKEND IN L.A.! Ska isn't dead, dammit! December 21, 2015 4